• y-yay, july update…

    23 jul 2013, 16:08

    ☆ Geez, not updating for a month, what's wrong with me? I've been working on finding a job, and the 2nd chapter of one of my comics. So that lovely combo is keeping me busy.

    ☆ Anyways, I have no idea what new musicians to listen to next. Feeling pretty overwhelmed by my queue, and the fact I haven't finished this femcee list in almost 3 years. The good news is there isn't much in August in terms of new releases to plan on listening to, so more time to listen to artists I want to get into! I might start with Gonzales, but don't be surprised if I might choose someone else.

    ☆ Also I've been keeping track of albums I love in 2013 for that important list of "What are the best of 2013?". So that'll be something to look forward to.
  • // le 29 mai 2013┋what am i into? \\

    30 maj 2013, 00:17

    Watching the wind blow rain on my window…

    ☆ So wow, long time no entry! Almost a year since the last one, oh my gosh. Well, I graduated college this month. That's pretty exciting! That's pretty much why I couldn't make any entries for nearly a year! Now I'm just going to live the rest of my life doing what I love (making art, comics, etc), including listening to lots of music! So let's do this!

    Starting with last week because…yeah.

    The Jet Age of Tomorrow | 22 listens | Why? Uh, new mixtape duh? I've been waiting for this for a while, reading tweets of Matt Martian just teasing its existence. I'm still in the early stages of listening to it, so I'm not SUPER in love with it. But there are some awesome standout songs, like "Juney Jones" (Mac Miller keeps on growing, I'm pretty excited for his next album), "Machines Machines (Interlude)" (dat Kilo Kish), and "SuperFINE". Really glad they're back in the game with a release though! They're one of my top favorite OFWGKTA groups/artists.

    A Tribe Called Quest | 19 listens | Why? Because ATCQ is awesome. That's the only reason.

    Boards of Canada | 18 listens | Why? Since the new album release confirmation (just like Daft Punk, I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING), I wanted to reacquaint myself with their discography. And with this I realized this horrible fact: I didn't really LISTEN to it before. They went from 100 something total scrobbles to 300+ total scrobbles this month, if that should tell you anything. I've gained a new appreciation and love for them, and I really can't wait for new album. I haven't listened to new snippets yet, and I almost don't want to? Each album is a package experience, so I kinda don't want to ruin that.

    Silkie | 11 listens | Why? Because Silkie is awesome. Yeah.

    ☆ Uh, these are some lame numbers. I'll have better ones this week, I assure you. Ahahahaha. Also I got into the following song this month. One of those cases of "not classy lyrics" with "super classy beat I can't resist", haha!

    Lick my nuts lick my nuts suck my butt suck my butt.

  • // le 18 juin 2012 | what am I into? \\

    18 jun 2012, 15:47

    "Why, why so quiet / oh my, mysterious country singer" she asked.

    ☆ It's surprising how I haven't updated this thing even though I've had nothing but free-time for the past 2 months. Except I was in zombie-mode for a while. But here I am now. 2012 has been an interesting year for music, I have to say. July is going to be me obsessing over that TNGHT EP and waiting super anxiously for that opening ceremony of the Olympics that Underworld directed musically. And let's not touch how ridiculous September is going be. I am really excited for that month.

    But anyways, let me give you my highlights of the past week.

    Kings of Convenience | 140 listens | Why? I felt nostalgic. And I haven't listened to their entire discography and felt pretty guilty about it. So here we go. And "Riot On An Empty Street" is a great song. They have quite a few great songs actually. Everyone should listen to them.

    Matthewdavid | 57 listens | Why? Thought it was about time I get into the meat of his discography instead of one XLR8R mix and 2 free tracks from there. And what can I say, I love the warm hazy soundscapes of DISK II. And then the beats of Jewelry.

