Susquehanna Bank Center

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Camden, Philadelphia NJ, USA

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1 Harbour Boulevard
Camden, Philadelphia NJ 08103
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lördag 21 februari 2015
Above & BeyondConcert Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, Philadelphia NJ, USA
39.94186 -75.129336

2 ska gå

måndag 6 juli 2015
Foo Fighters
Royal BloodConcert
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, Philadelphia NJ, USA
39.94186 -75.129336

6 ska gå

lördag 22 augusti 2015
NickelbackConcert Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, Philadelphia NJ, USA
39.94186 -75.129336


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  • farmgirlblues

    nice facility, but surrounded by Camden --> fixed it for ya, duder

    mars 2011
  • rockz666

    RE: camden, philadelphia, nj... if you wanted to get people to come to a venue, do you think camden, nj would sound inviting? nice facility, but surrounded by dirt

    februari 2010
  • Demigod1

    I'll be there on 2/7, hopefully also on 7/7.

    januari 2009
  • Des17

    Anyway, its an awesome big venue hosting plenty of events annually. The Warped Tour has caught my eye onto this venue.

    januari 2009
  • MsKite

    Not so much a "coincidence" as a business and development choice. The location is close enough to the city to attract the attention of the city and the surrounding area.

    januari 2009
  • aughtstar

    Camden was bought by the Philadelphia Cream Cheese company, so they have naming rights. Ironically, they are located in Wisconsin. Confusing, but it's just a coincidence that it's ACROSS A LARGE RIVER from Philly.

    september 2008
  • joshkouri

    what the fuck is "Camden, Philadelphia, NJ?"

    juli 2008
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