• 2008's Top 20 Albums

    10 dec 2008, 22:24

    Here's a proper top 20 for a change.

    Working upwards:

    20. Grace Jones - Hurricane
    Grace Jones delivers an amazing album after almost two decades of silence. Surprisingly relevant and absolutely gratifying.

    19. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
    Time To Pretend, Electric Feel and Kids are 3 of the best songs i've heard this year. The rest of the album isn't on a par with them, but they're enough, honestly.

    18. Anoraak - Nightdrive With You
    Rolling synths and late night moods. I'm guessing it'd be good for driving to sometime before dawn breaks

    17. Mono in VCF - Mono In VCF
    Mood music from NW USA. Scott Walker meets early Hooverphonic. Beautiful album.

    16. Black Devil Disco Club - Eight Oh Eight
    Fevre and company keep blowing eardrums, some 30 plus years after their first releases as Black Devil. Amazing dark disko from France.

    15. Thomas Brinkmann - When Horses Die
    Minimal techno without the beats. Intensely atmospheric

    14. Beck - Modern Guilt
    Beck and Dangermouse collaborate and create a 60's psyche pop utopia on top of which Beck spreads his darkest lyrics yet. Volcano is probably Beck's greatest song yet.

    13. Santogold - Santogold
    I was thinking "M.I.A." within 5 seconds of listening to this album. But it's so much better. This girl can write a tune. Actually, 11 of them.

    12. Sébastien Tellier- Sexuality
    Tellier's finest, sexiest, grooviest album. And Roche is the best song to make out to in a looooong time.

    11. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
    Riton's musical output can't prepare you for the sonic assault that is EKNM. Cosmic, moving, emotional electronic music.

    10. Morgan Geist - Double Night Time
    He's one of the two guys from Metro Area, so if you like flawlessly produced emotional electronica, you have to get this. Also check Metro Area's Fabric 43....

    9. Daedelus - Love to Make Music to
    Definitely undefinable. If only Ninja Tune still sounded this fresh.

    8. D. Lissvik - 7 Trx + Intermission
    The last record i heard for 2008 is probably one of the finest i've heard all year. One of the guys from Studio delivers a mind blowing set of guitar driven nu-baleric with tribal percussion completing the mind-fuck. Stunningly sexy

    7. Quiet Village - Silent Movie
    NuBalearic is here to stay. This album feels so organic that i couldn't believe that most of the music on it is sampled and re-worked.

    6. Dungen - 4
    Hands down, best rock album of the year. Not that there was much competition, but it would still win if there had been.

    5. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
    He's from LA, can you tell? The cd cover is a dead ringer for Massive Attack's Mezzanine and the sounds are not that far away either. Dark, dark, abstract soul music.

    4. Hercules and Love Affair - Hercules And Love Affair
    Disco is back baby. Deal with it.

    3. TV on the Radio - Dear Science,
    They almost sound like they're partying here. Still densely orchestrated and impeccably produced, TVOTR deliver their best album yet.

    2. Lindstrøm - Where You Go I Go Too
    3 tracks, 55 minutes, a seminary on how electronic music is written and produced by Norway's finest.

    1. Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna
    Incredible. Their previous recordings hinted at the immense potential but this is really something else. These terrorists from Brooklyn know how to create a wall of sound that sounds terrifying and yet alluring.
  • At long last, it's out.

    21 sep 2008, 22:50

    Boy, am i going to listen to a looooooooooot of Ladyhawke in the next few days.
  • Here's a tough one

    3 maj 2008, 05:10

    Which piece of psychedelic french loveliness do you like more?

    Air's La femme d'argent


    Sebastien Tellier's La ritournelle

  • fuck my head. please

    20 apr 2008, 22:52

  • The resurrection and the light

    5 apr 2008, 09:04

    Stone Roses I Am The Resurrection starts as a pretty straightforward rock song. Sure, it's got a good groove going, this is after all the Madchester years, but compared to other songs in the Stone Roses catalog it doesn't come close.

    All that applies till that magical bit around the 3:40 mark, where the band fades out for a few seconds. Except for Mani's bass which suddenly comes alive. When you have listened to the rest of what follows after this little bit, those few bars where the bass is the only sound playing, is the sound of expectation, the musical equivalent of "Bring it on!".