    SpaceGhostPurrp | 32 listens | Why? Finally listened to that shiny debut album. Did I like it? It's alright. It's not the most earth-shattering thing. Plus a few tracks that were on the mixtapes weren't improved upon. (BIGGEST EVIDENCE: "Been Fweago" - I miss the key change in the middle and the "OKAY OKAY"s and "RIDE"s. ) But "The Black God" and "Suck A Dick 2012" had good newer versions, so that made me relieved. And then I found 2 mixtapes that I HAVEN'T LISTENED TO by him and yeah. That was yesterday, so I don't think that factored in. Maybe this week it will?

    RYAT | 21 listens | Why? On my Twitter feed, there was some re-tweeting going on about this girl's new album and I thought "WHY NOT". I first heard "Invisibly Ours" and that was one of the two songs in which she really sounds like Björk. So that surprised me. But the rest of the album definitely she didn't really sound like her. I forget what the one other song is, but whatever. It has some standout songs, like "Object Mob", "Seahorse", and that ending of "Hummingbird". The experimental nature of the instrumentals definitely can remind you of Björk too. Not quite sure what to make of her sound yet though.

    Audio Bullys | 20 listens | Why? Nostalgia, again. Except I never listened to Generation or Higher Than The Eiffel. It's been a struggle amongst the other music I've gotten to listen to them though. It doesn't help that Generation isn't very exciting for the most part. They're not really the best group ever really. ∂v∂;

    ☆ I'll try to update this more often, hahahahaha. We'll see. ;3

    Gas slowly leaking out of a heart-shaped balloon.

  • // le 31 janvier 2012 | what am I into? \\

    31 jan 2012, 19:09

    Fok julle naaiers, fok julle naaiers, fok julle, fok julle, fok julle naaiers~

    ☆ Same situation as November, except even more. Not even kidding. I recommended Knife Party to my friends and they're all addicted now. And I'm not really listening them that much. How odd is that? Their latest live set off of BBC Radio1 is pretty amazing, so I'm probably going to listen that more than the EP. Which is weird, but whatever.

    Also I finished finalizing my Best of 2011 list, so check that shit out.

    But anyways, let me give you my highlights of the month.

    Nicki Minaj | Why? "Stupid Hoe" is not her best song, by all means. But it is EXTREMELY catchy, the beat is very danceable, and it's the motherfucking Barbie. Surprisingly I've listened to it more than "Roman In Moscow. Needless to say, I can't wait for Roman Reloaded. Hit me hard with hip hop, Nicki! I'll love you either way though!

    Modern | Why? I discovered him through a 2011 sharethread archived from /mu/ and someone posted one of his EPs. If you want to listen to some nice instrumental hip hop + ambient stuff that would make you feel really blue, go listen to him and do yourself a favor. One of the songs samples Requiem of a Dream, which made me cry myself to sleep. So automatically that song touched those emotions again. I can't wait for this guy to release more stuff.

    Oneohtrix Point Never | Why? Replica is pretty awesome. I need to listen to this guy more. But the ambience and other properties of their music is expertly handled and very interesting to listen to.

    Amon Tobin | Why? I finally listened to Isam and it's brilliant. And it persuaded me actually listen to the rest of his discography other than Supermodifed, haha. He's a brilliant brilliant producer, definitely. And Isam is no exception.

    Vince Staples | Why? That Shyne Goldchain Vol. 1 is extremely good. I haven't paid him much attention for a while, until I saw this mixtape on my Tumblr dashboard and went "WHY NOT". I really want more stuff from him, Kilo Kish, and SK Laflare now. Pretty much everyone involved in this mixtape did very well and should be proud of this end product.

    Machinedrum | Why? That SKLND EP. And I keep bouncing back between Room(s) and Sepalcure as well. I really should get the rest of his stuff. He's just amazing.

    Floating Points | Why? He is a really cool mix of house, dubstep, and techno. Expertly handled, definitely. I need to listen to the Shadows EP more, because it was a good first listen, definitely. And I like how most of his songs are pretty long, allowing for letting every element involved shine. That's a major reason why I like songs longer than 5-6 minutes by electronic musicians. And Floating Points is a great example of that.

