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  • JookBoxer

    Can you believe it...I forgot to mention Chilliwack in the country rock genre?!? ;-) See if these tunes don't ring a bell... Fly by Night , or Baby Blue , or [url=]California Girl , or Something Better . They all come from another one of my college days' fav album, Dreams Dreams Dreams .

    1 jun 22:44 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Inquiring minds must many bands does Steve Wilson play in? Answer: SIX . Title cut sounds pretty good. Saw you were listening to some Poco earlier. Couldn't resist finding some recos in the country rock genre that appear to be under your radar. Start with some other projects from Poco band members such as SHF Band ( Pick ), or Randy Meisner ( Pick ), or MC&H ( Pick ). Similar artists to follow in next post...

    1 jun 04:49 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    ...such as JD Souther ( Pick ). Or these artists which emusic is apparently not privy to their work such as Batdorf & Rodney from their first lp or this from their acclaimed third release ( Full Length Sampling ). And I'd be remorse if I didn't include a guilty pleasure of mine, Shannon . Although HG is considered another one hit artists, I really enjoyed listening to his more rockin' "Plug Me Into Something" LP during my college days ( Full Length Sampling ). Fav tracks are #1, 3, 5 and 9.

    1 jun 04:49 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Yowza on the Alabama 3 my friend. You stumped me for a reco on that one;-) Think I'll play it safe and give you some interesting news for PROG lovers. Heard a track off the forthcoming Yes album, Heaven and Earth, that sounds promising here . Was surprised to discover that that's not Jon Anderson on vocals. He's been replaced by Jon Davison, the vocalist for a band unbeknownst to me, out of Chattanooga TN, Glass Hammer. Further research uncovered several video trailers that piqued my interest enough to add If and their latest release, Ode to Echo to my wishlist. GH also has a female vocalist, Susie Bogdanowicz, who does a pretty good rendition of Yes' South Side of the Sky here .

    31 maj 16:06 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Considering the time period in which the Marmalade's released "Reflections of My Life" many felt it was song about the soldiers fighting in Viet Nam. And I guess it's fitting that today we honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice and "gone back to my/their old home" as a result of war. I'm reminded of some other songs that broach the subject matter at hand that may be of interest to you. John Wetton, former bassist for King Crimson, Roxy Music, Uriah Heep and Asia released a very good album titled "Battle Lines." The title cut speaks of stolen innocence as depicted here . And, a reco if you liked the psych folk of Amen Dunes, check out War in Peace from a classic in that genre, Alexander "Skip" Spence's "Oar" album. (Picks: here and here ).

    26 maj 20:39 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Looking for a little more rock in your your 60s-70s roll? Perusing your library I found a few missing tracks from your library that you might recall... here or here or some added psych vibe here and soul here . The 70s brought a harder rock sound as evidenced here , including the ballads like here or here . Add a little southern flavor here . Or if space rock was/is your thing, there's a hidden treasure to be found here .

    19 maj 03:57 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    We're just getting started down memory lane, don't ya know? See if these tunes ring a bell... Sugar Sugar or here . With some r&b here ,or here or multi-hit band missing from your library here (Pick: Time Peace ) Like it a bit more spicey here or here . Or later 70s here or here or here or here .

    18 maj 04:51 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Ahh yes! Pop tunes from the good 'ol days of the 60s and 70s. Lots of one hit wonders during the day. Here's a few more... Spirit in the Sky , or The Rapper , or Dirty Water , or Indiana Wants Me , or Reflections of My Life , or Vehicle , or Green Eyed Lady , or Tighter Tighter , or Gimme Gimme Good Lovin , or Walk Away Renee or Just Dropped In . Music is like a box of chocolates, ain't it?

    17 maj 02:15 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Discovered another fav group from the past is planning on releasing a new album since Christine McVie rejoined Fleet on their reunion tour last year as evidenced here . According to Lindsey Buckingham they already have eight tunes finished, including this one . Looking forward to hearing it. However, I'm a bit surprised by the lack of love for their early, bluesier work which featured the apple of Christine's eye, Peter Green. Lest ye forget, it was Peter who first wrote and played Black Magic Woman . As well as this and another fav here . And a highly revered album from that era can be found here .

    11 maj 01:26 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Know you watched JB in action...but here's SRV struttin' his stuff Live at the El Mocambo . Also ran across a great sounding concert recording for The Faces. They open with several good covers before displaying their own creative talents at the 17:45 mark here . And if you don't already own it, I highly recommend this . Enjoy your weekend;-)

    9 maj 12:19 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Oops, found another one... Spirit's I Got a Line on You

    8 maj 01:09 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Missed one... Buffalo Springfield's Mr Soul

    8 maj 01:03 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    [Edit} The Zombies' Time of the Season

    8 maj 01:01 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Nice playlist bro. Here's few recos to add to it... Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth ; The Zombies' [url=For What It's Worth]Time of the Season ; Question Mark & The Mysterians' 96 Tears ; The Outsiders' Time Won't Let Me and Deep Purple's Hush .

    8 maj 00:59 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Going through my news feed reader this a.m. and ran across this vid clip that caught my eyes and ears here . From all the reviews I've read, the whole album gets compared to some of Steely Dan's classic work and can had here . Would also highly recommend Fagen's "The Nightfly" solo album as well.

    4 maj 14:07 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Whew!!! Thought maybe's love button was working sporadically there for a moment. But I just gave it test run and everything seems to be in working order again. You can give it another spin if you wish;-) Seriously though, all things considered, The Spelvins seemed to have fared well at RYM when saddled next to a top five artist here. Will have to reassess my future recos for ya in the alternative pop/rock genre. Definitely no R.E.M. or Guadalcanal Diary for you;-)

    3 maj 21:26 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Speaking of prog music, ever thought about spinning some prog pop instead? Check out the Zookeeper's Boy. Personally a sucker for good harmony. R-U?

    2 maj 02:22 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Back to you the tried and true, I see. ..PROG ROCK!!!! Here's a few artists MIA from your library that might add some more spice to the genre: The Flower Kings (Pick: Meet the Flower Kings); Rush (Pick: Moving Pictures); and/or Pulsar (Pick: Görlitz).

    2 maj 02:11 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    What!?! Another classic missing from your library. Time to kick back and reminiscence 'bout the good 'ol hippie days with It's a Beautiful Day .

    29 apr 01:36 Svara
  • JookBoxer

    Uhh, I see you ain't revealed all your cards my friend;-) Looks like you already own Feat's WFC. Good for's a classic imo. Personally not that fond of live albums per se, but another classic imo worth adding to your wish list is this one . Going for $75+ on Amazon . Failed to mention Widespread Panic (Picks: Space Wrangler; Everyday) They're not as guitar driven as the Allman Bros., but they can sure jam.

    28 apr 00:56 Svara
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