Top artists: how I got into them. Favorite songs....


28 dec 2007, 02:31

A survey of the current top 10 artists from my overall chart.

#1: PJ Harvey

Born: Yeovil, England 1969
How I got into her: Saw a program about her in some obscure late night tv-special, and as an 8-grader I was blown away by the power and darkness she oozed with, she really stood in contrast with the music I listened to at that time (soft r&b, Usher etc) and she came to lead me into my rock-era.
First heard: The Letter
Favourite songs: Shame, Down by the Water, Pocket Knife
Favourite album: Uh Huh Her
Seen live? No
Music owned: 6 albums Dry, To Bring You My Love, Is This Desire?, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, Uh Huh Her, The Peel Sessions 1991 - 2004,
Songs on iTunes: 110

#2: The Rolling Stones
Formed: London, England, 1962
How I got into them: When I was sixteen I was living at a kind-of-boarding school, the term is "efterskole" in Danish, it's a place where you live among 100 people your own age, go to school and use your creativity before going back to the "normal" school system. At this wonderful school I met a lot of alternative persons and the vibe was much more "hippish" than what I was used to. At this point I was very open toward new things also when it came to music, and I began listening to a lot of the old 60's-70's music and therefore also The Stones
First (I remember to have) heard: Sympathy for the Devil
Favourite songs: Paint, It Black, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Favourite album: Some Girls
Seen live? No, sadly I sold my ticket last time they were in the country to go to another concert
Music owned: 1 album, Some Girls
Songs on iTunes: 154

#3: Fiona Apple
Born: Manhattan, New York, United States, 1977
How I got into her: I saw one of her music videoes where one of my favorite artists, Floria Sigismondi, was the director, and then I read a great review for her latest album in Gaffa, a Danish music magazine, and I kept seeing the cover of the album in commercials time and time again, so I thought I should give it a try and I was so gladly surprised by the content of the album, that I ended up listening to everything I could get my hands on
First heard: O'Sailor
Favourite songs: Better Version Of Me, Paper Bag, Criminal
Favourite album: I can't decide between Extraordinary Machine and When the Pawn
Seen live? No, I don't think she has been to Denmark at all
Music owned: 3 albums, Tidal, When the Pawn, Extraordinary Machine
Songs on iTunes: 46

#4: David Bowie
Born: Brixton, England, 1947
How I got into him: I also got into Bowie when I was attending the already mentioned "efterskole", and I was very fascinated with his whole chameleon-way of being, Ziggy Stardust and all
First (that I remembered I) heard: Let's Dance
Favourite songs:, This Is Not America, Heroes, Life On Mars
Favourite album: Hunky Dory
Seen live? No, waiting in patience
Music owned: 2 albums, Best Of Bowie, Hunky Dory
Songs on iTunes: 189

#5: The Beatles
Formed: Liverpool, England 1960 Disbanded: 1970
How I got into them: Beatles also started to appear in my music collection when I was 16, I borrowed some of the albums from my friend Ivalu, and was hit by the old-musical-magic that they brought.
First (that I recall I) heard: Let It Be
Favourite songs: Blackbird, I Feel Fine, Hey Jude
Favourite album: The White Album
Seen live? No, obviously considering my age
Music owned: 1 album, 1
Songs on iTunes: 96

#6: Feist
Born: Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1976
How I got into her: she showed up while i was scrobbling on and I was overwhelmed by the warmth and laziness to her voice
First heard: Inside and Out
Favourite songs: Brandy Alexander, My Moon My Man, When I Was a Young Girl
Favourite album: Let It Die
Seen live? Yes in Store Vega, Copenhagen
Music owned: 1 album, Let It Die
Songs on iTunes: 48

#7: Cat Power
Born: Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 1972
How I got into her: I heard the single "The Greatest" from a sampler-cd that is a monthly release with the magazine Soundvenue, and I was fascinated by the cover that I had heard was a very ironic input considering Cat Power's usual music genre, so when I saw the pink&gold cover standing in line in my reach at the local music-shop I grabbed it.
First heard: The Greatest
Favourite songs: I Found a Reason, Lived in Bars
Favourite album: The Greatest
Seen live? No
Music owned: 3 albums, You Are Free, The Covers Record, The Greatest
Songs on iTunes: 86

#8: Sufjan Stevens
Born: Detroit, Michigan, United States, 1975
How I got into him: I found myself constantly humming the same tune until I've found out that it was a song I'd heard on and I felt a need to get a hold of the album as soon as possible.
First heard: The Dress Looks Nice on You (my humming song)
Favourite songs:John Wayne Gacy Jr.
Favourite album: Seven Swans
Seen live? Yeah, fantastic
Music owned: 1 album, Seven Swans
Songs on iTunes: 114

#9: Gonzales
Born: Canada, 19--
How I got into him: I wish I remembered, probably online somewhere
First heard: 1000 Faces
Favourite songs: The Joy of Thinking, Take Me to Broadway
Favourite album: Presidential Suite
Seen live? No
Music owned: 2 Albums, The Entertainist, Presidential Suite
Songs on iTunes: 31

#10: Nina Simone
Born: Tryon, North Carolina, United States, 1933 Died: 21.04.2003
How I got into her: I don't really recall but I believe I heard her version of "Here comes the sun", and when I saw a compilation with that tune for the price of 8 dollars I thought why not! Then I first really began listening to the album when I brought it along for my work (I'm a cleaner at a dentist, when I'm not studying) and all of the tunes were just terrific.
First heard: Here Comes the Sun
Favourite songs:Ain't Got No... I Got Life
Favourite album: The Greatest Hits
Seen live? no, sadly Nina passed away in 2003
Music owned: 1 album, The Greatest Hits
Songs on iTunes: 139


  • Tiggrrr

    I would have recommended Patti Smith, but I notice that she slips in at number 12. I will recommend Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, who appear to be inexplicably absent from your charts.

    28 dec 2007, 08:12
  • yeswecancan

    Thanks for your recommendations. Actually Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds are placed above Patti Smith on the overall list (no. 77 vs. 106), but maybe I should give them an extra check one of the days..

    29 dec 2007, 01:06
  • 1981muse

    I discovered Nina Simone on the movie Point of No Return and absolutely fell in love have not stopped listening since! I discovered Cat Power on the local UT college radio station they played the entire Covers album and went out that night after the program and bought every C.D. on the shelf. I was introduced to Feist by an old good friend with great taste. PJ Harvey was just the product of great music that was playing when i was in high school, as was Fiona Apple and many more........funny the things we remember about the music we love. <3

    25 jun 2009, 14:03
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