    Oscar + Martin | Why? "Oysters" is definitely addicting and too short, haha. I wonder if they have more stuff I can find. They're quite charming in terms of sound.

    Fleet Foxes | Why? Finally I got around to listening to them and I am quite pleased with what I'm hearing. I liked "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" for a long while now and I heard "Quiet Houses" on Soma.fm and I was like "I should really get to listening to their albums" and I'm glad I did. Sorry for that run-on sentence there. But seriously, quality folk music is quality.

    SBTRKT | Why? "Atomic Peace". I completely forgot this song until he posted the studio version on Soundcloud and my feelings went from 10% to 110% upon recognizing it. It's one of my favorite SBTRKT songs, definitely. I can't wait for him to make more music. Ahh!

    Kendrick Lamar | Why? He is a great lyricist and has a good ear for production/beats. And that combination is hard to ignore. I need to listen to more mixtapes and such but I am liking what I'm hearing. He needs to blow up more. He's well-deserving of the attention he's gotten so far. He sounds genuine.

    Die Antwoord | Why? Surprising early release of Ten$ion on iTunes. And it didn't disappoint. "Fok Yulle Naaiers" grew on me significantly and "So What?" is quite nice, really nice. Ninja really shines on that song, definitely. And Yo-Landi is always shining no matter what song she's on, haha.

    Lana Del Rey | Why? I guess she's a love it or hate it type of vocalist, judging from the very mixed reviews of everything she's produced. Very evident upon her release of her debut album. By the way, I am enjoying that very much. Too bad "Without You" and "Lolita" are bonus tracks, because they are both VERY good. And I still like "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" (though that Internet remix is probably what I prefer, haha).

    M.I.A. | Why? As if I didn't love this song enough, "BAD GIRLS" became a million times better in the form of her latest single for her upcoming summer album. A new verse and polished production: could I ask for MORE? She is just amazing and badass and awesome. She can't do any wrong in my eyes. Nope.

    ☆ So yeah. I am glad today is the last day of the month. I want to start anew with February. This playlist is way too long. I've been ignoring quite a few albums because of the sheer volume of stuff I got. That's what happens when I browse /mu/ sharethreads. /sigh.

    Accelerating fast, I can do this in a second~

  • // le 25 novembre 2011 → what am I into? \\

    26 nov 2011, 02:08

    Gun cock, gun shot, gonna make a boy—*BAM*

    ☆ I got into a SHIT TON of music this month. So I figured I should keep track of it. Plus I gotta make up 8 weeks of papers based on new songs I listened to within the course of the semester. This should be pretty exciting. Apparently I did the 2 I did wrong. I'm supposed to write my opinion...so I've been overestimating it. Oh goodness gracious...

    So here is the last 7 days...

    117 PLAYS | Onra | Why? Realized that Chinoiseries Volume 2 released, freaked out, downloaded it, and listened to it a few times. I think I remember more favorites from the first volume than this one. Still pretty awesome. I should marathon the first together with this volume to have a huge mega-Chinoiseries listenthrough.

    82 PLAYS | Metro Zu | Why? Discovered this collective looking up this rap artist someone linked to onto Spaceghostpurrp's last.fm page. It's a treasure trove of goodness. Listen to them and you won't be sorry. I edited the last.fm wiki with the info from their Facebook page. YOU'RE WELCOME.

    55 PLAYS | Lofty | Why? He's a part of Metro Zu and released two solo mixtapes, Basehead Cap and Shroomtard. Check them outttttt.

    50 PLAYS | Drake | Why? It will take a while to like Take Care as a whole like I did with Thank Me Later. I always get stuck on "Over My Head" because it's such a good song. Of course, it's the first song. So I automatically NOT listen to other tracks. It's pretty bad when this happens...

