The Smell

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Los Angeles CA, USA

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247 S. Main St.
Los Angeles CA 90019
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söndag 13 september 2015
tik///tik, Err, sea of centuriesConcert
The Smell
Los Angeles CA, USA
34.05047 -118.245836


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  • irregulargirl

    have an ex that lives in the building over looking the smell, so now every time i go to see a show, i cant resist looking up into his windows. great, now i'm a potential stalker in the name of good music.

    januari 2010
  • hemorrhoidprime

    Daniel is the best thing about this place

    januari 2010
  • Kid_Ay

    regarding parking....meters should be free after 8...just drive around los angeles and 2nd and you should find a spot

    november 2009
  • Kid_Ay

    wet hair = awesome. saturday was a good show.

    november 2009

    holy shit oneohtrix, sam goldberg, mark mcguire, how did i not know about this place?!

    augusti 2009
  • fleshballoon

    Street parking around The Smell is free but there's a couple of pay parking lots next to the venue

    april 2009
  • SpaceChief

    Does The Smell have it's own parking?

    april 2009
  • RichieFM

    thurston moore just trumped every other musician in the history of the preforming arts... he did... unspeakable things to a guitar

    februari 2009
  • galuchkan

    note to self- because last fm doesnt show it- dont forget that pit er pat are playing here on nov 11!!!!!!!!!!!

    oktober 2008
  • RichieFM is crusty robbie... that doesn't mean its not the most charming and cultured venue Ive ever been to... have you been in the bathroom?

    oktober 2008
  • rukeatingme

    do NOT knock the smell!

    oktober 2008
  • losingstreak7

    this venue is crusty as hell

    september 2008
  • jannon

    hey I made a new group for people who go to shows at the smell, pehrspace, et cetera:

    januari 2008
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