Joe Satriani @ Edmonton Event Center October 4th.


23 okt 2008, 21:49

Sat 4 Oct – Joe Satriani, Mountain

Yes, I've been away for a long time.. going to university full time and working full time does that to a person.. also I still haven't reviewed the Judas Priest concert yet --I am just waiting till I have time to send all the files from my phone to the computer. I'll get around to it eventually.

I have seen Joe Satriani once before and had an amazing spot upfront when I saw him in Seattle -- I didn't think this concert would live up to that personally. However, it did and was on par with that concert. I did prefer the set list from the Seattle show a few years back but I did get to hear some new stuff this time around.

Anyway, the concert was at the Edmonton Event Center -- the lineup extended outside and through the parking lot. I didn't think I'd be able to be upfront, however, like always people run to the bar upon entry like lemmings and I get to the front. It always works out that way it seems.

Still, there was more people attending than I had previously thought.

Mountain was the opener, and while I hadn't heard much of them previously. I still really enjoyed their performance -- but I thought their set-list was a little too cover heavy. I prefer listening to original material. They had a great sound and we even managed to catch the drummer's drumstick (one of many though, he liked to ricochet them off the cymbals).


Their bassist had quite the hair, and would swirl it like a helicopter sometimes -- which was cheesy but quite mesmerizing. The whole band was very good -- but like I said previously, I wish they didn't choose to cover Bob Dylan so much. I preferred their original material.

Mountain's bass player

I'm not going to say much more about Mountain since the only member I can name is Leslie West and just say the whole band did a wonderful job and were a great opener.

Joe Satriani didn't take that much longer to appear onstage with the cheesy rock anthem I Just Wanna Rock. Stuart Hamm joined him on bass (last time I saw Joe Satriani he had Matt Bisonette on bass). Whom I also like and I'm glad I've seen both bassist in action.

Joe Satriani with some makeshift bucket hat thing on his head he wore during the first song or two

Joe Satriani

during the tapping portion of Satch Boogie I believe

Joe Satriani's set list wasn't any different from set lists I've seen from him all year -- but it isn't a bad set list and made retrieving it quite easily at least. He varied between the new and the old quite well and aimed to please pretty much anyone.

The crowd wasn't as great as the crowd in Seattle unfortunately, they didn't seem into it as much especially during songs like Crowd Chant. Not saying the crowd was bad, all in all they were great -- just not as good as a previous experience I had.

I did see one guy try to force his way upfront by claiming he had a beer for his sister and when he got upfront he goes ''Now that's how you get upfront." There was also people pouring beer on others in front of them, a few people I knew had this happen to them at the concert. Which is something I'd have expected at Judas Priest or Iron Maiden but for Joe Satriani I didn't expect that and it just seemed out of place.

For Judas Priest I was there to horse around and such, but at a Joe Satriani concert it seems out of place and I'd rather watch his technique and phrasing with my mouth wide open than be rowdy. Perhaps you think differently, that's alright.

Anyway, the band was perfect and Joe didn't do too much talking between songs but when he did everyone was attentive. He'd talk about his guitar from the album cover Flying In A Blue Dream and how a theft had taken the guitar and erased the drawing Joe had put on it so when Joe got the guitar back Ibanez put an exact replica of the drawing back on the guitar and how it was a 'ghost' of a guitar before he'd launch into the song Ghosts.

Joe Satriani's "Ghost" of a guitar

Just in case some people complained all the photos were of Satch, this one has Stu in it. So HA!

Stuart Hamm played the bass solo off of the San Francisco DVD, and while I wished it wasn't the exact same one I'm still glad I saw such an amazing solo live. One of the highlights of the show.

The momentum never slowed during the show -- even the new stuff is excellent. Although I wish Ghosts wasn't an Itunes exclusive since I loved that song live the most from the new album.

AHH! Too much light in mein eyez -- actually I have no idea what's going on here

During the last song, Mountain's guitarist and frontman, Leslie West, came out onstage and jammed with Joe which was quite cool to say the least.

hard to get a shot of this as people became more pushy to get a look, Joe playing with his teeth

How I wish this didn't come out blurry but it's worth showing

Sorry for the image heavy journal, but that's how I like my journals. I don't really have much else to say other than I truly recommend seeing this guitar god. He's probably my all-time favourite guitarist, and that's saying a lot.