    49 PLAYS | SpaceGhostPurrp | Why? Because of ASAP Rocky, I looked this guy up on YouTube, found "Been Fweago", and fell in love. But nothing really compares with that song, truthfully. The production of that song is so thick and spacey and otherworldy and I guess...purple? (I've never smoked anything, so I don't know what I'm talking about there.) REGARDLESS, HE IS VERY CHILL.

    32 PLAYS | SPEAK! | Why? Because of that Inside Out Boy mixtape. And I got stuck on "Framboise Menage a Trois" because it's so damn good.

    31 PLAYS | Knxwledge | Why? "OvrMyne" is a dream come true. I literally went on Soundcloud (this is after I listened to the original song a shit-ton of times) and listened to this song and FREAKED THE HELL OUT.

    19 PLAYS | Lil B | Why? "King Cotton" is an amazing song, "Cold Nights In Boston" is fantastic to drive to at night, and "What You Think About It" is pretty awesome. Despite the ridiculous title, BasedGodVelli is fucking fantastic. Definitely worth the listen more than Black Flame, which I only listened to once because I THANK THE BASEDGOD FOR EVERY RELEASE HE BLESSES US WITH.

    15 PLAYS | ASAP Rocky | Why? That LiveLoveA$AP mixtape. I discovered him via P4K's 8+ rating of the mixtape and checked him out on YouTube. "Peso" and "Purple Swag" definitely sucked me right in (mad props for choosing those songs for music videos).

    Special Mentions: I haven't listened to Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park that much, which is shocking considering how many plays I have of his. Some songs on it are good, but some are...not that memorable. Meanwhile I am still addicted to Von D's EP songs. I am just waiting (impatiently) for proper releases for the newly revealed "Sunflower Refix" and "Deeper". Thankfully that new mix he posted doesn't have an MC that wasn't really MCing and more like being incredibly annoying. BUT I DIGRESS.

    ☆ Tonight I downloaded a lot more stuff because I browsed through iTunes' electronic music section. This includes:
    Dimlite's Grimm Reality
    Kingdom's Dreama EP
    Mr. Oizo's Stade 2
    That DRC Music album
    Death Cab For Cutie's Codes and Keys (yes. I haven't gotten to this yet)

    After this week it's 3 more weeks of school. So I probably won't get to writing this type of stuff for a while. Boooooooo.

    Please help me out, I'm getting deeper...and deeper...and deeper...

  • // le 23 octobre 2011 → what am I into? \\

    23 okt 2011, 16:24

    Are you only being nice because you want something?

    ☆ It's been a while since I did this, forgive me. School is even more busy than last year. Oh man...

    37 PLAYS | Björk | Why? Biophilia is pretty awesome. That's all.

    37 PLAYS | Breakbot | Why? For some strange reason, my iPod scrobbled a single song this many times. I don't understand why...LOL.

    31 PLAYS | Lone | Why? The Echolations EP = brilliant all the way though. It's fantastic to dance, drive, and listen to.

    28 PLAYS | S.Maharba | Why? I saw them on one of the last.fm top artist listings of the week and had to try him out. I really like their beats, especially "Organs", "When I Go To Sleep", and "Tell A Lie".

    20 PLAYS | Margot & the Nuclear So and So's | Why? One of my friends (jukebox-zero) recommended this band to me 2 years ago and I haven't gotten around to them until now. They are pretty amazing, I have to say. "Mariel's Brazen Overture" is definitely their best song, imho.

    ☆ I'll try to update this more often in conjunction with my weekly "Song I Haven't Listened To" paper for one of my classes, History of Rock and Roll.

    ☆ I downloaded a shit-ton of other stuff, including the entire discography of Portugal. The Man and Venetian Snares' other project, Last Step. So yeah - I am going to be busy for a while.

    Mariel, would you love me if I was a liar?

