Make my funk the P-Funk


21 sep 2006, 13:41

I'm downloading assorted Parliament and Funkadelic tracks just to have something... 'different' on my iTunes and because I read an interview with George Clinton in Mojo (all the magazines Virgin sell are littered around the staff room) and he sounded like a pretty awesome guy, a legend in fact. It has nothing to do with the legend of old gregg (of course not, no oh no...)

So far I'm loving the prog funk rock of Funkadelic (I mean JEEESUS have you heard Maggot Brain Its a ten minute guitar solo with 3 different tape delays on it!) and will be using the music of Parliament to seduce my woman.

Also... How amazing are Oceansize! I've rediscovered them, there second album has finally clicked with me.


  • graham81

    George is a legend, still does insane shows.And Maggot Brain, not much to be said really seem to spend half my life adding as a comment on peoples 'favorite guitar solos' journal entries. Go look them up on youtube, should find some great footage.

    21 sep 2006, 23:23
  • JamesBass

    George Clinton is indeed a legend, on top of being an incredible musician he produced perhaps the best studio album the Red Hot Chili Peppers have ever recorded; Freaky Styley. And YES Oceansize are incredible - need to be seen live to be fully appreciated though. Absolutely mind-blowing.

    25 sep 2006, 13:13
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