• POLL 2009 : You input is highly appreciated ...

    22 dec 2008, 16:54

    Friends of unlike!

    We strive to provide you with the ultimate
    city guide, helping you to feel at home and gain an inside step
    wherever you touch down. There’s no better way of knowing what we can
    do to improve your experience than by hearing it straight from the
    source. Please take a minute to answer the following questions to make
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  • the sound of vienna on a soundcloudy saturday

    16 aug 2008, 17:52

    SoundCloud allows you to upload tracks and choose who can listen, comment or download your music. It's also a great tool for collaborating with other musicians (sending files, giving comments directly on the waveform, etc...) as well as staying up to date with what your fellow producers are working on at the moment ...
    SoundCloud is run by our friends and neighbours Eric & Alex - temporary hosts of legendary rooftop parties...

    Since the launch of Vienna, Barcelona and Copenhagen features the SoundCloud Drop-Box to recevice local tracks by local crews. Each cities own specific sound. Word.

    We still have a bunch of invites left ... drop a mail and we´ll get in touch!
  • transeurope.unlike

    7 aug 2008, 18:38

    BCN: What started with vino tino and tostada de huevos de codorniz in Barcelona turned into a full-fledged love affair with the city of Barcelona.

    VIE: Vienna surprised us even more with an artist’s haven of a place, offspace, that we would have never expected to find in Austria’s capital.

    CPH: After few stressful weeks hovered over the computer, we sojourned to peaceful Copenhagen and recharged at one of the city’s foliage-filled gardens.

    BLN: Suddenly, we found ourselves with three more cities on our radar. Barcelona, Vienna and Copenhagen: countless of hours collecting, testing, and editing. We’re taking a little weekend vacation now—we’ve earned it.

    Avec plaisir,
    Ed Unlike

  • unlike plazes ...

    30 jul 2008, 17:14

    We’re pleased to announce today that Unlike just got a bit smarter to where you are, when you are, if you’ll forgive our pigeon English.

    Why? We’ve teamed up with our friends over Berlin-based Plazes, which allows you to map out where you’re going—and have your friends meet you there. In their own words, “Plazes is a location-aware service, connecting you with the people and places in your vicinity and all over the world.” So kindred spirits, if you will: Even our headquarters are just ‘round the block from each other in Berlin-Mitte.

    So how does this work, exactly? It’s pretty simple to use – sign up for a Plazes account, and when browsing through berlin. unlike. net, click on the “Plaze me here” icon on the right hand side of the description.

    All of your contacts on Plazes will be automatically informed as to your whereabouts, saving you from sending pricey text messages or dealing with the “the-music-is-too-loud-whaaat??”-conversations that are bound to happen when late-night reveling.
  • unlike other candidates ...

    23 jul 2008, 11:58

    Will Obama’s “Yes, we can!” replace “Ich bin ein Berliner” to become the new catchphrase of the millennium?

    Only Thursday will tell. Until then, in order celebrate Obama’s arrival in our humble city, we take a look back at the other U.S. presidential highlights—Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush—of Berlin’s tumultuous past ...

    What´s really hot this thursday night in a Quiet Village
    like Berlin?

    Best, Ed Unlike
    Obamania Berlinoise
  • 25Hrs on Diskokaine

    11 jul 2008, 17:13

    I think Berlin sucks big time. Well, at least during wintertime—gray skies, dark clouds, grumpy people ...

    get the full view via ... A marfloW View On Berlin ...

  • 25Hrs of Munk

    11 jul 2008, 17:09

    Coming from Italy, I find the city’s approach rather volatile, as it seeks to continuously evolve. As I am interested in people with distinctive characters ...

    get the full view via ... A Munk View On Berlin ...

  • iPhone ...

    15 apr 2008, 18:02

  • Listen to Patrick Pulsinger via

    14 apr 2008, 08:06

    direct download Patrick Pulsinger Podcast

    Patrick Pulsinger back in the days ...

    As an accomplished composer, producer and remixer, Patrick Pulsinger is known for traveling an idiosyncratic path through diverse fields of contemporary music. Always on the lookout for new challenges, his recordings range from superbly crafted analogue techno to free-form jazz, and while following him treading such diverse genres might prove as well a challenge for the listener, it will be a journey well worth the effort. More then 10 years ago Patrick founded Cheap Records together with long-time partner Erdem Tunakan, establishing the label as one of Europe’s most innovative outlets for electronic music with his own (co-)productions under guises such as iO or Sluts’n’Strings & 909 and by signing artists such as Robert Hood or Christopher Just.

    Patrick Pulsinger spends 25hrs in Berlin ...
  • Listen to DJ Marc Hype via

    14 apr 2008, 07:57

    direct download DJ Marc Hype Podcast

    Marc Hype Crazy Old School Breakheads with lots of scratching and a piano...

    from Bob James to Fela Kuti, from Q-Bert to Jazzy Jay, from Chick Corea to Herbie Hancock, from Peter Tosh to Sista Nancy, from Kraftwerk to Miles Davis, from Roy Ayers to Rah Band, from Z-Trip to Mixmaster Mike, from Run DMC to Beastie Boys, from JB to Fred Wesley, from Vadim to Roots Manuva, from Gangstarr to BDP, from Jungle Brothers to Eric B. & Rakim, from Afrika Bambaataa to Grandmaster Flash to Kool Herc...

    Marc Hype, born in Berlin in '73, has been deeply involved with Hip-Hop culture since 1988 and has never hesitated to look beyond the turntable platters for inspiration.

    Early releases with the now defunct Cheeba Garden at the start of the 90s, winner of the German ITF DJ Mixing Championship of '98 and '99, countless mixtapes, contributions to compilations, remixes and battle tools, founder of the DJ collective, Phaderheadz as well as a solo debut album in 2003 featuring guest appearances by Masta Ace, Souls of Mischief, Mr. Lif, Zion I, Akrobatik, Killa Kela and the Beat Junkies.

    Marc Hype's sets are perfectly complemented and enhanced by the presence of his genial partner in crime, Jim Dunloop, a trained classical pianist. Funk breaks, rock loops and old school Hip-Hop beats flow together with the the funky piano live. Their unique concept brought them to almost every country in Europe + the USA, Japan, Australia, Russia and Israel!

    Marc Hype combines his proven skills on the decks with a natural ability to pick the right tune at the right time. Together with Jim, they keep the dancefloor on full pitch.

    Their latest releases on the New York based Milk Crate Rec. and Melting Pot Music were very successful in the worldwide dj-circuit. Jazzman Gerald even dubbed the release of their cover version of Babe Ruth's b-boy classic The Mexican as THE version to have!