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  • lunalui

    the two concerts at the RAH were fabulous: the cure did a 3+ hour set and suede was on fire for 2 hours! (probably reviews coming soon): I wish I had more weekends in London like this one :D

    31 mar 15:22 Svara
  • lunalui

    Yep, I'm still in Japan :) although not for long, unfortunately :( : I'll be back in three days! But of course, one can live an exciting life even without traveling, I'm totally sure about that.... and it's not every year I get to travel this much, either. On the other hand, I certainly won't give up on concerts just because no one's interested in coming with me: I would even say that my best gig experiences so far have been when I attended alone! and I'd rather go and listen to the worst music ever played on planet earth than have kids to avoid going ;P

    19 mar 13:33 Svara
  • lunalui

    Nice to hear from you, Sam! I hope you're finding enough time to listen to some music these days: best cure to relieve hectic schedules, imo :) I certainly get my dose whenever I can... and even in live form sometimes: I'll be attending two "teenage cancer trust" gigs at RHA at the end of the month and can't wait :-) I'll keep you posted about the concerts but in the meantime greetings from Japan!

    5 mar 14:27 Svara
  • lunalui

    hey, happy new year! how are you doing?

    1 jan 11:32 Svara
  • lunalui

    BTW, looks like chauffeurs have been replaced by skateboarders nowadays ;D

    27 sep 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    Hey Sam, nice to hear from you! Everything's fine here. I was in Italy for one week last month, visiting my parents. I do not miss the country that much. I guess that's because I'm a citizen and not just a tourist :) In my case I possibly miss Korea more: I spent three fantastic weeks of vacation there this summer ;) it was my second visit after a three-week work stay 15 years ago! And right now I'm getting ready to move to the States for about two months: I'm a bit nervous TBH : whish me luck and keep in touch when you can :). Cheers

    11 sep 2013 Svara
  • fame00

    hi, thank you! nice to meet you! :-) i love your music taste! greetings from Birmingham! xxx ;-)))

    10 sep 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    Hi there, I'm listening to some music by a band that sent me a friend request here on, and I'm thinking you might like their sound. So I decided to stop by and leave you a shout :-) The name of the band is Ellhelios ( If you find a little time, check them out and let me know what you think, ie if I'm totally wrong ;-)

    6 jun 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    forgot to tell you: there are several videos of John Taylor reading excerpts of his book. You can find them here

    7 apr 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    Your new avatar suits your pseudo perfectly, and all the more if you drive to work every day! :) Are the people that drive with you the same girls that appear in the video, BTW? ;D To be honest, I do not envy you in the least: commuting is always a pain, but commuting by car? no way!!! Anyway, you really HAVE to give all you need is now a second chance and a proper listen. I suggest you start by listening to befor the rain first, to get you in a positive mood (hopefully!). And that before you give TV mania a go! ;) Joking... you can listen to TV mania on both spotify and deezer, for instance (have you checked spotify out yet???) Also, before I forget, here's their web site Have a nice sunday!

    6 apr 2013 Svara
  • Marina_Darkwell

    Hi, thank you! Greetings from Belarus:)

    6 apr 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    I was saying that Nick is obviously taking advantage of the buzz: he organised an exhibition of his photographs which are now available for sale. As for John's book, I believe it is now available in paperback, too. If you commute, and read on the way to and from work, this book is a perfect choice because of its format: tiny chapters of 5 pages each and lots of piccies :) Well, I guess that's all. Till next time, take care!

    1 apr 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    Hey, you changed your avatar! ;D Sorry to hear your work is taking up your entire life. I'm also getting more and more responsabilities at work but still manage to have some me time: it's really a matter of survival to me. And I'm lucky enough that in some occasion I can listen to music while working... Since you're cuf off from the internet world maybe you're not aware of the recent developments in the DD world? The band is back in the studio to work to a new album that will hopefully be ready next year. I believe they'll be working with mark Ronson on this one, too. Also, few weeks ago "TV mania: bored with prozac and the internet" a side project Nick and Warren had been working on during the medazzaland period was finally released. The concept is quite interesting, but the music is a bit too much on the electronic side for my taste. It was released in digital version and two different vinyl box sets (the expensive and the ridiculously priced). Of course Nick is taking advantage TBC

    1 apr 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    Nice to hear from you, Sam :) I hope in the future your work will leave you some time to visit this place more often: it's a little dull when there's no one around to chat to ;) John's book was interesting... you won't learn much about the band reading it. I even believe some episodes in the history of the band are somehow edulcorated. On the other hand, it's worth reading for the insight into his private life, which seems quite frank. In particular, the description of his relationship with his parents, who are both dead now, is very moving, to say the least. John said the book was meant in memory of his parents (and his father in particular), and in that sense it definitely hits the target.

    17 jan 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    Happy new year, Sam! you do not seem to be around much these days. I hope you're fine and enjoying some good music :)

    6 jan 2013 Svara
  • lunalui

    Hi Sam, nice to hear from you! I'm fine thanks, especially after last weekend spent in Porquerolles island which was lovely... what about you? have you taken some vacation this year yet? I hope you'll be at least able to catch up with the music.... :) I think I'll be catching up with JT's life instead: I should be delivered his autobiography in a few days now. Will you read it? Well, anyway, thanks for popping round to my shoutbox, I hope you'll manage to come back before the end of the year, or maybe before DD next release, or at least before I get to go to another DD gig ;D (BTW, I wrote a review of the Carcassonne gig here on last, if you wish to check it out). Take care!

    17 sep 2012 Svara
  • MissTool

    That is good to know. Music has to be always present! I don´t think I could be away from for 6 mo.! I thought you had plans for a trip to some Eastern European country. Cali was awesome, as always. I saw a lot of concerts, so many concerts that I did not have time to do all the other things I wanted. As far as I remember they didn´t play your fav...they played the big hits and some newer stuff I didn´t know. Damn if I lived in London I would be in gigs ALL THE TIME!!!!

    16 sep 2012 Svara
  • MissTool

    Wow long time for being gone. I hope things that are keeping you away from the net are good. I am all right. Got back to Brazil today after 3 wks in California. It was an awesome time seeing my friends again and going to several concerts. Duran Duran was cool. I ended up being very close to the stage because my friend got a pair of VIP tix.

    14 sep 2012 Svara
  • Blackpaps

    Hey!!! It's been an eternity since we last spoke! Hope all is fine with you! Hugz!

    18 aug 2012 Svara
  • MissTool

    Guess who is finally going to see Duran Duran on the 30th? Long time, no talk! Hope you are doing well.

    19 apr 2012 Svara
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