50,000th Track


8 sep 2007, 06:01

In anticipation of my 50,000th track, I took my top ten artists from here and put them all on a playlist and shuffled it up. I figured this way, no matter what track came on, it'd have some emotional weight in my life that I could write a typical boring journal entry about.

I honestly though I'd make it to 50,000 tracks a lot quicker than a year. With how much I listen to music I'd never think it'd take me a year and three months to listen to 50,000 songs.

It'd be very easy to say my music tastes have evolved quite a bit since I made my Last.FM. It's been shaped very beautifully, I take nothing but happiness from all the music I listen to. I love music. I love singing along to it, I love going ballistic to it. I love bobbing my head to it, I love getting goosebumps from it. I could not live without music, I'd honestly rather be blind.

Here are some fun little stats about my top ten artists.

1. Radiohead - 239 songs, 17.4 hours, 1.07gb
2. M83 - 79 songs, 6.1 hours, 457.9mb
3. Guillemots - 76 songs, 6.2 hours, 502.3mb
4. The Arcade Fire - 63 songs, 4.9 hours, 412.2mb
5. Bright Eyes - 159 songs, 11.5 hours, 898.5mb
6. of Montreal - 207 songs, 10.5 hours, 1.03gb
7. St. Vincent - 12 songs, 46.9 minutes, 78.3mb
8. Liars - 65 songs, 4.3 hours, 406.5mb
9. Broken Social Scene - 49 songs, 3.8 hours, 290.7mb
10. Tool - 75 songs, 8.5 hours, 522.9mb

49,990 The Arcade Fire-The Woodland National Anthem
49,991 St. Vincent-Your Lips Are Red
49,992 Radiohead-The National Anthem (live)
49,993 Liars-Grown Men Don't Fall In The River, Just Like That
49,994 Radiohead-Street Spirit (Fade Out)
49,995 Bright Eyes-Road to Joy
49,996 Radiohead-Lozenge Of Love
49,997 Radiohead-Killer Cars
49,998 Broken Social Scene-Time = Cause
49,999 Radiohead-Airbag
50,000 Radiohead-Black Star

I find it astonishing how much Radiohead was getting played during this 100 song shuffle. Absolutely amazed. I'm very glad that a couple b-sides got on here. Namely Killer Cars. Street Spirit is also my favorite Radiohead song of all time, which pretty much equates to my favorite song of all timne. Nothing but raw emotion in that one. The Liars song is the first Liars song I ever heard, and I pretty much loved it from the start.

What are we coming to?
What are we gonna do?

(How do I still now have the answers to these questions.)

Blame it on the black star,
Blame in on the falling sky,
Blame in on the satellite, that beams me home.


Words to live by.


  • LoveYouSomeEric

    207 of Montreal tracks? What am I missing? I have the following: Cherry Peel The Gay Parade Hissing Fauna are You the Destroyer? Icons Abstract Thee Satanic Panic in the Attic Satanic Twins Sunlandic Twins Sunlandic Twins (bonus disc) Then Who will Protect Big Oil I figured I was missing a random EP or two, but I have a mere 104 songs in my of Montreal folder - half of your total. Where have I gone wrong? Enlighten me!

    29 sep 2007, 03:00
  • The_Evdaimon

    Black Star for the 50000th. That's good !

    16 okt 2007, 21:06
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