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  • jejbrown

    Yeah, I like that! Catchy :) awesome, thanks x

    16 apr 2012 Svara
  • jejbrown

    you might like to try this: can't see them in your library :)

    12 apr 2012 Svara
  • matthew-kingdon

    Hey there, I was just browsing on the Dry The River page and noticed you had plays for Chambers and The Valves by them.. I was just wondering where you got it from/knew of anywhere I could buy it? If not perhaps we could trade a couple of Mp3s? Cheers, Miff

    30 jun 2011 Svara
  • Buttercanes

    Heey long time no speak! do you know where I can get my hands on some more Dry the River (pretty please)?

    5 jun 2011 Svara
  • Chromefox

    Hospice is amazing.

    20 apr 2011 Svara
  • williamdoyle

    That Caribou album is mighty fine

    5 apr 2011 Svara
  • Danalingus

    You have a account? My day is made.

    11 jun 2009 Svara
  • Ellie_Bob89

    Wicked stuff! What you planning on doing at uni? Got any offers yet? Hope it goes well for you, I know it can be stupidly stressful! I'm doing alright, in my 2nd year at uni and all is going well so far, although have exams next week so I am slightly stressed, but I think it will all be okay! :) Did you ever suceed in doing your 'I'm going to go to every jeW show on a tour' thing? Hahah! Ellie xx

    8 jan 2009 Svara
  • Ellie_Bob89

    Apparently our music compatibility is super! *High Five*I was bored and nosing at friends music profiles you see. Haven't talked to you in a loooooong time! Hows things? Hope you're good! :) Ellie xx

    4 jan 2009 Svara
  • SuperMetalMan

    Hey Tom, why the fuck haven't we conversed in such a long time? I miss the old times!

    3 apr 2008 Svara
  • Buttercanes

    Hey! I just signed up to idiomag, it's a music magazine made from your profile. You can get your own magazine here - Thought you might be interested :)

    15 feb 2008 Svara
  • Sweetness182

    Oh! Nice one. Sorry, I didn't realize =P I know who your are now!! x

    26 jan 2008 Svara
  • Sweetness182

    Hello. I am Danielle. How do you do? =]

    25 jan 2008 Svara
  • lonelyforher

    ahh that sucks, i think the roundhouse show may be a bit special, but you're still lucky going to three! if i had any idea where bristol was i might attempt it haa x

    12 jan 2008 Svara
  • lonelyforher

    hii neighbour, yay for jimmy eat worldness!x

    12 jan 2008 Svara
  • piraz87

    Ok mate thank you so if you have new opportunity advise me!Also if you know some place where we could record.It could be a great experience for us.My email is contact too). C ya...thanx again!!

    2 jan 2008 Svara
  • piraz87

    Damn it!!!I was already happy cuz i told to my bass player:Maybe we could go to England to record!!!It wuold be fantastic...But do you record also demo on payment or not???I listened to William Doyle:they sounds very good.Very similar to Death Cab!I love them! I added you to myspace!

    2 jan 2008 Svara
  • piraz87

    have msn we could speak better about it!!So let me know!! C ya...PS:sorry for my Englis...I'm Italian...hahaha

    2 jan 2008 Svara
  • piraz87

    really!!Very good..Have you got some songs of your ex-band??I would like to listen to them!!I play in a band with my friends and if you want to listen to it go Do you really work in a record label?!?!Cool..cuz we need to record a new demo to enter in a label.But it's very difficult!!!So can you help me in some way??I'll appriciate it a lot!!If you hav

    2 jan 2008 Svara
  • piraz87

    do you play in a band??

    2 jan 2008 Svara
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