solipsistic NATION No. 152: The Headphone Experience


31 jul 2009, 07:30

This week's show is inspired by the blog. I've always liked that idea, the headphone commute. Take solipsistic NATION, for example. You might listen to this show at home, in your car, maybe even at work. But most likely you're listening to this show on the ubiquitous white Apple earbuds. That kind of listening experience is more insular and intimate than just listening to solipsistic NATION in your car or over your speakers. It's my job to make it a rewarding listening experience.

I decided to run with theme of the headphone experience by kicking off this week's solipsistic NATION with a mix of psychedelic tinged music.

We begin with "Intro" from the Strange Fruit Project's 2006 album, The Healing. The Healing is a great album and it was a shame to pick such a short track from the Strange Fruit Project but aside from really liking "Intro," it also fits the theme of this week's show and segued nicely into DJ Food's "Extract From Stolen Moments" from his album One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World. And that takes us to Ras G's "Return From the Great Unknown" from his album, Brotha from Anotha Planet. From there this week's show goes into all sorts of different directions.

We'll also hear a track from KiloWatts. That was a tough one to call because KiloWatts currently has two new album out (Undercurrent and Six Silicates) but I decided to play "Two Parts" from his Ground State album. KiloWatts we'll be back on solipsistic NATION next month with a special live set. If you can't wait until then you can listen to the February 15th, 2008 edition of solipsistic NATION featuring my interview with Evan Marc of Native State Records. We played select tracks from Native State Records and of course we had to play Kilowatts because he's so great!

Speaking of Evan, up next is Evan Bluetech with "Another Bridge Burning" from his new EP, Call Of The Wild. Again, another tough one because Evan has recently been releasing a bunch of awesome music. You also might want to hear my interview with Evan about his new label, Somnia.

There are, of course, more great tunes on this week's headphone experience. Again, I really like the idea of music heard over headphones as being very intimate. But it's also like a soundtrack to your life. I remember a day, years ago, when I was waiting for the subway in downtown Boston. It was night, the middle of the summer, and the air was still and the humidity stifling. Yet the music I was hearing over my headphones transformed my environment to a the set of a sultry French New Wave movie. Let me know if you've had similar experiences.

Oh, hey, I wanted to mention that I was the guest of Joseph Matheny's GSpot podcast. We talked about the early days of podcasting, electronic music and the state of the recording industry. You can download the interview here ( but I suggest you check out previous episodes of GSpot and take a look around the Alterati blog (

01. Strange Fruit Project "Intro"
02. DJ Food "Extract From Stolen Moments"
03. Ras G "Return from the Great Unknown"
04. Prefuse 73 "Track 13"
05. Kilowatts "Two Parts"
06. Evan Bluetech "Another Bridge Burning"
07. Nosaj Thing "Us"
08. Kingbastard "Data-Rape Function Creep"
09. Koen Park "I Am Not Aboard This Ship Anymore"
10. Mochipet "Roll Credits"
11. Daedelus "Assembly Lines"
12. Moderat "Seamonkey"
13. SeventhSwami "Serpiente Cosmica"
14. Alka "Blueberry"
15. Gui Boratto "Besides"
16. General Fuzz "Eye Heart Knot"
17. Masmöd "Orbit Around A Sphere"



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  • madrfadr

    hm... a lot of my fav artist... have to check it out! :)

    5 aug 2009, 11:22
  • solipsisticast

    I think you'll really like this episode of Solipsistic Nation. I had a lot of fun putting it together and I think I listened to this episode at least five times. :-)

    5 aug 2009, 20:52
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