• Best Songs of 2010

    26 dec 2010, 21:55

    ...and just a few from earlier :)

    I couldn't write a list of my favourite albums of the year because I only have 2!! haha However, I did love loads of songs this year, and have whittled my favourites down to the list below and written a little about each of them...

    Disc 1 - After Dark

    1. After Dark (Feat. Mystery Jets) - The Count & Sinden

    Sexy voice and very 'Mothership-py' lyrics... This was a bit of a theme tune for many nights of debauchery this year. I thought I hadn't heard of The Count until a Lily Allen remix and then I found out it's Joshua "Hervé" Harvey. Alias Losers. Pffff. Hmm maybe I should have an alias... ;-)

    2. Stereo Love (Feat. Vika Jigulina) - Edward Maya

    Since I am mostly completely detached from the media (radio / tv / newspapers) it's good to hang out with someone who knows some of the popular hits out there too - Jesus suggested this track one night in Summer this year and I loved it straight away. There's another version out there that I found on a Ministry CD but this is deffo *the* version. Especially since the other version is shite.

    3. Chica Bomb - Dan Balan

    I have no idea how I got hold of this track - I think it was through a forum somewhere in Summer. Not having heard of this guy before and quickly typing up the back cover to the CD, I wrote his name as Dan Moran - which is interesting as "Dan Moran Ministries" are, and I quote "working to evangelize people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, to encourage them to discover a passion for God". Sometimes I like typo's, especially when they're so inappropriate lol

    4. Eucalypse Now! - Gabriel Ananda & dominik eulberg
    I've been buying a series of compilations for a few years now by BuggedOut! and I bought this one early last year (it's not from 2010 though!) and it's mixes were thumping through my apartment nearly every night for a month in January. This is from A Bugged Out Mix By Hot Chip. I had so many favourites from that compilation, it was hard to cut songs out to put on here.

    5. Baptism - Crystal Castles

    Despite being cut off from civilisation (ahem...sorry Athlone I know you're quite big really....erm) and most of the media, I do spend a lot of time on the internet and the name Crystal Castles was bombarding all the music blogs and review sites earlier this year. Apparently they've been around for a while and had a song on Skins too. I love the beats and bleeps in this. Their first album is meant to be better than Cystal Castles II (the album this track is from) so I need to investigate further ;-)

    6. Yeke Yeke (Afro Acid Mix) - Mory Kanté

    This song was keeping me good company in the early months of this year. In particular, I love the whopping bass line, the sampled African vocals and the breaks where the music almost stops and then crashes back in.

    7. F For Fake - B:Tone
    Deffo one of my favourite tracks of the year - 8 minutes of beefy bass lines and wet slurring synthesisers (alliteration not intentional believe it or not!). I know nothing about this guy and when I checked in Summer, I was unable to find anything and wondered if it was incorrectly labelled. However, after a quick Google, I got this page today: http://gotbassmusic.com/blog/2010/06/09/b-tone-ice-cream-wars-ep-to-release-on-june-26th-2010/ So he does exist...yay! AND there's an EP. Nice Pies :-D

    8. No Me Puedo Contralar - The Cube Guys
    I got this from a CD on a magazine mixed by Chus & Ceballus.

    9. Kick The Caty Sack (Damon Paul Remix) - Le Shuuks
    I found this track one night when I was lying in bed on my iPhone, browsing through the iTunes store and found it on a compilation called 'Berlin Minimal Underground, Vol. 4'. I bought the whole compilation in the end as there were a few good stand out tracks. As much as I like this song, the real beauty kicks in at about 2 minutes 36.

    10. Matter - Kenton Slash Demon

    I got into this Danish duo last year from a BuggedOut! compilation (I do listen to other things...honest!!) but i find this track quite soothing - it's a good after party tune for the early hours - when you still want something upbeat but not too obtrusive.

    11. Cascade (The Rapture Remix) - Deluka
    A wicked track to listen to when you're getting ready to go out - heavy on the reverb synths, female vocal... this would have made me crrrrream back in '05 but it's also got a modern edge to it too. I particularly like the breakdown at 4:11 where the chords change with the same melody and it throws you a little before coming back in with even more power at about 4:35.

    12. Dancing On My Own - Robyn
    My friend Adriano recommended this album to me (Body Talk Pt. 1) earlier in the year, singing it's praises of pure pop. I wasn't keen on the first track (Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do) but warmed to her feistiness. There are some top tracks on the album though and I completely agree - such a good Pop album. This one is my favourite track though - aside from having a catchy melody and prominent bassline (always winners for me), the lyrics are kind of sad but positive at the same time, you feel sorry for her watching her love canoodling with someone else in the club (plus, I can't work out, is she singing about another girl?!) and yet she still continues dancing away, determined to enjoy the night. Everyone's been there at some point. And when I listen to this track, it makes me want to go to that club, buy her a drink and take her somewhere else for shots and dancing where we can have a great night and she can forget about the evil wench/cocksack. Plus, the snare at 3 minutes 8....Oooooooo! Yes. Please.