Mainly because there are so many amazing players -- you've got your Vai's, Malmsteen's, Petrucci's, Gilbert's, etc etc. But one player I always come back to and can listen to no matter what mood I'm in is Satriani. He's got the shred/melody and really looks like he truly enjoys playing when he's onstage.

-----------Set List----------
If I'm missing anything or if anything is in the wrong order -- do tell


01.Nantucket Sleighride
02.Theme of an Imaginary Western
03.Blowin’ In the Wind
05.Mississippi Queen

Joe Satriani

01.I Just Wanna Rock
03.Satch Boogie
04.Ice 9
06.Flying in a Blue Dream
09.Super Colossal
10.One Big Rush
12.Time Machine
13.Cool #9
15.Out of the Sunrise
16. Bass Solo
18.The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
19.Always with Me, Always with You
20.Crowd Chant
21.Surfing with the Alien
22.Summer Song
23. Jam with Leslie West of Mountain not sure if there was a particular song they were doing, I just remember the soloing. Ha.


  • GrantRS

    I guess I should check your journal more often, since you do me the courtesy. I'm surprised to hear about people pouring drinks on each other. I've seen Satch three times in London, including the G3 2004 tour with Vai and Robert Fripp, and every time it's been seated so there wasn't much pushing or shoving to get to the front. People actually remained seated throughout the majority of the show as well, which seemed sensible as it allowed people in rows behind to get a pretty good view. It's probably the best way to see Satriani, to be honest. I think he had a pretty similar setlist last time I saw him, though his support was Paul Gilbert, not Mountain. PG didn't jam with him at the end though. Would've been sweet if he had as we've not had a G3 here since '04. I think people are becoming more receptive to Crowd Chant, having seen him do it in the same city on both the Super Colossal and Satchafunkilus tours. I don't know how many people would agree with that statement though.

    14 dec 2008, 20:23
  • saronix

    That's quite interesting, I've seen Satriani 2 times and both were standing up -- no seating. If I wasn't at the front both times -- I would not have been able to see Satriani as I am quite short and quite honestly got lucky. As there have been -really- tall people infront of me but they always gravitate away before the show even starts. I am not a huge fan of Mountain or Leslie West (Though they put on a great show)-- but when he came out and jammed with Joe Satriani.. I was impressed -- it was very G3-esque. The man (Leslie West) can solo/improvise much better than I previously thought and held his own. They are probably becoming more receptive to Crowd Chant -- but mostly what stood out was a handful of individuals who knew what to do and did it loudly. While the rest either painfully tried or didn't try at all.

    15 dec 2008, 02:19
  • GrantRS

    I also saw Malmsteen in one of those venues with the seats. The interesting thingis though for Malmsteen everyone stood up as soon as they caught sight of Yngwie. I was in the 5th row that time, and I struggled to really see very much at all. I really had to wonder what the people further back could see. I think most guitarists these days hold a lot back in their usual material. When Robert Fripp was part of G3 his solo set was weird ambient music with no backing band and just a load of crazy effects (apparently known to his fans as 'Frippertronics'), and RF sat down for his whole set. He got quite a bit of heckling from the crowd who were apparently mostly gathered to see Vai and Satch. "Play the guitar" someone heckled. "It's got six strings!" Someone else followed up the heckling. Oddly, I can't remember whether Fripp stood or sat for the jam section at the end of G3, but he could rip-up the fretboard when he wanted to. The point being that this may be a little like the case with Leslie West, only a bit more extreme. With Crowd Chant, I imagine there are a few main reasons why it doesn't work perfectly though. One is that a large portion of the audience don't bother with the new albums and just have the 'classic' ones. Another is that a lot of the fans are now ageing and aren't necessarily that willing to lose their inhibitions to 'wo-oh-oh' along with it. I think people are catching on though. A few more years and people will have got the hang of it. (of course, the process would be sped up a little if someone like Coldplay would do a blatant rip-off of Crowd Chant to publicise it)

    15 dec 2008, 16:38
  • saronix

    I heard about how Robert Fripp was heckled a lot during his G3 period. Enough so that Vai told fans on his site to stop it -- and Fripp can shred with the best of them. It made me quite mad, since I highly respect Robert Fripp.

    22 dec 2008, 09:52
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