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23 aug 2005, 23:28

heyya guys & dolls. i thought it whould be nice if 'yall wrote a short review for each swami-gig you go to.
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  • fankaii

    i've been to one, at oran mor in scotland, with you. it was great, hot snakes played. nice little review eeh? :D i myself think that reviews should be written within a week from the gig, or youll miss out on some aspects.

    26 aug 2005, 17:58
  • schamash

    i don't really care when the reviews get written, i just enjoy reading about stuff i missed out on. and yeah, i was there too, and that gig was better than the one at emmaboda. but they both kick royal asshole... but man, i hope i'll get the chance to see rftc soon. i found out today that i'll have the chance to see social distortion this november. that'll probably be a blast. aside from that i have shows with roky erickson and the weary boys (ACL) and M.I.A. comming up.

    29 aug 2005, 01:01
  • Met_K

    I'll have one for the last RFTC show ever around the 5th or 6th. That is if I don't die of alcohol poisoning that night. Fuck.

    25 okt 2005, 20:22
  • johannagun

    Allright... I was at the last RFTC show ever... I dont really know what to say. It was awesome. It was something I'm never going to experience again in my life.

    14 nov 2005, 15:32
  • lordshotgun

    i was at the last east coast hot snakes show in nyc...fucking incredible. during the encore they played luau and bullet train to vegas, i was floored.

    4 dec 2005, 19:43
  • OMGitsPatrick

    ^^^ I was there, too. It was an 18 and up show, but I still got in ;) It was amazing. I was right up front, pushed against the stage. My sweat covered one of the stage monitors that I was leaning against, well, that I was squished against. There were two girls who were rather... large behind me who were just as excited. It was the greatest live performance I've ever been to. Even though the PA was fucked up, it didn't matter, everyone was singing along anyway. John Reis' facial expressions are priceless btw. Simply amazing. The Heartaches were great, too. Before they played Arrows, the lead singer said as he pointed to me, This song, is for this guy!, cause I was the only person rocking out. I can't wait to see Dan Sartain.

    8 dec 2007, 06:05
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