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DornenreichEigenwach Älskad låt 8 timmar sedan
DornenreichEigenwach Älskad låt 8 timmar sedan
DornenreichEigenwach Älskad låt 8 timmar sedan
MuseNew Born 9 timmar sedan
MuseNew Born 9 timmar sedan
MuseNew Born 9 timmar sedan
MuseNew Born 9 timmar sedan
The Fall of Every SeasonHer Withering Petals Älskad låt 10 timmar sedan
The Fall of Every SeasonEscape of the Dove 10 timmar sedan
The Fall of Every SeasonCome, Waves Igår 02:40
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  • UberAnanas

    Had the same issue with Heritage when it came out.. I - at first - thought it was a terrible album.. Took me a little while to like it as much as I do now. I'll see when it comes out.. I think I'll just order the CD / Blu-ray version, much more enjoyable in all situations; rip it, put it on my iPod, stuff like that :)

    18 jul 11:09 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Good that your life if getting back on track now, music is always the best companion for every situation you're in.. It's often much better than having a bunch of people around, atleast that's what I think.. I'll have to decide whether I really want to order the vinyl version of the album though. There's this blu-ray / CD version with necklace too. The problem with vinyl is that I can only play it when I'm close to my vinyl player, and that's not always ideal. Anyway, I'll wait for the actual release day of the album, even though people have been posting about the album on Facebook the last 2 days: ''IT'S FANTASTIC!'', ''PALE COMMUNION IS AMAZING''. I'll have to withstand the temptation a little longer ;)

    18 jul 10:27 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    I meant to say, I don't think I want to spoil the album for myself before it's released :)

    17 jul 21:33 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Haven't heard it yet.. I don't plan to either, I think. I'm going to be ordering a special edition vinyl of the album soon, comes with this really cool necklace aswell :) That'll be my first ever piece of Opeth merchandise. Anyways, how have you been? It's been a while, haha

    17 jul 21:30 Svara
  • Zigeunerjunge

    yeah... guess we've got some great metal bands here in germany - so as russia have also. I've got to check your library by time :D

    13 jul 14:07 Svara
  • Zigeunerjunge

    Hey - thanks for the friend request ;)

    12 jul 19:14 Svara
  • Veinrot

    Hehe, well...... :P

    20 jan 09:55 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Problem is, I listen to a lot of different music and usually it's hard for me to recommend you bands / artists since I probably already recommended them or I ran out of things to recommend.

    3 jan 13:01 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Hmm, strange, I still have this annoying problem where I hear a song by an artist or band on youtube, download the album, and then instead of listening to the album listen to the song I heard on youtube all the time. Luckily I usually tell myself not to do that, but it stills happens pretty often.

    3 jan 12:59 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Yeah I used have the exact same problem where I could only enjoy one song by a band, I guess I have progressed with listening, but my main problem is that I sometimes don't try hard enough to get into some bands / artists and I don't listen to a lot of other stuff that I have found / got recommended to me. I usually listen to things I'm already comfortable with, which can sort of be a bad thing.

    3 jan 12:50 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    You're right though, I sometimes don't get certain bands but if I hear something worth while I will listen to their stuff more to eventually like them (possibly). So to me it's either I like it, I don't like it, or I feel I need to listen to the music more to fully understand it. (For example with the folk singer and harpist Joanna Newsom)

    3 jan 12:08 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Well as I've said before, prog can be on and off for me, usually it's on, simply because I love prog, but some bands are just not my thing. I'm not sure whether I really enjoy Ayreon just because it's always a bit too much I feel. It's always gargantuous albums with crazy amounts of songs and crazy length. While I love long songs and albums that are a bit overdone, Ayreon always feels a bit too much and I can never find the right time to listen to the stuff. Also, I'll make sure to check more POS material out, because I love The Perfect Element and Remedy Lane. Anyways, recommending me anything is the best way to go because I just have to hear the stuff and either like it or dislike it. That's how music works in the end, right? :)

    3 jan 11:46 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    What exactly do you mean with 'who motivates BTBAM'? Don't really listen to BTBAM anymore to be honest, but they are a pretty good band nonetheless. They get a lot of hate because the fans think they are the most deep band ever with the most complicated music, however I think the music's still enjoyable. To be honest I'm not sure which bands are sub-prog. I would (maybe) include Agalloch in the sub-prog list, since I think they are sort of an atmospheric progressive black metal band. Arcturus could be named progressive, although they are more avant-garde.. There is this other project called The Gabriel Construct which is a quite cool prog rock / metal project, with an album released this year. Finally I would also include Jess and the Ancient Ones as a prog band (but only sometimes) they are (to me) a progressive doom metal band with loads of melody and keyboards. Awesome stuff (their EP this year was great!) anyway, blabla long posts. Those are bands I'd say are sorta 'proggy'.

    3 jan 11:11 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Okay so, I have listened to almost every DT album, but I just think they are good, nothing more. They have some killer tracks but for me it's not a band I'll listen to all the time, haven't even checked out their last LP. About Opeth being prog, yes later on they also incorporated the keyboards more heavily which does make the sound a bit more proggy. And yes Black Rose could be considered Prog because of it's ridiculous length, however I think their old work is more death metal than prog. If there is one aspect in Opeth that makes them prog it would be the length of the songs and the progression of them. They have never been (except for Heritage) heavily driven by prog and to me have always been slightly influenced by it. I think I would label Opeth atmospheric progressive death metal! Haha

    3 jan 10:45 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Also, I've began to question myself whether or not I'm HUGELY into prog. I do like quite a lot of prog bands like Spock's Beard, Rush, Savatage, Leprous, Porcupine Tree, Opeth (even though that's not really prog), Steven Wilson, Tool and The Flower Kings, but prog rock / metal needs to be just right for me. I do really like experimental music and progressive music overall, it's just that prog can be overproduced or include vocals I don't like. Or it just happens to have a lot of parts in songs I'm not that into. I usually love prog, but I just can't enjoy some bands.

    2 jan 18:52 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    I think Dream Theater is a good band, I think Images and Words and Awake are awesome albums, but overall I don't think they are THAT great. I'll try to get into that Ayreon album and the Queensrÿche album when I remind myself of it, got a lot of stuff to still go through though. Have you ever tried getting into Kayo Dot or maudlin of the Well? maudlin's Bath and Leaving Your Body Map are classic albums to me.

    2 jan 18:35 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Oh yeah, stupid me, I was already wondering whether it was Beethoven or Bach. But yeah that album is pretty enjoyable.

    17 dec 2013 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Yep, I guess that's just something I'll have to get used to. You have certainly listened to them a great deal more than i have. Don't know anything about JOP, should maybe look it up soon, see what it sounds like. A thing I'm certainly sure of is that I dislike Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I just can't hear anything worthwhile in that music. Only album I sorta like is that Bach-inspired album they made.

    17 dec 2013 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    What I meant was, for example on 'Hall of the Mountain King', the title track, I find that the vocals bother be a little bit.

    17 dec 2013 Svara
  • UberAnanas

    Hello oncemore! :) I'd just like to thank you for recommending me Savatage a while back. I absolutely love Gutter Ballet (Except She's In Love) but songs like When the Crowds are Gone are just absolutely amazing and instant classics for me. I really like Poets and Madmen aswell. Overall the only problem I face with Savatage are sometimes the overdone vocals (When Oliva goes just too crazy haha)

    17 dec 2013 Svara
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