    13. Something Bigger, Something Better - Amanda Blank
    Diplo merged one of his own/Major Lazer's songs (Pon De Floor) with this track of Amanda Blank's and created this. I'd got her album previously and was sorely disappointed but this track reminded me of the beauty of remixes. I went a bit crazy on remixes last year so had to have a rest for most of this year...lol

    14. Dance or Die (Feat. Saul Williams) - Janelle Monáe
    So many ace tracks from this album that I didn't know which one to choose...but I like the rhythmic/rap vocals to this and the general innovative sound of the song.

    15. Baby Can't Stop (Aeroplane Rmx) - Lindstrøm & Christabelle

    I'm noticing a bit of a theme this year with the tracks so far, I seem to be really into bass lines. It's only a simple bass to this, but it drives the whole song and the sliding synths are the other thing I love about it.

    16. Rollerskate - Matias Aguayo
    This is one of my sneaky tracks that isn't actually from 2010. I bought this album from a records store in Brooklyn in New York before Christmas last year - it had a little write up on the shelf saying something about it being kind of weird , innovative, individual... I did like the album, but this was a standout favourite for me!

    17. Who Knew? - KeKe Wyatt
    My friend Aittor posted this track on Facebook early in the year and after watching the video I couldn't get the chorus out of my head. I love it that despite R&B never seeming to dominate any of my listening habits, there's always at least one burning track every year for me - and this is such a sweet song too... Sung in a thoroughly modern urban way: "Who Knew? It would be you changing my plans, stealing my heart? Who knew? You were the one just like me. Snatch a sista up and wifed me." lol

    Disc 2 - Aşk

    1. Ouroboros - Oneohtrix Point Never
    My memory of this song is from when I was catching a flight to Istanbul in December this year. It was during one of the periods when Gatwick Airport was closed. I had stayed in London the night before in a Hostel and the airport was due to open at 6am the next morning. I was so worried about whether it would re-open and kept checking the website on my iPhone for updates - every time I refreshed the page, it seemed that more and more flights were cancelled, but luckily mine didn't seem to be. It reached the point where the flight was still running so I made my way to the airport. It was absolute chaos there - both passengers and staff throughout the airport looked stressed and tired. We were lucky with my flight though as it didn't get cancelled but you could tell everyone was on edge and feeling a little low on tolerance. People were pushy, anxious and just wanting to get on the plane. Hardly anyone sat down to wait for the flight before, we were all queuing from the moment we got to the gate, and I was watching people start to run when they saw the queue lol. As they checked out tickets and let us past the gate, the 2 queues were merging and people were still pushing past each other to get on before everyone else. As I walked down the stairs, I saw that there were 2 mini-buses waiting for us. I laughed to myself, because we'd all been queuing all that time to get a better seat on the plane and we'd all been pushing and shoving one another and in the end none of it mattered because we all had to get on the bus and the order of us getting on the plane would change again. And I smiled because I thought to myself at the time, 'Why am I pushing like everyone else?', because in the end, none of it matters: our flight is leaving, we're going on our holidays, we're all going to go, just like we wanted to. What about all the people who have had the their flights cancelled - they are in ther majority. So I was listening to this track as the bus took us from the airport gate to the plane and I was looking at everyone - and at that moment, I totally felt like everyone, on some level, had a similar feeling to me. They were hugely relieved the flight was on, feeling a bit silly for queuing and pushing, but above all, thankful to whatever fate had brought us here. It was one of those cheesy moments where you feel at one with everyone around you - all so different, yet all the same.

    2. Conjoined - Demdike Stare

    I also bought this album (LP1 & LP2 (aka "Symbiosis")) in New York in late 2009 and I started listening to it properly in January 2010. I have a little pleasure department somewhere in my brain that is devoted solely to drums and percussion. I don’t really like playing drums, but I LOVE listening to them, programming them, changing them, listening to the progressions... I remember one night in Jan/Feb/March when The Sran's (hihi) were away organising their wedding, I played air drums to this entire song to Jesus - it was one of those nights! haha Air Drums was cool though. At the time. You had to be there.

    3. Orapa - Birol Topaloğlu

    I went a little crazy for this song earlier in the year... I thought it was Turkish at first until I asked Beko what he was singing about and found it that it wasn't Turkish, but another language spoken in the very north of Turkey. I love everything about this song though - the middle eastern strings, the lead and the backing vocals, the drums (obviously!!), and the subtle acoustic guitar plucked gently in the background.

