• Genres of music I love

    24 sep 2012, 16:24

    Well here I go again, my second journal. My music taste changed alot since last time I wrote a journal. I love indie, 60s music, Hardcore, oldies, pop and classic rock and more. I absolutely love Arctic Monkeys and Askinng Alexandria and everyone else I scrobbled I just can't stick to one genre of music. I don't think anyone coud. Well thats my opinion. Some say it is bi polar but I consider it a good variouty in music.
    When I was younger all I listened was what was on the radio but now that I have last fm I slowley started to like more and more bands, genres and songs. I really wonder what I'll be listening to a year from now and if I'll listen to the same music. I didn't even know who Arctic Monkeys were before going on here. Now look they are my favorite band. I wonder who I'll be listening to next.
  • Briannas Journal

    26 apr 2012, 19:33

    Well this is my journal. I have a very bipolar taste in music. I like pop, Indie, rap, rock, Screamo And 60s music. I am very open minded which is great in my opinion. :) Music = My Life!!!!!!!!!!