• 2010 album reviews

    31 dec 2010, 17:57

    Ares Kingdom - Incendiary 8/10
    Alcest - Ecailles de Lune 8/10
    Abigail Williams - In The Absence of Light 6/10
    Atheist - Jupiter 7/10
    Aborym - Psychogrotesque 8/10
    Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit 7/10

    The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream 7/10
    Burzum - Belus 8/10
    Blood Revolt - Indoctrine 9/10
    Blood of Kingu - Blood In The House Of The Scorpion 7/10

    Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles II 10/10
    Cynic - Re-Traced [EP] 8/10
    Cradle of Filth - Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa 6/10
    Canvas Solaris - Irradiance 8/10

    Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void 6/10
    Deathspell Omega - Paracletus 9/10
    Dark Fortress - Ylem 7/10
    Drudkh - A Handful of Stars 6/10
    Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed and Cursed 7/10
    Decrepit Birth - Polarity 7/10

    Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini 8/10
    Electric Wizard - Black Masses 7/10

    Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia [EP] 7/10

    Ghost - Opus Eponymous 9/10

    Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier - 8/10
    Immolation - Majesty and Decay - 9/10

    Jucifer - Throned In Blood 8/10

    Kvelertak - Kverlertak 8/10
    Keep of Kalessin - Reptilian 6/10

    Lantlos - Neon 9/10

    Melechesh - The Epigenesis 7/10
    The Meads of Asphodel - The Murder of Jesus the Jew 9/10

    Nachtmystium - Addicts 8/10
    Negura Bunget - Maiestrit 7/10

    Obscura - Retribution (remastered) 6/10
    Orphaned Land - The Neverending Way of ORwarriOR 7/10

    Profanatica - Disgusting Blashphemies Against God 5/10

    Rotting Christ - Aealo 6/10
    Rinoa - An Age Among Them 7/10
    Rolo Tomassi - Cosmology 7/10

    Sigh - Scenes From Hell 8/10
    Sleigh Bells - Treats 7/10
    Slough Feg - The Animal Spirits 8/10
    Svarti Loghin - Drifting Through The Void 8/10

    Tristania - Rubicon 8/10
    Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones 8/10

    Watain - Lawless Darkness 9/10
    Warpaint - The Fool 7/10

    Xiu Xiu - Dear God, I Hate Myself 8/10
    Xerion - Cantares Das Loitas Esquecidas 8/10
  • 2007- A Great year in music

    23 okt 2007, 19:03

    Here is my top 11 album of 2007 at the moment.

    11.Tristania - Illumination

    After a few listens to this album, i could tell that Tristania had progressived further in career, as imo this is their best album. Sadly Vibeke left, but good luck Mary!

    10Sirenia - Nine Destinies and a downfall

    Yes, this beats Tristania! Not their best album, (which goes to at sixes and sevens) but a nice album anyway. My Minds eye is the album highlight, although it seems that Sirenia are heading into a poppish direction, but i like that, it suits them.

    9 Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet

    Maybe some will think this should be higher. After a few listens it seems like a strong album. Maybe when i listen to it more it will become better. I can't make my mind up whether this is better than their debut album, All's well that ends well.

    8 Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies

    A very unique album, Enter Shikari's debut album is jam paccked with fun nintendoish music mixed with good guitarists. Strongest points are Sorry you're not a winner and Adieu.

    7 Within temptation - The Heart Of Everything

    Boy has this album got a lot of critisism. And not constructive critisism. People are saying this is a selling out type album, but personally i think this is their 2nd best album, it just can't beat the masterpiece that is mother Earth. Our Solemn Hour is the best song off the album.

    6 HIM - Venus Doom

    A Good change by HIM. They have finally realised that people don't like their mainstream-ish music and have decided to make a doom inspired album. The Kiss of dawn is pretty dissapointing, but the rest of the album is very good. Venus Doom is the best song, aswell as the epic Sleepwalking Past Hope which clocks in at 10 minutes.

    5 Paramore - Riot!

    A Fun album by the pop-punkers. A Better album than their first album, All we know is falling, it is filling with catchy tunes which you will never get out of your head.

    4 Epica - The Divine Conspiracy

    A Very epic album, full of beautiful vocals and great grunts, the epic last song The Divine conspiracy is one of the best songs i ahve ever ehard, full of orchestral arrangements.

    3 Coheed and Cambria - No World For Tomorrow

    Great concept album, Coheed never fail to impress. Starting off with the intro The Reaping, it burts in No World for tomorrow, one oft he ebst on the album. It all goes smoothly until The End Complete series comes up, providing wacky fun songs, as well as the epic On The Brink, with loads of strings.

    2 Aiden - Conviction

    Completely changing their style from post-hardcore to rock, alot of their fans thought it would never work. Still it manages to still sound like Aiden, and sounds better than some of their old stuff. Catchy songs are on this album, and all the songs are personal to the band, especially Moment and One Love.

    1 Nightwish - Dark Passion Play

    Words can not describe how much i love this. The epic The Poet and the Pendulum gets you ready for the awesome songs coming on offer. Anette is a great singer and impresses on every song. The Islander is an acoustic song with Marco on vocals, until it burts into a duet with them both. Followed by Last Of The Wilds which is a folkish irish instrumental. It all is rounded off with the ballad Meadows of heaven, which features a gospel at the end.
  • A Current obsession...

    10 okt 2007, 17:17

    Currently i'm obsessed with Foo Fighters The Pretender and Erase/Replace. Anyone else?>
  • In A Reverie- Lacuna Coil review

    24 jul 2007, 21:34

    I Have decided my first journal will be about In a Reverie the great Lacuna Coil album. I Will rate all the songs.

    1. Circle 8/10
    A great song. Nice guitar which works with Cristina's singing.

    2. Stately Lover 8/10
    The start sounded like the start of Cold, but a great song.

    3. Honeymoon Suite 10/10
    Perfect. Great mix of male and female vocals, good lyrics too.

    4. My Wings 7/10
    My least favourite song off the album, it's good but lacks something.

    5. To Myself I Turned 10/10
    The best song on the album. Great catchy chorus.

    6. Cold 8/10
    A Good song. Not the best but impressive. i like the closer and closer bit.

    7. Reverie 8/10
    Good song. I Get mixed up with this and Circle sometimes for some reason.

    8. Veins of Glass 7/10
    Nice song but get a little bit boring.

    9. Falling Again 9/10
    Awesome. I Prefer Falling but it is still very good. This was my first LC song so it means something to me.

    Overall, i give this album 9/10