• Valentines Day Top Tens

    10 feb 2009, 05:13

    Here are a couple of top tens for Valentines Day, we'll put more up as the rest of us think of them.

    If you got any let us know!

    #1 I Got You Babe- Joey & Holly Ramone
    #2 Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart-Patrik Fitzgerald
    #3 Heart-The Remains
    #4 Fairy Tale of New York-The Pogues
    #5 Baby Baby-The Vibrators
    #6 My Babys Book-Real Kids
    #7 Beast in My Bed-F.U.S
    #8 Girls Got Limits-D.Y.S.
    #9 She's the One-Ramones
    #10 Cum Inside You-Gang Green

    #1 Gabrielle-The Nips
    #2 I'll Be Your Mirror-Velvet Underground
    #3 Tuesday Morning-The Pogues
    #4 A Drag In D Flat-Saves The Day
    #5 Punk Rock Girl-The Dead Milkmen
    #6 Baby Baby-The Vibrators
    #7 Love Wheel-Daniel Johnston
    #8 New Rose-The Damned
    #9 Heart Beat-Buddy Holly
    #10 Barbed Wire Love-Stiff Little Fingers

    1)rose tattoo-stuck on you
    2)vibrators-baby baby
    3)pointed sticks- marching song
    4)buzzcocks- autonomy
    5)saints- wild about you
    6)descendents-silly girl
    7)gary glitter- i love you love me love
    8)yachts- love you love you
    9)new york dolls- great big kiss
    10)damned-love song

    Special Mention!: wreckless eric -whole wide world

    Dave- I don't know anything about that shit.
  • A new Year

    5 jan 2009, 01:37

    A New Year
    It's a new year for everyone, except for maybe China, I think they do it differently. Anyway, it was a good year. We were all really happy to have introduced Everybody Out!. Although we weren't surprised with the reception they got from everyone in the U.S., we were really happy with it. We were also happy with the reviews they've been receiving from the European zines and websites. We hope this year to see them touring out there in Europe.

    Which brings us to this year, which we're equally excited about. Our newest family members Evacuate are going to see the release of their debut album this month! So go over to their page and check out the new stuff. Or just take our word for it and buy one.

    And who the fuck could forget that SLAPSHOT is back! Not much more to say about that, speaks for itself really.

    There's more news out there too, should be writing in this thing more often.

    Keep going to shows and thanks to everyone who's been supporting the label and the bands.

    Happy New Year,
    Taang! Records

    Everybody Out!