    4. Makin' Woopee - Rigmor Gustafsson & Radio String Quartet

    I like the word Woopee. That's not why I like the song though. But you have to admit that Woopee is a cool word. Anyway, woopee aside... I bought this album "Calling You" but it wasn't all to my taste, a bit too classical overall but I love strings on this... but the thing that attracts me to it most is the section in the middle where it breaks down and Rigmor and the string quartet seem to have a little play with each other (none-woopee type play I might add!) where the strings play something and Rigmor copies it after with her voice. It makes it sound like a jam - I guess the arrangement came from a session when everyone was on good form. She sounds most confident and cheeky on this song too.

    5. Kuzu Kuzu (Akustik Version) - Tarkan
    Beko sent this song to me - the original is from my favourite Tarkan album but I'd never heard this rare acoustic version before and I LOVE it. His voice sounds brilliant on it and there's wonderfully alluring use of percussive instruments in the background that build up throughout the song. I'd heard Tarkan before 2010 but this year he went from having about 20 plays to having 1,842 in my Last.FM library. Kind of a high climber... lol

    6. Me And The Devil - Gil Scott-Heron
    Paul Forster / Paul Glasto :) recommended a little something to me when he came to visit last year, which was a kind of album club organised by Rough Trade where you pay a certain amount of money and they send you a new shiny album every month for a year - plus reviews of up and coming albums and artists and a bonus disc for each album of the month too. The best album I got from this was I'm New Here by Gil Scott-Heron. This track isn't very representative of the album as the other tracks contain lots of narrative and lots of jazz. If you like that kind of thing though, go buy it, it's my second favourite album of the year.

    7. Numbers Don't Lie - The Mynabirds
    I've been itching to send this track to Mark (Lees) / Lulu but wanted to wait until the end of the year as I knew it would be on this list. It's so catchy, soothing and kind of Americana/Country. There's another great song on the album called Let The Record Go. I wouldn't recommend the album though, just get these 2 ACE tracks instead and buy Mr. Scott-Heron :-p

    8. Aşk (live & feat. Demir Demirkan) - Sertab Erener

    Aşk means 'love' in Turkish and Sertab co-wrote and is singing this live with her boyfriend Demir. Her voice is amazing. I remember playing this a lot in my room throughout the Summer and Tarni would walk past and ask about it :-) This is another artist that Beko got me into this year – one of his favourite artists of all time I shall say (I’m pretty sure I’m not mis-quoting here ;-) )

    9. Your Neighbour's Trampoline - Raina Rose

    There were a couple of tracks from her album "When May Came" and I couldn't choose between them - the other one was called Nashville if you want to check it out. This song is more poignant and just suited my mood more for autumn and winter.

    10. Long Road Home - Sheryl Crow

    I don't know where it was along the line of history that Sheryl Crow accidentally recruited so many 'haters'. I'm tired of hearing a consistently talented songwriter, wonderful vocalist and genuinely good person be discredited. If you don't like someone, don't listen to them - but leave the people who love her to enjoy that love. I remember back in 1998 when Alanis was really big for me during her Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie period and I held both Sheryl and Alanis in such high regard (Sheryl was on her "The Globe Sessions" album at the time), and I couldn't decide who I liked more. Obviously, me being me, it was important for me to be able to chart one of above the other for my own peace of mind haha. But since then, Sheryl has changed, adapted, made a few mistakes, come back stronger, made another few mistakes and taken safe options then taken more risks - she fights! I've always been a fan, since Tuesday Night Music Club but after this year, she's turned into an artist that has much more respect in my eyes. I wasn't sure of her album this year at first ;100 Miles From Memphis', but it's grown to be my favourite album of the year now. Other tracks to listen to: Stop, Sideways, Our Love Is Fading.

    11. I Love You Forever - Jewel

    I think I am a positive person myself but some of Jewel's positivity in the past has been so potent, it's made me feel a little sick. However, there's a song on this album called "Fading" where she's talking about losing her faith in the 'good' in the world. For me, it is so sad. I felt guilty for ever getting sick of someone trying to be positive, with such strong faith, now that they are questioning it themselves. The album sounds very much like the Jewel of recent times - it's very formulaic and some of the tracks actually sound way too similar, but this one in particular "I Love You Forever", was a song that really touched me. It's not going to re-recruit old Jewel fans but I guess I never left her completely.

    12. Bright Lit Blue Skies - Aerial Pink's Haunted Grafitti

    I read a review of this somewhere on the internet and whoever wrote it was having a good old rave - so I had to get it! I have to admit to not listening properly to the whole album, but I kept playing this song! It sounds a little 60's-esque to me - there's a guitar part on it that sounds like it's stolen from The Beach Boys' 'Then I Kissed Her" too.

    13. Walkabout (Feat. Noah Lennox) - Atlas Sound
    I loved the style on the first album, but hearing this coming from Atlas Sound was so refreshing.

