The Meadow at Gardens By The Bay

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Singapore, Singapore

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18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
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6420 6848


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  • WMisconduct

    I'd love to see the Singapore concert. 4MINUTE, KARA and MISS A ? That would be a blast. However, I wait for 4MINUTEs' return to the US. It would be worth the trip from Florida. Personally, I'd like to see all of the girl groups come here for, maybe a 2 or 3 day event. THAT would be epic. Each group would do their video hits of course, and maybe a few "fan favorites" from their albums. Let's see... 4MINUTE, KARA, MISS A... Pretty good start. RANIA, B.E.G., 2NE1, SNSD,SISTAR, F(x), BoA... gotta see her... but not a group... ahhh, what the hell. SECRET, 9MUSES, LITTLE PIGGY GIRLS (L.P.G.)...LOL... AFTER SCHOOL, JEWELRY, GIRLS DAY... the list is endless!!! A "Dream Concert" indeed. Gayoon, My Queen... at your command.

    september 2013
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