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  • hawkwinded

    You found Secret Saucer, I hope you like it!!

    18 aug 01:53 Svara
  • Estela_Cps

    Hello Bill! I'm fine, what about you? Thank you for the link, have a great Sunday :-)

    27 jul 13:15 Svara
  • Lidia_K

    Hi, great! Czeslaw Niemen is unique! :)))

    15 jul 08:17 Svara
  • trough

    Just had a random listen to your library and found some great new proggy stuff. Cheers!

    13 jul 14:24 Svara
  • sukramzneg

    hi greets from germany - you got some great artists into your library- because it seems that you are also like dark ambient/drone stuff I invite you to listen to the new neh czneg release http://nehczneg.bandcamp.com/album/reise-in-die-zentrifuge-der-boshaftigkeit ( there is a lot more for freeload at bandcamp and last fm)

    16 jun 10:33 Svara
  • MusicMagic77

    Hello! I only noted, the album missed from the band's Albums List. Maybe because there are only 139 listeners...

    18 maj 19:27 Svara
  • Estela_Cps

    Thank you, I like Niemen very much! Have a great day!

    8 maj 17:08 Svara
  • hexorridge

    Few years ago Spacemen 3 reunited in a single benefit gig. The group invited pat fish from The Jazz Butcher and Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine as a guest musicians. They played “Walkin’ With Jesus, and others famous songs. It must have been a good gig . Unfortunately Jason Pierce didn't join. The acrimonious between Jason Pierce and Peter Kember has not vanished yet... However besides the good songs they made their motto ''Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To'' is not need to be encourage.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTR-fbcoQFw

    28 mar 16:37 Svara
  • buzjaz

    Hi Bill, seems my int. connection is going in and out tonight so if you see multiple posts you'll know why. just wanted to say thanks for the friendship i'm quite enjoying looking through your library. great stuff. best to you !

    20 feb 07:57 Svara
  • johncatapano

    absolutely love your flickr pictures... we should be last.fm friends. John from www.johncatapano.com

    14 feb 21:52 Svara
  • BrilliantGoth

    Thanks for your friendship :)

    10 feb 14:48 Svara
  • blaugold

    Hey! Sorry, I wasn`t here, because my last.fm-abonnement was over since 22th of january. And so I can`t listen music. This was some years ago better - you could listen music in a frugal form about the last.fm-websites Unfortunately I have at the moment days full of stress until the end of this month, but then it will be better. No, I don`t know rdio.com. I will try it when I have more time. Thank you for the information. Thats great for me! Hope you are fine?

    9 feb 01:02 Svara
  • ShaxShax

    If you haven't already, you should have a listen to the Prisoners soundtrack by Jóhann Jóhannsson. It's quite beautiful.

    4 feb 02:45 Svara
  • mneptunius

    Salut, Guillaume, et bonjour! Comment vas tu? Je te souhaite une bonne annee de 2014! Salutations de Lisbonne! Au revoir et a bientot! :-) mneptunius

    2 feb 23:44 Svara
  • hexorridge

    Music development is an evolutionary process so does human mind. Music styles considered as unacceptable for someone today may not be the same tomorrow.

    31 jan 19:37 Svara
  • hexorridge

    I won't differentiate music between weird and non weird, music I don't like I just find them boring. the reason I find some music boring maybe is that it lack of intellectual content. on the contrary too much emphasise on technical side of music will makes one fastidious..

    31 jan 18:01 Svara
  • hexorridge

    ok , lets talk about music, I don't know why bands like Oregon can consider as weird, at least I don't think so, it's good and the music is relaxing. what artist can be said as weird?

    30 jan 16:02 Svara
  • hexorridge

    Hi, Mr Burris. One month ago, after you left a message on my account, I had discovered a picture in your account similar to photo taken from the film Way of the dragon. No matter what's the reason, it's a good chance to recommend you to watch the film Enter the dragon . Someone has upload the whole film recently. It's Bruce Lee last film and he finished it completely. Bruce Lee demonstrated his martial arts and his philosophy in this film . I have to say sorry for the late reply , please enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9bI61HHg38

    30 jan 08:25 Svara
  • hexorridge

    Then I recommend you to watch Way of the dragon that is the picture you have previously shown,and Enter the dragon. Both are good films.

    29 jan 18:38 Svara
  • hexorridge

    Bruce Lee will always be a great guy. although I never practice martial arts or Chinese kung fu , I always remember his philosophy. “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.” Bruce Lee insisted on practical value of martial arts and don't constrained by any one method. "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect." Way of the dragon is a great film too. Tang Lung is less educated but a righteous person.

    29 jan 18:05 Svara
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