Michal, 24, Man, Slovakien
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NightwishPlanet Hell Älskad låt Igår 07:57
NightwishThe Riddler Igår 07:48
NightwishMoondance Igår 07:45
NightwishMoondance Igår 07:41
Frank Herbert8 Igår 20:00
Frank Herbert7 Igår 19:35
Frank Herbert6 Igår 19:14
Frank Herbert5 Igår 18:51
Frank Herbert4 Igår 18:31
Frank Herbert3 19 aug 10:49
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Om mig

...I can't heal all the wounds they sliced -- just can be myself
I cannot change your destiny, can only help you think...
Enlightenment © Totalselfhatred

...Oh feeble, ungrateful heart;
Paralyzed you drown with me
Intoxicate this bitter reality
Under the screens of apathy...
Morphine Cloud © Draconian

...I am truly left alone,
but somehow... just somehow
it feels like my loneliness is a victory
over the self-delusion of joy... and happiness....
The Cry of Silence © Draconian

Oh, how I feel you in every single detail,
As you lurk inside my troubled dreams
There is no hope as long we walk this Earth,
But you should know my universe screams,
It screams for you
Bloodflower © Draconian

Everyday empty shells of human around me, still I am alone, I was born into this winter deep alone,
I am the last of my kind, like this beautiful landscapes before my eyes, poisoning impurity, parasite of my home land,
If no one is willing to stand beside me, then proudly, I fight alone !
Alone © Goatmoon

When the darkness embraces me
I know I'm going home
Embraced By Darkness © Saturnus

And as the worlds begins to wake
So falls the last petal
And at all things end
We must go our separate ways
Into the night
Always alone
Because I couldn't save you
And for that, I am sorry
And always will be...
Call of the Raven Moon © Saturnus

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