The Drums @ The Deaf Institute 30/03/10


2 apr 2010, 01:01

Tue 30 Mar – The Drums, Uranium Lake
Uranium Lake are the one and only support band tonight and after a little bit of research after the gig I find out that they’re a band have released a free EP download with Holiday Records (a record label that gives away free downloads, if you want to find out more I suggest you Google them) which Jacob of The Drums runs. Anyway to the music, the guitarist and singer employees a very Cure-esque guitar effect throughout all the songs which proves to be pretty infectious. The bassist plays funky and pulsating basslines which keeps it interesting and more importantly catchy. All that said there wasn’t really a stand out song in there for me but I enjoyed them all the same.

One of the most hyped about bands around at the moment return to play Manchester’s best venue The Deaf Institute tonight. In between bands I couldn’t help but spot two ex members of The Smiths in the crowd; Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke which indicates that the hype is deserved. They take to the stage one member at a time in what turns out to be a purposefully staggered way as the band suddenly bursts to life and the lead singer appears and takes his position on stage. The first thing to be said about The Drums is that they are energetic; the second song in is new single Best Friend which only has one guitar playing on it so the second guitarist puts down his guitar and arms himself with a tambourine and jumps around the stage in a curious fashion. The same guitarist doesn’t stop moving at any point all night whilst playing guitar and the fact that he doesn’t show so much as a bead of sweat coming down his forehead all night is truly impressive. The lead singer dances in a vaguely Ian Curtis like fashion throughout the set and through all their eccentricities I think it’s fair to say that The Drums are fairly self assured and confident performers. They finish their main set on their debut single Let’s Go Surfing which goes down a riot with the crowd as you hear the crowd whistling in unison to the song. They return for an encore of their least energetic, down tempo and melancholy song they have Down by the Water and they perform it beautifully and it’s the type of song to send shivers down your spine. Tonight I think it’s fair to say that The Drums have lived up to the mountain of hype they’ve been getting and I expect them to go from strength to strength this year.

Daniel Waite


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