Puppy drop-kick

Some uber tracks I came across... While being awesome.
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Låt Tid
1 EmmureRusted Over Wet Dreams Loved track 3:08
2 Curse at 27Anguish Loved track 3:23
3 For the Fallen DreamsBrothers In Arms Loved track 2:59
4 For the Fallen DreamsNever Again Loved track 4:26
5 At The Throne Of JudgmentRuin Of Gaia Loved track 3:29
6 At The Throne Of JudgmentHorus Rises Loved track 3:56
7 Misery SignalsEchoes (Part II, Blessing Or Curse) Loved track 2:49
8 Norma JeanMemphis Will Be Laid To Waste Loved track 4:56
9 Parkway DriveRomance Is Dead Loved track 5:17
10 As We FightBringing It All Together Loved track 2:50
11 Misery SignalsThe Year Summer Ended in June Loved track 4:24
12 Soulgate's DawnEmotionless Loved track 3:12
13 FinchBitemarks And Bloodstains Loved track 4:40
14 From Autumn To AshesOn The Offensive Loved track 3:43
15 Distance In EmbraceAmbush Loved track 3:29
16 As Blood Runs BlackIn Dying Days Loved track 3:41
17 Faust AgainTo Dwell On Thoughts of You Loved track 4:22
18 Faust AgainFrozen Minds Aching Hearts Loved track 3:24
19 IwrestledabearonceTastes Like Kevin Bacon Loved track 3:21
20 IwrestledabearonceUlrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains Loved track 3:46
21 August Burns RedBarbarian Loved track 3:44
22 It PrevailsTo Fail... Loved track 0:51
23 For TodayRedemption Loved track 3:53
24 Miss May INo Need To Whip a Dead Horse Loved track 3:17
25 Dance Club MassacreRisk Is My Business...And Business Is Risky 3:49
26 Plague Of AshitakaHerbert West gratis nedladdning Loved track 6:09
27 Plague Of AshitakaMyra Hindley Jack Off Tapes gratis nedladdning Loved track 5:37
28 Miss May ITides Loved track 3:18
29 Balance and ComposureWaiting, Thinking, Giving Up Loved track 3:38
30 Rick AstleyNever Gonna Give You Up Loved track 3:32
31 Medea RisingCinderella`s Mouth Tastes Like Chicken 3:58
32 Plague Of AshitakaThe Birds Are Spies, They Report To The Trees gratis nedladdning Loved track 5:13
33 Plague Of Ashitaka...And By Tonight (We Shall Mortify The Undead) gratis nedladdning Loved track 3:42
34 Maylene and the Sons of DisasterTough As John Jacobs Loved track 4:01
35 Whisteria CottageYour Broadcast is Interrupted Loved track 2:25
36 Curse at 27Lies Loved track 4:56
37 Guard Your StepsDirection Loved track 4:29
38 WavorlySleeper Loved track 4:12
39 ImperialLast Sunrise Loved track 3:24
40 A Stained Glass RomanceMy Dearest Katherine Loved track 4:27


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