• Update

    23 jan 2012, 07:12

    Looks like I finally figured out how to turn off scrobbling back in October. Now no one will know to what ungodly amount I've been listening to Rush.
  • Not A Review 1

    5 mar 2007, 04:00

    My '04 list died with my ibook, but '05 is still waiting to be released. Fly little thing.

    pick a song, wear it out, repeat each month

    JAN: Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
    I'd have trouble falling asleep in my new flat so I tried doing it to this album, but the song always woke me back up. Then I just wanted to go do things!
    FEB: Amitriptyline
    I'd sit in said flat, missing childhood and home, but not all that much. It was kind of a horror.
    MAR: Mole
    Man, I'd heard the Mountain Goats before but never got into it. Then it's 3am and I'm in the library, freezing, and writing a paper on Realism and damn. I was done. I don't know why it happened here or why it took so long, but I spent the rest of the night in there, freezing, and absorbing We Shall All Be Healed.
    APR: Be Not So Fearful
    My ipod died thousands of miles from my record collection and I went foul. It was the same day as a Wilco concert though and they covered this and made me warm again. This is the first thing I added to new ipod.
    MAY: There Will Be No Divorce
    I just loved this imagery.
    JUN: Ceremony
    A return to my car, the terror of streets! We sped through the night, stoplight to stoplight, getting all emo. Fantastic!
    JUL: So Begins Our Alabee
    They were doing construction in the parking lot of the main library in Tallahassee. I was there one night returning stuff and couldn't help dancing in this deserted lot.
    AUG: No Children
    Fuck. I'd sing this song everywhere! I'd try to figure it out on my keyboard in the living room, I'd sit in garages and parking lots singing along, I'd let down the windows and roll through the night. It was all over me! I don't know why, but "We're pretty sure they're all wrong" is my favorite part.

    Damn, Eastenders is on. I'll finish this some other time.
  • Not A Review

    13 jan 2007, 23:45

    not exactly. just
    pick a song, wear it out, repeat each month

    JAN: No, I Can't
    Listened to this a lot while driving on 95 headed to my brother's house. Screaming screaming
    FEB: Painter in Your Pocket
    On Friday nights we'd get these insane lines after the movies got out and I'd still be smiling at the last latte 'cause this was stuck in my head. Also, I'd get really nervous just before the café boy always showed up and this steeled me.
    MAR:I'm Getting Back Into Getting Into You
    This song is dark and sweet and I'd think about David and Cassie instead of stressing out over school zones in the morning
    APR: Pet Politics (Silver Jews)
    This cover's just wonderfully dark. I'd listen to it on break, watch the sun shift, and imagine walking down medieval Spanish alleys with this song trailing close
    MAY: Waltz #2 (XO)
    I think I was headed to the mechanics and had to pull over 'cause I lost it on that last line. There is no sympathy in traffic
    JUN: Think Long
    I'd open up the café and my headphones would get all sweaty from the steam and general bopping around
    JUL: Michael a Grammar
    Spent a lot of time sitting on the washing machine in the laundromat, dazed, kicking my feet and watching the dryers spin
    AUG: Lady Midnight
    Bedroom listening. Trying to figure out how that last line made me feel. I could only imagine her in bright gold at the end
    SEP: Don't Mug Yourself
    Ah, the big move! I made the kitchen a mess from dancing while cooking
    OCT: You Don't Have To Be Afraid
    More bedroom listening. I won't say much more than that
    NOV: Souvenirs
    Christine Fellows had a case full of interesting looking things but I only had $20 and wanted a Mountain Goats shirt. They were out though and I completely regret looking at her then putting my money away 'cause I bet that stuff was just as amazing as this song
    DEC: The Equalizer
    Motherfucking sexy as shit! I wasn't really sleeping on the train back from Atlantic City, the Boys were assaulting me! A damn good end to a pretty mellow year.

    see you again next year!
  • This is just a sorry lament

    15 sep 2005, 00:19

    I've two papers due on Xenophanes and the history of Zero, respectively, and what am I doing if not curling up and reading Belle & Sebastian's Just a Modern Rock Story. I also got a bundle of records including some vinyl that I can't open yet because my exacto knife has gone off. I'd list them all, but that would be silly. I'm really excited about Superfly though. If only I could rig my doorbell to play Pusherman every time someone stopped by. Oh, if only I had a doorbell.
  • Bandwagoning

    4 sep 2005, 05:12

    I'm back at school which means I get to scan dozens of iTunes libraries, most of which are awful, but I found a truly amazing one today. I listened to some of Late Registration and found myself skipping about the lab and actually enjoying it. I'd only heard Diamonds are Forever, which was annoying. I didn't even know who he was until some ignorant punk mentioned his African brothers on Live 8 yet maintained he still deserved his ice. That put him on my shit list, which is why I was surprised that I immediately liked the music so much. Maybe it had something to do with his hijacking last night. I just felt a maddening amount of respect for him. I can't get over his AIDS comments, but maybe I can still dance to them. Maybe I'm just another conflicted hypocrite.

