Subheim «No Land Called Home»


31 mar 2011, 10:48

I haven't written about music for the long time. However, «No Land Called Home» is something worth being noticed. Actually, not just being noticed but added to your own archive as well.

While Subheim is mostly known for his experimental/idm masterpieces like «Away» or «Hollow», his last album is a step in a different direction — less idm'ish, even less refined in some way… and much more dark. A lot of tracks from «No Land Called Home» reminds me of darkwave gurus like Dead Can Dance or Vas. It's not only because of the music or even vocals that are kind of an unusual thing for this Greek artist; e.g., I see Rob Dougan's style in the voice & mood of «The Veil». It is because of the feelings the artist is to share with us. They make you being stunned.

Because of this strange transition, my first reaction was a little bit sceptical. Now, I can't stop listening to the whole track-list. It is fresh, unique and totally impressive.

So… I can't wait for Subheim live in Moscow in May, at my 24th birthday.


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