  • // album chart of 2011 \\ (SO FAR)

    23 aug 2011, 15:13

    Figured I should keep track of the new albums I check out and what my ranking is.

    This is in order of my love and enjoyment of each album/mixtape/ep. This may change with time - so I'm going to type down when I update:

    08/23/2011: creation.
    12/21/2011: edit.

    ★ Siriusmo's Mosaik
    ★ Machinedrum's Room(s)
    ★ Sepalcure's Sepalcure
    ★ Thundercat's The Golden Age of Apocalypse
    ★ Toro Y Moi's Underneath the Pine

    ★ Samiyam's Sam Baker's Album
    ★ London Elektricity's Yikes
    ★ Lone's Echolocations EP
    ★ Hudson Mohawke's Satin Panthers EP
    ★ Animals As Leader's Weightless

    ★ Modeselektor's Monkeytown
    ★ Jonwayne's Bowser
    ★ Rustie's Glass Swords
    ★ James Blake's James Blake

    ★ Martyn's Ghost People
    ★ Surgeon's Breaking The Frame
    ★ Dimlite's Grimm Reality
    ★ The Internet's Purple Naked Ladies
    ★ Tyler, the Creator's Goblins

    ★ Lil B's I'm Gay (I'm Happy)
    ★ Onra's Chinoiseries Part 2
    ★ Dirty Art Club's Heavy Starch
    ★ TOKiMONSTA's Creature Dreams EP
    ★ Yelle's Safari Disco Club

    ★ Basement Jaxx vs Metropole Orkest
    ★ Underworld's Frankenstein: Music From The Play
    ★ Mono/Poly's Manifestations EP
    ★ The Throne's Watch The Throne
    ★ The Jet Age of Tomorrow's The Journey to the 5th Echelon

    ★ Bon Iver's Bon Iver, Bon Iver
    ★ Shlohmo's Bad Vibes
    ★ ASAP Rocky's LiveLoveA$AP
    ★ 1000names' Invisible Architect
    ★ Childish Gambino's Camp

    ★ Drake's Take Care
    ★ Jhene Aiko's Sailing Soul(s)
    ★ Bibio's Mind Bokeh
    ★ Zomby's Dedication
    ★ Capsule's WORLD OF FANTASY

    ★ Falty DL's You Stand Uncertain
    ★ Lady GaGa's Born This Way
    ★ Mellowhype's BlackenedWhite (Re-release)
    ★ Kitty Pryde's The Lizzy McGuire Experience
    ★ DRC Music's Kinshasa One Two

    Honorable Mentions / Stuff I feel like mentioning either out of bias or obligation, but I haven't listened to very much / In Alphabetical Order
    ★ Adele's 21
    ★ Apollo Brown's Clouds
    ★ Bassnectar's Divergent Spectrum
    ★ Daedelus' Bespoke
    ★ Dance Gavin Dance's Downtown Battle Mountain II
    ★ Kode9 & The Spaceape's Black Sun
    ★ Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes
    ★ Mac Miller's Best Day Ever
    ★ Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park
    ★ Mr. Oizo's Stade 2
    ★ Nicolas Jaar's Space Is Only Noise
    ★ Patten's GLAQJO XAACSSO
    ★ People Under the Stairs' Highlighter
    ★ Radiohead's King of Limbs
    ★ Sebastian's Total
    ★ Wu Lyf's Go Tell Fire To The Mountain
  • // le 22 aout 2011 → what am I into? \\

    22 aug 2011, 14:17

    Girls girls girls, girls I do adore~

    ☆ Sorry I haven't done this in like, 7 months. Combination of busy, lazy, and sick. Hahaha. Now I have gained the motivation to do this again.
    For this entry, I'll be covering the rolling chart from the past 6 months. Woohoo~

    895 PLAYS | Tyler, the Creator | Why? Because he is fantastic in every way. That is all I can say. And I have a huge crush on him. Goblin is awesome. I actually got the deluxe edition of it (when I had spare money). Definitely one of the most anticipated album releases this year for me.