    14. When The Chips Are Down (Feat. Ani DiFranco) - Anaïs Mitchel
    I like the concept of this song. You can spread happiness, kindness and wealth when you are in abundance of each, and I feel good because I know that I do when that is the case. But that's easy. What the song is asking is what are you going to do when you are in short supply of one of those? Do you still look after the stranger, your lover, your family or will you just look after yourself? Or do you even go one step further and actually harm others in order to obtain more for yourself? "Help yourself, to hell with the rest, even the one who loves you best". It made me think about how I'm terribly anti-social at work sometimes because I'm too stressed or it's too busy, but even when you're having a bad day (or a bad year lol), you should still take the time to 'spread some joy', however it is that you do it. Because if everyone submitted to the everyday stress of their lives, would anyone be talking to anyone anymore?!

    15. Beautiful Mother - Dirty Projectors + Björk

    I was soooo pleased when I heard this album. It's like Björk, because the style is Björk, despite not being written by her, but actually being sung mainly by her. I love Björk and her willingness to partake in projects like this.

    16. Where Are You Driving - Laura Veirs
    I was originally going to include a different song from the album called 'I Can See Your Tracks' but this song suddenly grew on me with it's gorgeous chorus. Her voice has matured too, she has tamed it a little with more gentle tones which I think this benefits her style of music.

    17. Hey Gidi Karadeniz - Şevval Sam

    Ooo this track is haunting... Karadeniz means 'black sea' and she is singing about how terrible it is, the strong sea and it's powerful waves. I bought this from a record store in Istanbul this Summer – it took me a while to get into it but I love it now.

    18. How Come That Blood - Sam Amidon
    For some reason, this track reminds me of living in the 'Mothership' House in 2004/05. I think I can imagine Lucy/June and Geez liking this track as we probably shared music of a similar genre/with similar feeling at the time. I got the album too but I couldn't find another track that came close to this one - I'll be happy if anyone can recommend other tracks I should try harder with though!

    19. The Crazy Cries Of Love - Joni Mitchell
    What a beautiful song. This is one I sneaked in that’s blatantly not from 2010, but it was new for me this year... And it's so lovely. She's singing of young love, happiness, smiling with your entire face, making love on a train bridge, kissing sweet and strong and dancing in the rain with your lover. I bought the album thinking it was going to be terrible and for me, it's the best album she'd released since Don Juan's Reckless Daughter - she just sounded 'herself' on it - a little experimental, a little pretentious but very centred in feelings, words and personal concepts. Long live Joni. And can we have the second album from your current deal please??!
  • Mr Candy (Playlist - May '10)

    24 apr 2010, 13:03

    Haven't uploaded these Playlists for a while but aside from that, here's the latest 20 new artists/bands that I'm getting into this month...

    The genre theme is mainly around World / Jazz / Soul.

    1. Sa DingdingHa Ha Li Li (Feat. Spitfire) (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

    2. fojiDafa Hoja (Feat. Miss Pooja)

    3. Mikelyn RoderickSlippin'

    4. Birol Topaloğlu - heyamo

    5. Andreya TrianaLost Where I Belong

    6. José JamesCode

    7. Wayne BartlettSenor Blues

    8. Robert GlasperY'Outta Praise Him

    9. Nils LandgrenKilling Me Softly

    10. MaliaMr Candy

    11. Hil St. SoulParadise

    12. Julie Dexter & Khari SimmonsVenusian

    13. İncesazBir Çapkina Yanginim

    14. Panayotis KalantzopoulosUranya

    15. Kaya ProjectDesert Phase

    16. Jimi Tenor & Kabu KabuGrind!

    17. SouliveToo Much

    18. Gotan ProjectSanta Maria (Del Buen Ayre)

    19. Eleni PerinouSan Na Se Pairnei to fengari
  • Favourite Albums of 2009!

    22 dec 2009, 19:05

    Ooo it's been such a good year for music... I always do an end of year CD of my favourite tracks for the year and I had to whittle it down from over 200 tracks to 2 audio CDs... This has been the best year for me since probably 2003... Anyway so aside from favourite songs, these are my best albums of '09!

    1. Florence + the Machine - Lungs
    Best tracks: Girl With One Eye, I'm Not Calling You a Liar, Blinding, Bird Song, Cosmic Love, My Boy Builds Coffins, Kiss With A Fist

    2. Bob Dylan - Together Through Life
    I only bought this because I liked the free track "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" and expected not to like the rest of the album and it's absolutely ace - a great blues kinda feel to it. And his voice is completely wrecked now!! And it makes me like it even more...
    Best tracks: Beyond Here Lies Nothin', Life is Hard, Forgetful Heart, Jolene, Shake Shake Mama

