Shuffle Quiz


26 aug 2009, 13:03

1. What's a weird phrase you like to say?
The Saturdays - Work (Phil Tan Radio Mix)

2. What's your life like?
The Saturdays - Golden Rules
I always follow rules!

3. What's something you've never said?
Sugababes - Ugly cos I'm beautiful!

4. What do you do at parties and stuff like that?
Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn
I'm there till the break of dawn!

5. What's your love life like?
S Club 7 - Cross My Heart
We're always making promises to each other

6. What'll be your wedding song?
No Doubt - Running
Not a good start!

7. Your honeymoon song?
Kelly Clarkson - Not Today
LOL no sex on our honeymoon!

8. Your best friend's theme song:
Dido - Don't Leave Home
He loves me!

9. Your theme song:
Jordin Sparks - No Air
I have asthma

10. Your parents' theme song:
Girls Aloud - Can't Speak French
they can't :(

11. Your rocking out song:
Raven-Symoné - Some Call It Magic

12. The song you have on your iPod but can't stand to listen to:
Nick Lachey - Outside Looking In
Kinda true, I don't think I've ever listened to it

13. The song that gets stuck in your head easily:
Jordin Sparks - Save Me

14. Your significant other's theme:
The Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need a Man
He's not interested in dating me :(

15. The song for when you're about to do something stupid:
Lindsay Lohan - A Beautiful Life (La Bella Vita)
Don't think so lol

16. Your song for doing surveys to:
Britney Spears - Piece of Me
Awesome song =)

17. How is your health?
Ciara ft. Missy Elliot - Work
I gotta work hard on my health!

18. Your childhood theme song:
Girls Aloud - No Good Advice this came out back in 2003 so I was 13 at the time. True I guess =)

19. The song you first hear in your first car:
Jamelia - Superstar
Nope, since I don't even have a car yet!

20. At your funeral, the song then:
Kelly Clarkson - Never Again (Dave Audé Remix)
Never Again will they see me :(

21. Your first kids' song:
Britney Spears - Womanizer
He'll be a womanizer!

22. The way you feel about your kids:
Sugababes - Stronger
they make me stronger. aww.

23. How are you feeling?
Beyoncé - Upgrade U

24. What are you looking forward to today?
Lindsay Lohan - Over
Apparently I want it to be over!

25. What's your favorite thing to do?
The Cheetah Girls - Step Up
Who doesn't?

26. What are you afraid of most?
Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!)
I don't wanna go crazy!

27. What are you craving at the moment?
Kelis - Bossy
I want someone to boss me around!

28. When you hear an annoying sound you say:
Britney Spears - Toxic
That sound is toxic to my eardrums!

29. When you fall you think:
Britney Spears - Me Against the Music
The music keeps trying to trip me!

30. Before you fall asleep you think of:
Christina Milian - AM to PM
I think of my day from am to pm!

31. How do you feel about the people you love?
Rihanna - Selfish Girl
They're all selfish girls!

32. What comes to mind when you think of someone you hate?
Sugababes - Bruised
I remember all the bruises they gave me :(

33. What's something you always keep in mind?
Kelly Clarkson - (You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman
You do!

34. What's your motto?
Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
I repeat it daily!

35. Your reason for waking up in the morning:
Beyoncé - Resentment
I want to get back at all of my enemies!

36. Your crush has the quality of:
Ciara - 1, 2 Step
He's a great dancer!

37. When you taste something amazing, you think:
Jordin Sparks - God Loves Ugly
He even loves stuff that tastes awful!

38. How you feel about your pets:
Destiny's Child - Independent Women (Part 1)
They are fiercly independent!

39. When describing yourself you tell people:
Britney Spears - When Your Eyes Say It
My eyes describe myself

40. When people say "your mom" you think:
Kelly Clarkson - Tip of My Tongue

41. The rain reminds you of:
Jordin Sparks - One Step at a Time

42. Models make you think of:
Kelly Clarkson - Judas
They're all evil!

43. What is your deepest darkest secret?
Ashlee Simpson - I Am Me
Not many people know that

44. In your past life you were:
Hilary Duff - With Love

45. Describe your room:
Natasha Bedingfield - Single

46. How would you describe your favorite memory?
Ashlee Simpson - Kicking and Screaming
LOL it's about when I got in a fight

47. To you, what do smelly socks represent?
Girls Aloud - Waiting
Waiting to wash my socks!

48. How about the American flag?
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna Be Alright

49. A hot guy/girl?
Beyoncé - Naughty Girl
LOL yes!

50. What comes to mind when you hear a car alarm?
Raven-Symoné - In The Pictures

51. And the doorbell?
Kelly Clarkson - Cry
I hate the doorbell :(

52. When you smell eggs it makes you want to:
Britney Spears - Do Somethin'
Perfect lol


  • SillySahli

    I'm stealing this. kthxbai!

    26 apr 2010, 23:04
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