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Eller se vad alla andra har taggat post-hardcore

  Finch Taggad oktober 2012
  Thursday Taggad oktober 2012
  Glassjaw Taggad oktober 2012
  Texas Is the Reason Taggad september 2012
  mewithoutYou Taggad december 2011
  Rinoa Taggad december 2011
  La Dispute Taggad november 2011
  Men As Trees Taggad november 2011
  Envy Taggad november 2011
  A Hope for Home Taggad november 2011
  Between the Screams Taggad november 2011
  Mahumodo Taggad november 2011
  Intohimo Taggad oktober 2011
  Greeley Estates Taggad oktober 2011
  YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO Taggad september 2011
  Fugazi Taggad augusti 2011
  Alexisonfire Taggad augusti 2011
  At the Drive-In Taggad augusti 2011
  Drop Dead, Gorgeous Taggad augusti 2011
  Holding onto Hope Taggad juli 2011
  Devil Sold His Soul Taggad juli 2011