    3. Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You
    I won't lie... I was pretty disappointed with this album - but only because her debut is one of my all time favourites so she had waaay too much to live up to! But aside from that - this is a great album in itself! Still on top form with her lyrics and even though I loved her Ska, I'm glad she progressed with the electro direction. She said in an interview that she's finished with music - I really hope that's not true. There's some wicked remixes that have come out of this album as well such as 22 (The Big Pink Remix), Fuck You (Annie Nightingale and Far Too Loud Remix) and I particularly liked one of the B-Sides from The Fear called Kabul Shit.
    Best tracks: The Fear, Everyone's At It, Who'd Have Known, Never Gonna Happen

    4. La Roux - La Roux
    I got into La Roux through a track I downloaded from a blog, it was In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix) and I was kinda blown off my feet a little. I went and bought the album and it wasn't what I was expecting and then I didn't really listen to it until maybe October time when I'd been hearing Bulletproof being played all over the place. And then after that, I completely fell for the whole album - and it's the only album from this year where there isn't a dud song.
    Best tracks: Bulletproof, Tigerlily, Reflections Are Protection, In For The Kill (I like the original version as well in the end!)

    5. Yoko Ono - Between My Head and The Sky
    This is probably most eclectic album out of my favourites this year with heavy rock, electro, experimental and slow haunting piano songs... Never one to disappoint and it seemed to get rave reviews all around - which being a Yoko fan, I was obviously *most* pleased about. It's inspiring, beautiful, heartbreaking, joyous... And does everything I expcted it to as a Yoko album - it made me glad to be alive and want to go out into the world and experience the things that she sings about.
    Best tracks: Memory Of Footsteps, Healing, The Sun Is Down, Waiting for the D Train

    6. Kissy Sell Out- Youth
    Really got into Kissy's DJ sets earlier in the year and his regular podcast of remixes... then I saw him at Glastonbury and wondered why the hell all the crowd were 12 years old and then I found out he had come to fame a lot through myspace... I think I wanted the album to be more dancey at first and it's quite guitary but that's ok... It's got a lot of energy to it... talking about having houseparties and people falling asleep in the garden, and kissing people you shouldn't when you're young and impressionable and basically wasted.. haha
    Best tracks: Garden Friends, This Kiss, Pop Bottle, Apple Jelly

    7. Regina Spektor - Far
    It's really difficult to write about your favourite artists sometimes... It seems that their best work was always in the past and with each album, you seem to like them less... I wish this wasn't true for Regina cos I love her lonnnnnng time now... I guess there's never gonna be another Soviet Kitsch so I should just get over it! She still played my favourite gig of all time!
    Best tracks: Folding Chair, Eet, Genius Next Door, The Sword & The Pen

    8. Simian Mobile Disco - Temporary Pleasure
    I was v excited when I heard this was coming out and pre-ordered when I was a foetus. So clearly, I'd been waiting a while. This is great for listening to in Antonio!
    Best tracks: Ambulance, Synthesise, Bad Blood, Audacity of Huge

    9. Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna
    Bought this from my favourite record shop "Resident" which in the lanes in Brighton... Omg what am I gonna do not going to Resident?! Anyway... It's kinda experimental... Big emphasis on beats, noise sand synths.
    Best tracks: Princes, Bebey, First Communion, Dust

    10. Blue Roses - Blue Roses
    This was like a mini soundtrack to my summer... I suddenly stopped listening to it for different reasons and that's a shame because it would be have been way higher in the list... She's wicked though... Great songwriter - and it's those kinda songs that just sneak up on you and suddenly you love them!
    Best tracks: Greatest Thoughts, I Am Leaving, Can't Sleep, Cover Your Tracks.

    Other albums I loved this year were (in no particular order)
    Little Boots - Hands
    Ane Brun - Changing of The Seasons (but it was tooooo sad and I just wasn't upset enough to listen to it)
    Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin
    Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II
    Jah Wobble - Chinese Dub
    Micachu - Jewellery

    I hope next year is just as good if not better! :-D
  • Lulu (Playlist - June '09)

    12 jun 2009, 14:29

    Most of these songs remind me of getting up early in Cornwall to go jogging down to the cliff top and then back through the fields (obviously dropping by for a quick chat with the cows...) The emphasis on my monthly playlists is usually for me to get into new artists but this month it also about creating an energising playlist for the gym since I already know a few of the artists...

    1. Lykke Li - Little Bit (Diego Chavez Remix)
    OMG. I LOVE THIS REMIX. The song was already a favourite of mine from the album, but when I heard this remix, it just totally lifts the whole thing up. there's some wicked little touches and it's gotta be one of my favourite songs of the year so far.

    2. MGMT - Kids (Soulwax remix)
    Got this track and the next one from one of the recent Mixmag CD's. Got into some excellent songs from there in the last few months - I'm sure their CDs are much better than they used to be... or maybe they're just a little less 'hardcore' and more accessible to the likes of moi. Much prefer this to the original; it captures the essence of what I love about the song and then makes it a stomping dance tune as well - brilliant for playing in the car! Gotta love Soulwax.