    550 PLAYS | Lil B | Why? Not sure how this many plays happened. He's the BasedGod. Uh. Im Gay was better than I expected. And. He's the BasedGod. That's my only explanation really.

    433 PLAYS | Flying Lotus | Why? Uhm, because he's Flying Lotus. And he continues to be one of my favorites of all time. Duh.

    368 PLAYS | Jonwayne | Why? My sister recommended him to me a while ago. Finally got to him in like June/July and fell hard for his stuff. I admit it, Bowser wasn't immediately amazing to me. It was one of those growers and yep, I like it a lot now. He had a few songs that was played by other artists like Flying Lotus and such on 420 and I didn't know it was by him. So yeah. He is pretty amazing and I look forward to more from him.

    293 PLAYS | MellowHype | Why? I am fan of anything Odd Future - that is the most obvious thing. The combination of Left Brain's winning production and Hodgy Beats' flow + lyrics is pretty undeniable. I liked the songs that got cut off from the re-release of BlackenedWhite - repeated those a lot. But I am fond of "64".

    283 PLAYS | Toro y Moi | Why? Fell instantly in love with Underneath the Pine. He's someone who will impress me with anything. So uh. Yeah. He's pretty flawless to me.

    283 PLAYS | Hudson Mohawke | Why? Satin Panthers and his mix on Benji B. Safe to say his next album will be the most anticipated for me in 2012. HudMo can do no wrong.

    264 PLAYS | Samiyam | Why? Sam Baker's Album finally released and it's probably one of the best of 2011 for me. Those few tracks that finally have a proper release pretty much blew me away like a high-powered cannon. I'll leave you guys with: I headbanged so hard the night I first listened to it that my neck hurted so hard for the next 2-3 days. So fucking good. So Samiyam.

    263 PLAYS | Underworld | Why? ...uhm, duh?

    262 PLAYS | Broadcast | Why? After I learned about Trish's death (REST IN PEACE, ONCE AGAIN <3), I realized I only listened to one album by them and absolutely HAD to listen to their other albums. And they hit me hard. Especially Trish's voice. It made her death that much more of a loss. But yeah, they are fucking amazing. I'll be listened to their albums more, definitely.

    ☆ Haha yeah. That's the end of the top 10 of the past 6 months. Also in-between May and August, I listened to 10 GB worth of music that one of my friends shared with me. Needless to say in between all the albums I anticipated other than that collection, it took way longer than I expected to get through it all. I'd say 70% I didn't really like and 30% I kept. Some of it was electro I didn't think was memorable and for some odd reason I can't get into psychedelic trance. This has been a problem for YEARS. Kind of depresses me.

    ☆ So yeah. At the moment I just downloaded stuff from Jhene Aiko and she is just AMAZING. Expect a lot of repeats of her stuff this week and more. Also Rustie's b-sides > his EPs. I am heavily anticipating his debut album in October. I feel like it'll be better than his EPs, definitely.

    That's why I line 'em up, shoot 'em down.

  • // le 23 janvier 2011 → what am I into? \\

    24 jan 2011, 03:25

    There's a limit, to your love.

    ☆ Started the spring semester. Hilariously I have 12 free hours in school total every week, so essentially I could work on homework AT school and watch Skins AT school and work on comics AT school. Or take a nap on my 10 AM to 10 PM class to live through Intro to Web Design without getting irrationally and rationally pissed off.
    That's right - I got a 1.5 TB external harddrive for Christmas, so I've been trying to store everything I have on CDs. And I have A LOT of stuff, lol. I've also been trying to get what I have but in higher quality. That's been an uphill struggle, lol. And I found a forum with all sorts of music I can possibly download. It is getting hard to keep up with my downloads, hahahaha.

