• Georgia Anne Muldrow for President.

    10 aug 2007, 19:33

    Words do no justice.

    How much do I love you, girl?

    I can't even remember when I heard you first. If I had to guess, it was while I was thumbing through the Stones Throw site for new sound to devour.

    Before I knew it, mama was tearing up my top artists list here (which was kind of interesting, considering most of the listening I did to Tim Hecker, my previous top artist, was done in my sleep). I'm screaming on shoutboxes, "Georgia Anne Muldrow for president!"

    What have you done to me, girl? I am your willing pawn.

    Your debut EP, Worthnothings, is straight FIRE. FI-YER. Larva, you slap these gutter ass beats together with all sorts of whipped silky soulful vocal toppings. You ever watch Project Runway? It reminds me of that one dress Andrae made that was inspired by the dirty gutter water. Stunning. You "made it work." Nothingness reminds me of Chaka Khan in outer space. Lo Mein, while showcasing no harps, reminds me in spirit of that one album Dorothy Ashby did based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Intimate, spiritual. You flipped it, though, into some lush chamber soul for the future-funk set.

    Olesi: Fragments of an Earth opens crazy-like. The piano on New Orleans reminds me of McCoy Tyner's licks on Greeting To Saud (Brother Mccoy Tyner), only now in service of tragedy made sonic, sloshing like so much breached levee water against an ominous marcher's drum roll. You wail, "THERE'S A HISTORY/MYSTERY IN THIS WATER, THAT THEY DON'T SHOW!"

    "Supreme water!" It giveth and taketh away.

    I guess what I love the most about Georgia is that she puts a female face on this avant-afro revival that's been going on with the rise of MF DOOM, Stones Throw, the canonization of Dilla, and this point where the pleasant-if-sometimes-sterile neo-soul in a Me'Shell Ndegéocello or a Jill Scott mold is merging with a aesthetic to create a sort of , part deux. Where Georgia is sort of the Mary J. Blige of this shit, even as she pulls from influences removed from both and milieux. , ...

    I could get really in-depth about every track on every album, but I could go on and on and on and never stop. Some influences I'm picking up, and some influences she cites: Rick James, Pete Rock, RZA, Björk (esp. Vespertine, Medúlla), J Dilla, Alice Coltrane, Joni Mitchell's The Hissing Of Summer Lawns, Sun Ra, David Bowie's artier ish (Low, Heroes and the like), John Coltrane, Milton Nascimento, Laura Nyro, Madlib, Eric Dolphy...

    Sagala and Beautiful Mindz are two releases out this year that bear Ms. Muldrow's mark. The former is a solo EP (performed as Pattie Blingh and The Akebulan Five) that might be her tightest work yet. Continues the thread of her previous releases, but takes it further spaceward and adds some more rockish elements to the mix. Beautiful Mindz has 2tall on the boards, with Georgia and constant collaborator Dudley Perkins (see T. Biggums Feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow) as featured vocalists.

    As I just found out last night, the two of them are about to drop a full-length next month as G&D. Georgia producing and vocalizing, Dudley doing Dudley. After hearing the new tracks on their mySpace, I'm pretty thoroughly geeked. September 25th. I'm there.

    If you haven't checked this woman out yet, GET ON THAT.

    I will now close this fanboy rant by namedropping some guest spots she's done. There's One Minute More, Lights Out, and Your Day Is Done for Platinum Pied Pipers, the aforementioned 2tall and Oh No spots, "Might As Well" by J*DaVeY, Rise by Dwight Trible & the Life Force Trio, "Fly Away" with Sa-Ra and Erykah Badu... other stuff I'm forgetting.

    Georgia, have I mentioned I love you? Please do a collab with Flying Lotus. He's Alice Coltrane's nephew, you know.
  • 20,000.

    21 jun 2007, 06:50

    So, I've reached 20,000 plays. Is it finally time to pop the cork on this blogthing?

    I guess so.

    (For the record, though, I do the vast majority of my blog type activity here.)

    This is my second account on this website. I started the first one--based on an Esperanto word meaning "piece of shit"--back in the Audioscrobbler days. Can it Be All so Simple? I reckon so. I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 plays logged to that account before I closed it on a whim. I remember some of my top artists being Telex, Sparks, and The 5th Dimension (I WAS GOING REALLY REALLY HARD FOR The Magic Garden).

    In the realm of Top Tracks, I know that I used to drink alone and blast the shit out of Hearts on Fire (Remastered Album Version) on a fairly regular basis.

    Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I created this account with the intent of seeing how often I played E2-E4, Lord Krishna von Goloka, and assorted Tim Hecker while I was sleeping. Even gave the account a name about sleeping; can you imagine?

    Didn't start actually using this account until about this time last year, at which point I found myself in a trend of excising a lot of the rockier music I used to be into and supplanting it with... 70s Euro soundtrack-funk, assorted reggaetón, and a random selection of things I either listened to at age 7 or 17. Thing is, I don't really know what to tell people when they ask "So what do you listen to?" Worse yet: "So what bands do you listen to?" Um, Willie Hutch's backing band on the Foxy Brown soundtrack? Maher Shalal Hash Baz?

    "Oh, is that like Matisyahu?"

    I know that as of late, Georgia Anne Muldrow has been my go-to "the clouds part and the sky opens up and a heavenly hail of excellence descends whereby all truths are revealed" artist of choice, and I think pretty similarly of just about anything within about 3 or 4 degrees of separation from J Dilla.

    I know that the lifetime disco-lust I inherited from my pops was supplanted for a while by a soul-jazz thing. Now they're about equal again. In my wildest dreams, we are all still rich enough to wipe our asses with gold- and platinum-plated copies of Supernature.

    I know some other things, but it'd perhaps be better to reserve them for another blog--one which will not take me a year to write.

    By the by, track 20,000 was The Creator Has A Master Plan by Pharaoh Sanders.