    Diamonds Are Forever

    Oddly apropos, I also listened to Illinois. I've been putting it off 'cause a lot of hype bores me and I didn't even make it through a full spin, which isn't to say I won't someday. However, my emusic replenished today and I downloaded Michigan. I listened to it briefly when it came out and the only thing it inspired in me was a strange compulsion to send my friends postcards claiming to be from a random state's tourism bureau pushing some gloriously inane attraction like the world's largest waffle iron. Everyone just sort of threw it away, no questions asked. Now I can't stop listening. Whoever this kid is (and I don't mean Stevens), he/she is gonna make work a lot more interesting.


    Oh, and I can't stand telethons, especially ones with celebrities. I saw the clip later that night on CNN. I can't stand network news either, but I'm from South Florida and thus shamefully addicted to hurricane coverage. Also, how do you use footnotes on message boards and the like?
  • New B & S Album!

    24 aug 2005, 20:20

    This calls for an all-afternoon rug-cut with me and the nephew.

    Belle & Sebastian
  • Ellowen Deeowen

    16 aug 2005, 20:35

  • Sunday Bloody Sunday

    15 aug 2005, 17:49

    Watched the new Six Feet Under last night and as the credits rolled my brother asks, "who is this, U2?" Laughed sounds too hearty and chuckled reminds me of chiclets so I never use that word, but it was amusing all the same. So now he likes The Arcade Fire. I guess he forgot when I played it in his car a few months back and we robot-danced to Haiti.


    For the record, Darrin's favorite artist is probably George Michael and if Father Figure pops up every now and then, it's due to pleasant overexposure.

    Father Figure
  • Fall Show List

    12 aug 2005, 15:45

    If I don't get these things organized, I end up forgetting who's in town when and hating myself for months afterwards if I miss them.

    I'm also going to update this whenever new information pops up.

    23: Jim Yoshii Pile-Up - Atlanta - Drunken Unicorn

    1: Pernice Brothers - Tally - CDU
    4: Make Believe - Atlanta - Drunken Unicorn
    10: Against Me! - Tally - Beta Bar
    14: Four Tet - Tally - CDU
    15: Alaskan Pirate & his Salty Seamen/ Rilo Kiley - Tally - CDU
    19: Deerhoof/The Double - Atlanta - Drunken Unicorn
    19: The Posies - Tally - CDU
    23: Prefuse 73 - Tally - CDU
    26: Magnolia Electric Co./Alasdair Roberts - Tally - CDU
    27: The Decemberists - Tally - Beta Bar
    28: The Decemberists - Orlando - HoB
    28: of Montreal - Atlanta - Drunken Unicorn
    29: The Decemberists - Atlanta - Tabernacle

    3: Wolf Eyes - Tally - Beta Bar
    3: Minus the Bear - Tally - CDU
    4: Mono - Tally - Beta Bar
    4: Head of Femur - Tally - CDU
    10: Calla - Tally - CDU
    13: Richard Buckner - Tally - CDU
    19: Ambulance Ltd - Tally - CDU
    22: John Vanderslice - Tally - CDU
    31: The National - Tally - CDU

    1: Stars - Tally - CDU
    2: ADULT. - Tally - Beta Bar
    8: Spoon - Athens - 40 Watt Club
    8: xbxrx - Tally - CDU
    14: Deerhoof - Gainesville - Common Grounds
    15: Deerhoof - Tally - CDU
    17: Deerhoof - Orlando - TBA
    17: Okkervil River - Tally - CDU

    2: Xiu Xiu - Tally - CDU
  • All Modern Conveniences

    11 aug 2005, 21:16

    IFC played Trainspotting a night or two ago and I ended up watching the whole thing. And there it was. Renton's dressed up in his estate agent's suit and I finally get it. All Mod Cons. In high school I wanted to make a shirt that read Mod Con, because that's what I thought The Jam's album meant. Damn the Brits for their confusing slang.

    All Mod Cons

    I didn't get to make the shirt because I ran out of my stash of iron-on letters and they didn't sell any nearby. Kids today have it so easy with their clicking. Maybe not. I still don't know for sure if I read the album right. If so, yay for cleverness. If not, damn it all the same. I think it's time I made an ass of myself on some Jam aging-fan board.

    The Jam

    On another note, I just put on Captain Beefheart and a giant moth suddenly appeared and spazz-flew all over the room. I don't know if the two are related, but I'm concerned.

    Captain Beefheart