    3. Late of the Pier - Random Firl
    Friend's have been telling me to get into this band for ages now! Kev but a track on an end of year compilation and both Synthia and Paul (Forster / 'Glasto') have mentioned them before so I thought it was time I dug a little deeper and I'm loving their sound.

    4. Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity (Lulu Rouge Bootleg)
    I'd never heard of this artist before until last month. This song is from a few years ago (2004 I think?) but I'm not sure when the remix came about but I love it... I'll definitely be listening to more of her...

    5. Kid Cudi - Poke Her Face (feat. Kanye West, Common and Lady Gaga)I have to admit, I haven't really bought into the whole Lady Gaga thing although several of my friends have and are excited about seeing her at Glasto. The "Let's Dance" song or whatever it was drove me mental when it came out and it's not like I have *that* much exposure to the media. About the only time I hear anything is either in the gym (when I take out my headphones) or on the radio for 10 mins whilst I wake up). Having said that, I can see the appeal of Poker Face and was pretty impressed when I heard this with it's hip hop drum beat and play on words...

    8. Major Lazer - Hold The Line (niggaz on Crack Trompeta)
    Diplo and Switch’s new collaboration…I wasn’t keen on the original but this remix is a good Friday night track…

    9. Kid Sister - I'll House You (Reebok Classic '09)
    If Missy Elliott sorted herself out and did something fresh for once (like the good ole' days lol), I'd hope it would sound like this. I haven't heard the original of this, but the way she raps and the background 'vocals' really remind me of Missy.

    10. Golden Bug - Barbie's Back (Golden Bug Remix)
    Opening line: "My name's Barbie, I'm from Hollywood, I like to fuck with stars for cash. Ken was my baby, now he's just lazy, he smokes way too much hash." I liked it at firsts cos it made me laugh and cos it was a bit trashy and a bit dirty a la Miss Kittin (ish) but it's actually one of my favourites this month - the vocalist does a wicked job in this song, she really 'makes' it.

    11. Chelley - Took the Night
    This is a bit cheesy in places but has a great bassline...

    12. Little Boots - New In Town (A1 Bassline remix)
    I looooooove this and then I heard it on the radio earlier this week so reckon it must be a new single or something.... the radio version was excellent too.

    13. Tina Tequila - I Love You (Don Diablo Remix)

    14. Rye Rye - Bang (Rene Goulet's Rear-Entry Explosion)
    Kinda M.I.A-esque...

    15. Andreas Tilliander feat. New Moscow - Chase Money (The American Dream Team Mix)

    16. Plump DJs - Beat myself up (Don Diablo ReRub)
    Nu Skool Breaks!

    17. Disco Villains - Medley (This Is Not a Remix)
    Haha these guys have a song called "Move Bitch".

    18. Yusek - Extraball(Burns Remix)
    Awww he was an NWA fan! Woooooo! This song is nothing like NWA btw. Ahem.
  • Halfway Home (Playlist - April '09)

    23 maj 2009, 15:29

    1. V V Brown - LEAVE!
    Heard this in a shop in Brighton in February and instantly fell for it's upbeat pop... she's playing Glasto but her album doesn't come out till July :-(

    2. Lisa Mitchell - Neopolitan Dreams
    In the tiny amount of time that I was exposed to a switched on television set (over Xmas at my parent's) I heard this song on an advert and thought how sweet and gentle her voice sounded.

    3. Bridgette Omofah - What It Takes
    This seems to have become a bit of a regular in Antonio over the last few months (Antonio is my car btw...) She doesn't have an album out yet either... Come on people I'm thirsty for more!!

    4. Lilly Wood & The Prick - Down the Drain
    Randomly came across this track whilst surfing through the iTunes store - they've done a cover of Les Artistes as well.

    5. The Polyphonic Spree - Section 32 (The Championship)
    It's taken me quite a while to finally hear a Polyphonic Spree song... When it goes into the 2nd verse after thie first chorus, there's this cool synth 'alarm' kinda sound... it's aceness... It comes in on the second beat too. Catatonia used to do that with their cymbal crashes - for instance, in a chorus in the first bar, they'd crash on the second beat as well as the first... it has a good effect...

    6. Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
    My mate from Matthew from Manchester got me into this band. On the first listen, I wasn't keen and dismissed it and didn't intend to listen to it again and then on the second listen, it had me! I think they may have an album out... :-)

    7. Maria Taylor - Time Lapse Lifeline
    I'm not really sure what a Time Lapse Life Line is but this is one of those songs that gets tuck in your head... I've ben singing it on and of since April... I think I found this as a free download on Last.FM...

    8. Rachael Yamagata - Sidedish Friend
    I've kept seeing her name around so I thought it was time I made the effort... I like the drums in the second verse after the chorus. Quite an original subject to the lyrics as well...

