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24 okt 2007, 14:00

I´m tired and stressed at the same time. I need some safe music to keep me warm. When I learned to listen to american music as a teenager ( after all the The Smiths, Verve, New Order, Inspiral Carpets, Charlatans, Ride...) This was one of the first acustic guitars men that I started loving. Today it seems that I´m never switching back to british music. Not to generalise but where are the great british bands?
Neil Young Through My Sails


  • sejd

    geez, stop writing posts on which i can only comment 'me too' :) if anyone was reading this, they would think that i'm copying you :D i remember a time on the beginning of highschool when i was ready to swear on my unborn cildren's lives that i would never listen to anything BUT british music :D i'm still not sure if it's just a teenage thing but really i must say that now i feel no urge to listen to that again, at all. anytime that i do, it's with a nostalgic air, and a completely different feeling towards. strange, huh? and maybe we're just old :D i must say also that i completely exclude manic street preachers from these harsh accusations above. first of all, i don't consider them british and they're definitely not the stereotype. and also, i feel they're one of the rare bands that is growing alongside me. i don't know how else to explain the fact that i'm equally impressed with their work (and side-projects also) now as i was when i was 15 :) maybe i'm not developing at all :eek: :D :horror:

    24 okt 2007, 14:30
  • youngsoulrebel

    Yes! this is getting strange. Seems like Croatia and Sweden are neigbours. There are few bands from that era that you still hoist your flag for :) of course the obvious ones like Smiths, New order, Joy Division and so on but many bands you never listen to anymore, except when it´s 04:30 and the party is still going and someone puts on Twisterella and you smile, dance, falls over a chair and injur your knee because, YES! you are getting old. Manics are a harder nut. I saw them as the warmup act for Suede in Copenhagen 1994 or 92 don´t remember Richie was on stage at least. It was a great concert when they did Motorcycle Emptiness it was amazing with Richie swinging his guitar over his head. But then after that I slowly started to loose my interest in them and so I haven´t listen to their 2 latest albums. But Motorcykel Emptiness still is amazing. So when it´s comes to Manics we differ

    24 okt 2007, 14:57
  • sejd

    I also was disappointed somewhere after This is my truth..., since I was so into them before and they definitely got lost a bit there, but then last year Nicky and James both released their solo albums, which I think are both brilliant, and so very different, as they depict their personalities. So that made me listen to the old Manics albums since I wanted to see again how is it that they had a band together in a first place, and I was very skeptical towards the new album, but it really is very good. And I'm not a person who will defend a band without reason :) They're still so very smart, eloquent and sensitive, just a little more calm and wise. Lovely. I think I can live with the fact that we don't agree on that :) Ask me sometime what I think of Radiohead if you're brave enough :P

    24 okt 2007, 15:14
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