    88 PLAYS | The Tallest Man on Earth | Why? Found him on The Hype Machine's top album list of 2010 and was like, "Hey, I actually like this" and downloaded both of his albums and fell hard for him. He kinda sounds like Bob Dylan, but isn't and his music is so so so so lovely.

    77 PLAYS | Telefon Tel Aviv | Why? This is one of the groups I re-downloaded in higher quality. And I fell in love with them — even more so the 2nd time around. I still can't get through Immolate Yourself which - it's so funny, a lot of people think it's their best album, yet I just don't like it as much as the other ones! Listening to their first two albums with these Grado headphones really really changed my perspective on them. They're just brilliant. And once again, R.I.P. Charlie Cooper.

    54 PLAYS | Gorillaz | Why? I realized upon listening to samples of The Fall on YouTube that I had a different version of it. So I redownloaded it and got the actual version, hahaha. In a way, I like the other one better. Yet in a way I like actual version better. IDK. It's all good.

    37 PLAYS | M.I.A. | Why? Uh... "BAD GIRLS" and "Shells"? I don't know.

    ☆ I haven't finished Missy Elliott's discography, but I just got to The Cookbook, so I'm close to finishing! As for Nas...I am still very slow. I don't know, I am just not motivated. His first two albums are pretty much his peak - lyrically and production-wise. After that, I lost interest in the beats, so like - I don't pay attention to the lyrics as easily. Whereas Missy has like a wide range of beats and I'm actually interested to listen to more songs. And I need to listen to The Suburbs by Arcade FIre again because I think it is overrated at the moment. Oh dear.

    You're like a riddle in the sky / oh where do my bluebird fly?

  • // le 25 novembre 2010 → what am I into? \\

    25 nov 2010, 18:17

    Cuz everything's fine and dandy, go against me now~ I dare you, BAMBI!

    ☆ Busy with life - this time, I quit my job because school is proving to be more of a formidable force than anything else. But good news: I got myself a pair of i80s Grado headphones and they are marvelous. Also I've been buying physical CDs - including Die Antwoord's $O$ and Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday (Best Buy Deluxe Edition). I will be buying Kanyesus' new album as well. LET'S GO ON TO THIS ENTRY. Next week (aka this week) should be a more interesting read - but for now...last week. ;D

    108 PLAYS | Nicki Minaj | Why? Totally copped the leak of Pink Friday and I was relieved to find her rapping more than I thought. Even though she doesn't go as hard as her mixtapes (Beam Me Up Scotty and Playtime Is Over), it is still a very good listen. "Blazin" is definitely my favorite song off of it and "Save Me" is surprisingly really interestingly good. Overall, my love of Nicki just keeps on growing.

    49 PLAYS | Kanye West | Why? I gave in and listened to the non-explicit version of his newest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and loved it. I'll talk about this more next week since I got an explicit leak and loved it even more.

    43 PLAYS | Flying Lotus | Why? I don't remember. Probably because I was recommending him to my college friends and playing a lot of his music.

    37 PLAYS | Girl Talk | Why? Finally went for listening to All Day and fell in love with it. There'll be a more indepth review next week. ;3

    33 PLAYS | Capsule | Why? "The Music". Flawlessly epic song.

    15 PLAYS | Lazer Sword | Why? My sister recommended them to me - and so I've been trying, at random times, to listen to their debut album. A few songs I find myself head-bobbling and most of the time, it's nothing too special. Again I'm going to try more times. I feel like an obligation to like this album a lot and be impressed. A break might be needed.

    15 PLAYS | Lupe Fiasco | Why? Super Lupe Rap is a badass song. Lupe is back!

    ☆ A preview of next week: horribly addicted to Kanye's and Nicki's new albums as well as Girl Talk, the leaked Tron Legacy soundtrack/OST, and finally starting on Missy Elliott's discography and discovering more female rappers that I don't see being promoted so much in similar artists and etc here on last.fm.

    Before the storm comes to calm, hope you can take the heat like Lebron, HAH!