    9. TV on the Radio - Halfway Home
    What an ace song!! I love it! The chorus sounds kind of timeless... Their album seemed to be plastered all over the internet in December last year when people were posting up their favourite albums of the year. Plus the alum came number 3 on Metacritic for the best albums of '08 http://www.metacritic.com/music/bests/2008.shtml

    10. IAMX - Think of England
    This guy looks quite hot in some of his photos... he's a bit of a poser though but he's got good style... and it's a great track too. This should have been a Mothership song!

    11. Kristin Hersh - Coals
    My mate Jay got me into this when he posted a link on facebook where you could download it for free. She used to be lead singer of Throwing Muses but I only knew a couple of tracks. This is great though. It sounds kind of effortless. Like the song doesn't have to try at all cos it knows it's gonna kick some ass just by existing... and her gravely husky vocals on top just make it perfect.

    12. Jaydiohead - No Karma
    I have to say... Jay Z is a pretty damn good rapper. The lyrics in this track are taken from his song No Hook and put over the top of an instrumental version of Karma Police by Radiohead... it works really well... there's a whole bunch of others out there too if this one pleases the ears...

    13. Common Feat. Lily Allen - Driving Me Wild
    I've got the album this is from (Common - Finding Forever) but I havne't really listened to it apart from this track... I have this where I have to download everything that Lily Allen has released or being featured on... If I'm being honest, even though I like Lily's second album, I didn't listen to it much, maybe I will come back to it...

    14. The BPA (featuring Martha Wainwright) - Spade
    Nice reggae feel to this... It's Norman Cook's new project... he's got all sorts of singers featuring on the album. Good choice with Martha :-)

    15. Novalima - Ruperta / Puede Ser
    It's first time I've heard this band... They're a peruvian band, kinda latin influenced... I think I need the album... this is definitely my thing atm...

    16. The Grey Race - The Johnsons
    This is a good trak to listen to at night when it's late, you're still awake, and you're listening to nice comforting music that makes you feel contented...

    17. Polly Scattergood - Other Too Endless
    OMG...how good is this woman?? I'd seen her name floating around and then a mate Facebook (Colin) posted an update to his status mentioning her and then she was iTunes single of the month so I downloaded it. And it's classy, poignant, beautiful, sad... My head is bursting with new album I want to get into... I haven't got the alum for this yet but it's only £4.99 download from Amazon... arghhhhh too much music.... I have to say... I think this year is MUCH better than last year for music.... I did an end of year compilation and found that half of my favourite songs I'd got into in 2008 were actually from previous years... but that was also slightly because I turned into a bit of a jazz fiend... Anyway. How heart broken are you when Polly sings "It can't be real, it can't be real, if I close my eyes then maybe I won't feel...." It gives me goose pimples....

    18. Alina Orlova - Love song
    This reminds me a little of Regina before she went all mainstream on us (not that Regina Mainstream isn't good cos it is, but Regina circa 2003/2004 was amazing. Anyway... so Alina Orlova.... her songs are usually quite short... this is well worth a listen though.

    19. The Long Lost - Overmuch
    Gorgeous haunting voice...

    20. Sofia Talvik - Ghosts
    Since when did everyone start referring to ex lovers as "ghosts" ??! I'd never heard it put like that before and now there's this one, there's Ms. Marling and the ghosts that broke his heart before he met her and another I'm sure!! Although it's filed somewhere in my head. This track makes me think of Sufjan a little.

    21. The Miserable Rich - Boat Song
    Got into this song from one of the free cds you get with Word magazine... this is such a Word Magazine kinda song... Wel crafted, a little quirky in places whilst remaining quite safe and they always have a summer feel to them...

    22. David Ford - Go To Hell
    I was reading rave reviews about this guy called David Ford and they got me all excited so I downloaded a track and when I heard the voice I realised it was the lead singer of Easyworld!!! I gave him my phone number at a gig once. He never called me. I felt so used...... ;-) He signed my Easyworld poster though.

    23. Teitur - Your Great Book
    This is another one from the Word Magazine CD...

    24. Jay Jay Pistolet - Bags of Gold
    This guys a litle hottie. When you see him though, I dunno, but his image doesn't math the music as I expected... that's a good thing though!! Great song too :-)
  • Jia Ren Qu (Playlist - Feb '09)

    19 mar 2009, 09:48

    Hardly any of these have links that can be played on last.fm so sorry if anyone was wanting to listen!

    1. Shigeru Umebayashi - Beauty Song (Jia Ren Qu)
    Cue the mystical intro song.... ohooohoooohoooohoooohooohoooo *sandeep style bat*

    2. Tinku - Takirikusunchis
    Awww this song is so cute! It makes me want to be a traditional peruvian dancing and playing - love the energy in this song!

