mixin' ain't easy


23 jan 2006, 09:28

I usually listen to my Itunes library on random and when I hear a tune that sounds good, I add it to a working playlist. After I get enough songs to fit on a cd, I stop and create a mix out of the songs that have been put in the list. So most of my mixes don't have an actual theme per say. It's a little more challenging to make it flow well, and sometimes it works and other times, ehhh...

ANYWAY here's my latest which I do like quite a bit, pretty mellow but it flows well, and I think Kanye West and Nina Simone's tunes work well with each other..

The Ruling Class--could be one of Jeff Tweedy's funniest lyrics ever.

Radiation Vibe--I've always wanted this on a mix, just a lot of power pop fun.

The Calming Seas--The sunny pop vibe continues

These Are the Ghosts--Kinda fits in with the previous track's retro tinge.

Mississippi Goddam--The Bees sound like they're from the 50's/60's and Nina IS. This is hair on you arm raiser for sure.

All Falls Down--I'm not that sold on Kanye, but this tune works and goes well with the mix.

Come On Feet--staying with the hip-hop for now, allthough pretty eccentric hip-hop.

Soul Suckin' Jerk (Reject)--off the Loser single, Beck before he got too freakin serious.

Remember--Good mood track that keeps up with Beck's mechanical vibe.

End of the Runway--The Brunettes are one of my most fav recent discoveries. Beautiful, sweeping pop.

Jetsetter--I really like this one, pretty rockin and goes with the female vocal style that came before it on the list.

Spring Provides--Another band that I've gotten into recently, more of that kinda smooth indie rock that's going around.

Endless Shovel--Going to see these guys live in a few weeks.

Won't Let You Down--YHF demo track that includes Jay Bennett, and sounds like Wilco when Jay Bennett was still around. Very well written song. Kinda Blues-Pop

My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains--Trout Mask Replica is a challenging interesting album, but I prefer the Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot stuff for some great blues based stuff, this is an awesome track.

The Soldiering Life--I have a hard time keeping the Decemberists off of any mix I make lately. Colin Meloy not only has a great well of words at his disposal, but he never lets his vocab get in the way of great storytelling.

Joanna Newsom--This one got under my skin and calls to me when I sleep. Totally distinctive voice and sound. I never thought I'd dig harp-based folk.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead-- I saw them play with Death Cab a while back and their set and more specifically this song was much better than anything I heard from the headliners that night.

Backyards--More Canadian indie-pop to close out the mix. Dreamy...


  • tmills

    I'd actually really like to hear that mix. Looks pretty good to me.

    23 jan 2006, 14:32
  • tomauto

    Well I'll go with themes on occasion. In fact pretty soon I'm gonna start doing the cover songs mix cd's that I've always wanted to do. I just find this way works out to be a little more eclectic, which is nice.

    24 jan 2006, 01:41
  • socialist_wolf

    That's EXACTLY how I make most of my mixes! And I know what you mean about the problem with getting them to flow - - usually I'll cull about 2 hours worth of material for a playlist before I get to work, so that I'll end up with plenty of extra songs to fiddle with in the relentless tinkering that ensues. Oh, and kudos for some of your song choices, particularly CB&MB, BSS and Joanna Newsom.

    27 jan 2006, 17:16
  • godsavegravy

    This is how I make mixes as well. Isn't that funny? Sometimes I will hear one song on random and I will like it so much that I will build a whole mix around that one track. When I make mixes for people for the first time they don't get it...the fact that there is no theme. But yeah, the flow can be challenging. But when you get it and its really working its like wow...good stuff

    2 feb 2006, 05:01
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