My Radiohead E.P./Album Preferences


31 dec 2006, 14:24

I was sitting today, bored, and thought I'd order my Radiohead albums in order of preference.

So here we go.

13th: Drill Probably my least favourite, but I still maintain that they haven't made a bad album yet.

12th: Com Lag: 2+2=5 Liked some of the live versions of songs, wasn't such a fan of the remixes. Was still pleasantly surprised by it though :)

11th: Pablo Honey Probably their worst proper "album". It isn't actually bad at all - if this was made by a band who hadn't completely surpassed and destroyed this record it would probably have been hailed as a classic! Some nice wee songs on here, especially Vegetable.

10th: Hail to the Thief Enjoyed this one too. Some easily forgettable tunes in there but you cn't argue with stuff as powerful as There There or 2 + 2 = 5.

9th: My Iron Lung EP A complete bridge between Pablo Honey and The Bends; such a cleverly made wee EP. IMO they should have scrapped the E.P. and released this as an album - it's probably the most accessible Radiohead release.

8th: Itch Just brilliant! Such a selection of eccentric, and fairly light hearted (for Radiohead) tunes. Always makes me smile =)

7th: No Surprises / Running From Demons A few of the best Radiohead songs are on here! Can't believe they didn't find their way onto an official British release of some particular Pearly* and Meeting In The Aisle.

6th: Airbag / How Am I Driving? Just like the No Surprises / Running From Demons album with more tracks! Even better :)

5th: I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings One of the greatest releases ever; they make some of their signature songs even better live, especially Everything in Its Right Place and Idioteque. Eight tracks of magic.

4th: The Bends Here's where it gets controversial! Don't get me wrong, it's still a brilliant album; especially genius like Just and Street Spirit (Fade Out). There are a few bland numbers on there though; let's be honest.

3rd: OK Computer Anyone commenting will probably savage me for this. Again, it's up there with the truly great albums of all time; particular favourites off the album are Airbag and No Surprises. Not my favourite though!

2nd: Amnesiac Complete insanity, and it's brilliant. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors is their worst tune yet, but everything else is above and beyond brilliant. It's sad, sterile, cold and joyful at the same time; beyond belief.

1st: Could only be Kid A. It's the perfect album and that's all that can be said. The highlight of this album (if there ever could be one) is Treefingers...four minutes worth of pure guitar noise brilliance. What a tune.

So what have I learned? I own too much Radiohead and I hate the poor tag information available on; people who have poor tags for their music should be shot =) Good day, have a great new year all.


  • FruitEatsSelf

    You put Kid A on top and Hail to the Thief near the bottom, you win. Man, I need to get some of their EPs.

    13 jan 2007, 22:14
  • ironialljam

    I agree with Kid A. I think My Iron Lung is top four at least - its got some of their best songs e.g. Punchdrunk lovesick singalong

    22 feb 2007, 21:38
  • indy-kid

    The Bends is my favourite, and I really can't get into Amnesiac. I've only just got Kid A so we'll have to see how that goes....

    27 feb 2007, 21:39
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