    Reni soons dives in with a slightly different, funkier and dirtier, drum pattern, teasing the hi-hats first, then hitting snares and the bass drum hard. And suddenly John Squire's guitar splashes across. It sounds out of this world, at once funky and rocking, angry and soothing. With Ian Brown only contributing some remotely-heard screams, Mani, Reni and Squire come together to create a monstrous vibe, the grooviest rock song your humble narrator has ever had the joy of listening to.

    You gotta just love it when you wake up with the Roses playing in your head.

  • Funplexxed

    26 mar 2008, 15:06

    It's sweet when one of your favourite bands namedrops one of your favourite movies in their last album

    Juliet Of The Spirits
  • stats for personal use, nothing to see here, move along

    14 mar 2008, 16:20

    Tracks played: 44.773
    AEP: 4,35
    ECL: .87
    S/l: .277

    Top 20
    1. Goldfrapp (461)
    2. LCD Soundsystem (450)
    3. Daft Punk (428)
    4. !!! (407)
    5. M83 (406)
    6. Air (390)
    7. David Bowie (378)
    8. Ladytron (339)
    9. Phoenix (331)
    10. Beck (327)
    11. Fujiya & Miyagi (322)
    12. Serge Gainsbourg (322)
    13. Mono In VCF (313)
    14. New Order (290)
    15. Stereolab (282)
    16. Electrelane (281)
    17. The Je Ne Sais Quoi (259)
    17. Feist (259)
    19. Cansei De Ser Sexy (255)
    20. The Teenagers (248)
  • Say something negative about your Top 20

    5 mar 2008, 18:27

    Working upwards.
    20. The Teenagers
    Silly lyrics. And sometimes the french (or faux-french, not sure which one it is) does get on my nerves
    19. Cansei de Ser Sexy
    They've only ever written one song. It's an awesome song, don't get me wrong. But still.
    18. Feist
    Great songs, great voice. Wouldn't mind a bit of edge and angst from time to time.
    17. The Je Ne Sais Quoi
    Don't really like the guy's voice. And he sings like half their songs.
    16. New Order
    Abysmally bad last album. Oh, and from the guy who wrote "Blue Monday" you'd expect at least semi literate lyrics. But no. Still love'em though.
    14. Stereolab
    Seriously. Only thing i can think of that i do NOT like them about them is that i haven't seen them live. According to the people at Synch Festival that will change this summer
    14. Electrelane
    A little sex appeal wouldn't hurt.
    13. Phoenix
    Sometimes, they sound like they like themselves too much. Smug frenchies.
    12. Mono in VCF
    Love them too much to locate any flaws right now. I'll get back to this in, say, 3 months.
    11. Fujiya & Miyagi
    Silly name. And that is all.
    10. Serge Gainsbourg
    I'm not him.
    8. Beck
    Umm. This is getting tough. I'll do another Stereolab and whine about never having seen him perform on stage.
    8. Ladytron
    Lyrics could use some work. And some songs could benefit from a different arrangement. Kick ass electro is great but they could go for some diversity points every now and then.
    7. David Bowie
    Tin Machine.
    6. Air
    Their Pocket Symphony album grew too old too fast. Maybe i'm just growing out of them though
    5. M83
    He's insane. In a good way. Didn't really like his last album. Teen Angst still gets me every time though.
    4. !!!
    I got a bad back last summer when they played Athens. I was ready to hit a whole pack of painkillers to go see them despite that. Sanity kicked in when i got on the elevator. FUCK.
    3. Daft Punk
    I'd say mediocre last album. But then i heard Alive 2007. GAHGAHGAHGAH. So no. No negative for them.
    2. LCD Soundsystem
    I want more of them. Two albums and a host of EP's are just not enough.
    1. Goldfrapp
    Her voice is TOO perfect?
  • How Caribou destroyed my brain

    28 feb 2008, 23:09


    ps. Larry Gus was fucking awesome too.
  • I am finished

    25 feb 2008, 00:09

    There are no words to describe Daniel Day Lewis in "There Will Be Blood".