after you plant magic in your garden be sure to refill your brain cells an eon of respite in a coruscating lagoon being submerged in atlantis circa the birth of jesus coexisting plants using their little flutes to maneuver through the labyrinth jungles daily dose of sad in a black pez dispenser droooooooooooooling electric swan death squad jamboree elevated trunk melodies of famous presidents and their automobiles and wenches feelings gregor samsa felt before he awoke frisson paralysis future house built on voids and pyramids for happy sexual activities and animal… gameboy screens are hard to see when you have this much light gold bullets retracting back through the vase of cosmic marmalade gravity is moving me towards you but how can i reach you if yr falling away japanese litter box taped on a wall spewing waterfalls of life in your mouth lonely ambient excursions molecular parasites hitting your eardrums on a railroad of happy tears and cocaine my gods face is made of mirrors oh the conjurer rises on serpentine light particlewave borderlining on underscorecore pulsating eggshells melt sad death in a quiet mountain crevace sapphire lions sleeping on trapdoors opening and closing while the washing machine… sonic fragment confiscation in a glassed in basein stop reading my tags and listen to this fucking album god damn surfing on lsd tablets through syrup swimming thru a strawberry jam ball pit after breaking up with your gf on top of… thousand mile suspension from the roof of the universes gaping mouth throwing pianos off the taj mahal screaming thank you tim heckers dream in a fishbowl walking in a dream but you stumble slowing down time with your trip wavelengths disintegrating me into a fine dust that she will never find