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  • lukasz_pulawski

    I've noticed you listen to Paolo Fresu. Some time ago Paolo Fresu performed on Nguyen Le's Tales from Viet-Nam. I consider it a classic album in jazz fusion/world music genre and therefore dedicated a comprehensive review of the album. You can read it by clicking below. There's a translation tool in the top right corner. Finally, if you like the review you may also click "lubię to" button to like my website (on the right handside of the page). http://www.laboratoriummuzycznychfuzji.com/2013/03/recenzje-klasyka-tales-from-viet-nam.html

    maj 2013
  • SiavashTheOne

    چطوری تو؟! سابسکرایب کردی دیگه بالاخره یه سری زدی به اینجا :)

    april 2011
  • P3zhman

    سلام، بازم یه شریفی دیگه، سر کلاس اینترنت گاورننس دکتر شهشهانی فکر کنم شما رو دیدم. دو نقطه دی

    oktober 2009
  • roya57

    sorry, read your message very late. Yes addicted indeed!

    juli 2008
  • faribaa

    Jarvis Cocker and My Brightest Diamond alnog with agha Mohsen khan-e khodemoon!Awesome!

    maj 2008
  • omidaladini

    zwnj hasn't listened to any music yet!

    november 2007
  • pvillavi

    heya behnam! :-)

    maj 2007
  • iivyy7

    Thanks. It was really kind of you to invite me. I'm sure I'll enjoy listening.

    maj 2007

    Welcome aboard, zwnj! Happy listening.

    maj 2007