    3. Bibi Ashupreet Kaur - Prabh Ji Toon Mero Sukhdaata
    This is a religious sikh hymn - three tiny girls that tour around temples singing! It's about 9 minutes long... It was just got a movely relaxing feel to it...

    4. The Idan Raichel Project - She'eriot Shel Ha'Chaim (Scraps of Life)
    An Iranian guy with dreds! Gorgeous string part in this... hmmm i really wanted to say 'string riff' then but i'm sure that aint right!! ;-)

    5. Shreya Goshai - Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai
    There seem to be loads of versions of this song....and erm.... I'm not sure this is the best one....doh!

    6. Shubha Mudgai - Mathura Nagarpati
    Ooooooooooo this songs sends shivers down my spine.... so lush and dark....

    7. Himesh Reshammiya - Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki
    Bollywood beardy type...

    8. Myriam Fares - Haklak Rahtak
    A lebanese taurian...

    9. Vangelis Korakakis - Kai Tora Matia Mou
    Got this on a greek compilation from Zavvi (RIP) (well...RIP to the branch in Athlone anyway....now we have NO music shops.....!! Ok we have one ONE music shop which sells a very good mixture to say how tiny it is but Amazon is clearly the only option in the Irish midlands....!)

    10. Dana Halabi - Ta' Moot
    This songs is FUNNY. In a good way. esp when accompanied by the video.

    11. Melheim Zein - Baddi Hebbek
    Aww there's only two plays by this artist on Last.fm and I *know* I have listened to this song a LOT more than that!

    12. Tarkan - Arada Bir
    Good old Tarkan and his hot turkishness...

    13. Natacha Atlas - Kidda
    Arabic kinda stylee...

    14. Giaponezikoi Kipoi - Pes Mou ti Theleis
    Ok this probably isn't a tango but thats what it makes me think of...

    15. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Shaktar Donetsk
    I never realised Joe Strummer was with The Clash until I got into this song... Some of my musical knowledge is diabolical I know but I have a lot of catching up to do - I only listened to ABBA for about 10 years of my childhood! well...and 50's/60's songs...

    16. Udit Narayan - Achi Lagti Ho
    Narayan was a Prodigy song, no?!

    17. Harbhajan Maan - Aa Ve Mahi
    I like driving to this - nice and chilled!

    18. Huayno - Amor Ajeno
    From the same compilation as track to - songs from Peru! Similar kind of upbeat feel...hmmmm I like music of Peru! :-D
  • Awakening (Playlist - January '09)

    19 mar 2009, 09:28

    1. Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)
    This is a good gym song - I heard this version before the original but I think I prefer this one..

    2. James Yuill - No Surprise
    Folktronica....yes please!

    3. Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945
    Seen this name batting around for ages so thought I would check out..plus one of them is quite fit! hehe Lots of energy to this song!

    4. Infadels - Make Mistakes
    Love this song! I don't know anything else by them so I have to find out more....

    5. Amy Ray - Blame is a Killer
    ...from the Indigo Girls... a nice slice of female rock.

    6. Soulstice - Crash The Party
    I like the kinda hip hop that has more beats than funk...like this!

    7. Envy - Friday Night
    She says "urrrghhhhh" and it reminds me of part of Lady Sovereign song... This girl is from Manchester! Good track -I like it lots!

    8. Jamie Lidell - Figured Me Out (LA Garage mix)
    Liked this when I was compiling the playlist but it got to annoy me a bit...oooops.

    9. Gotye - The Only Way
    Kinda upbeat indie but more synths than guitars and quite dark...

    10. Holden - Chains and Things (fat rmx)
    I love the background to this...v chilled...

    11. Vordul Mega - AK47 feat. Vast Aire

    12. Flying Lotus - GNGBNG
    Electro-hop hop...

    13. Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines
    This is very pleasant...nice punchy melodies.

    14. Jay Brannan - Can't Have It All
    This guy got his willy out in Shortbus!!! Wait! That shouldn't be the first thing I say.... erm.... ok I like this song... there we go! haha He's a gay male singer/songwriter... this song is talking about the conflicts of relationships against having your own life and he sings about moisturiser too. ahem.

    15. Priscilla Ahn - Dream
    Awwwww.......... After listening to this for a month I went and bought her iTunes live EP and I love it! So summery!! :-D

    16. Emma Forman - Illuminate
    I can't seem to find much else on this artist but this song is in the same kinda chilled out summery theme as the one above...

    17. Cathi Bruns - Inner Radio
    There's a nice picture of her with a cup of coffee on last.fm :-)

    18. Deathbot - Hit the Lights
    Nice little dreamy song to end with...
  • Strange Skies (Playlist - September '08)

    25 dec 2008, 23:24

  • Familiar Morning (Playlist - July '08)

    25 dec 2008, 22:50

  • Lady Of The Shootings Stars (Playlist - June '08)

    31 maj 2008, 16:05