oh mah god


28 mar 2009, 03:44

Fri 27 Mar – Glasvegas
srsly, so amazing. that dude's voice is incredible. i feel like no one at the show even realized this......

band is totally insanely amazingly good.


  • rickjefferson

    "that dude's voice is incredible. i feel like no one at the show even realized this" What an odd thing to say. We were all in the same room as you, darling. I agree, this show was amazing, they were INCREDIBLE. The guitar effects were perfect. Live, they are VERY true to their recorded sound. If this band isn't playing stadiums in a few years, I would be very surprised, but at the same time, bummed out if they do. PS the Bruce Springsteen intro/cover??? Fuckkkkkk that was cool.

    28 mar 2009, 14:10
  • subjective

    I know but I was really surprised the crowd AT LARGE didn't seem to be really into the show..... There was a guy in front of me who seemed to be really stoked. I know I was. It was so loud and so awesome............... I loved Daddy's Gone and everyone singing along though. I have a video, I'll have to post it up on youtube when I get a chance........! I definitely feel you on the stadiums thing. Their sound could fill the WAchovia Center no problem. But that would suck.

    28 mar 2009, 22:04
  • subjective

    here is the video of "Daddy's Gone" not the best video or audio! But it's something. I always like to have some record of a show I go to whether it's a shitty picture or a shitty video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arPS7DsEmqo

    29 mar 2009, 21:10
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