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MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Igår 23:01
MayhemPagan Fears Igår 19:21
MayhemCursed In Eternity Igår 19:16
MayhemFreezing Moon Igår 19:09
MayhemFuneral Fog Igår 18:30
ObituaryIn Your Head Igår 18:25
ObituarySlowly We Root Igår 18:21
ObituaryI'm in Pain Igår 18:14
ObituaryDead Silence Igår 18:11
ObituaryThe End Complete Igår 17:53
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  • Josantyago

    Já agora, deixo também este vídeo: UGH!

    14 jul 18:38 Svara
  • Josantyago

    O vídeo do anúncio que tinhamos falado no Side B:

    13 jul 22:52 Svara
  • nuclear-ass

    thanks ;)) for sure not now i'm too busy with my schoolwork and finals... and through all that past year i've played guitar maybe like 5 times so i'm not in condition

    26 maj 16:25 Svara
  • nuclear-ass

    thank you :)) tbh i just play by ear and i've done this cover almost a year ago :p

    25 maj 09:02 Svara
  • rui_santos

    @LadyElvina: Hi! As i didn't find your shoutbox, i reply you here: Yes, actually i already made a top albums of 2013 and still write something about some of them (although i'll have to translate to english before i post it here). I'll complete this in the next few weeks. About recs, i guess i'll have to see your top before;) Thanks and Happy New Year for you too!

    5 jan 15:34 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    hey Rui! ;D How have you been? ;) i'm still around too :P Will you be making an epic Top Albums of 2013 list this year, like the one you made for the 2012? I haven't had time to finish mine yet, but i think i will try to write something about every entry on my list, like you did last time ;) if you have any recs for me, i'll be glad to hear from you ;) Anyway, i wish you Happy New Year! ^^

    31 dec 2013 Svara
  • LeonorSantiago

    obrigada! Digo o mesmo por aqui! :) \m/

    19 sep 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    sorry, didn't have time to upload them yet :P yes i've got a couple of Enslaved as well, they were absolutely brilliant! :O the new songs from RIITIIR sound even better live than on the album haha! unfortunately my battery died on me during the Enslaved set so i only got 2 songs of theirs on film i believe :( but i'll let you know when they are up ;)

    3 apr 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    thnx Rui! ^^ i have listened to it only once now, but it's too early to form an opinion, will let you know later my final verdict ^^ are you back home yet? ;)

    30 mar 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    haha yeah i was hoping that those clean vocals would probably not be too bad for you? :P thanks for your new recommendation, i will put it on my list ;)

    21 mar 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    hey Rui, i have a new recommendation for you, if you are up for it ;) In Vain - Ænigma, their brand new release. I think you might like it ;)

    13 mar 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    about Ymir: Haha noooo you don't have to try and like something that you don't, only because i like it so much :P i don't remember recommending it to you, did i? because it's not really a band you would normally like anyway, so it's ok really if you think it's boring ;-P

    5 mar 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    yeah i'm feeling better now i guess, thnx for asking! ;) the fest was nice, not as fun as in the years before because i have seen most of the bands several times already, but still quite ok! ;) Thyrfing were very good, but somehow the audience got bored, i guess because they played a couple of songs that were really way too long... Arkona was a party as always, they are really very enjoyable live, thanks to all those flutes and bagpipes!! :D I wasn't familiar with Ex Deo before, but they really got my attention with their live performance, it was sooo epic and quite impressive! I even checked out their album today, but unfortunately wasn't as impressed with it as i was with their live show! that happens to me often, it seems! :) i filmed a couple of tracks of all bands mentioned, will send you the links later ^^

    4 mar 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    hey Rui how you've been? ;) i know i still owe you a reply, i didn't forget :P i went to Paganfest yesterday and saw Bornholm! ^^ they were great, although they were the openers and played waaay too short a set, to my disappointment :( only 5 or so tracks, like 25-30 min! i have filmed 2, so if you are interested i will send you a link once they are up on youtube ;) oh i see you've been listening to Ymir recently!! :O what did you think of them? i'm sooo totally addicted!! xD

    4 mar 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    I'm quite happy with the new Bornholm: just like you said - it sounds typically as Bornholm, nothing really too outstanding, but it's a really solid album! ^^ I'm not regretting having preordered it ;) and what do you think of the new Cult of Luna? I wasn't familiar with them but I think this release has some amazing moments!

    30 jan 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    Oh really? :O i'm missing all the new stuff here!! :( is new Bornholm good? I haven't heard it yet (can't download without Internet huh) but I have already ordered the cd... I normally don't preorder albums without having heard it first, so I'm a bit worried I won't like it in the end... Do you like it so far?

    28 jan 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    Hey Rui, how's life? ;) long time no see! I guess you are not going to finish off your Best of 2012 list anymore, are you? :P I have already started with my 2013 releases list ^^ oh, I see an event in the Netherlands in your events list!! :O are you planning a trip to NL?

    23 jan 2013 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    nah i think i will do with 20 this time :P i'm still not sure about the last 2 positions (#19 and #20), and also not sure how to sort the albums in the middle of the list, they are constantly shifting :S sometimes i like one more, and then the other... so, to answer your question: no i'm not completely done with it either yet :P

    26 dec 2012 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    thnx for the link, it seems to become an interesting album, can't wait! ^^ well pagans do of course have their own Winter Festivities! ;) so let me wish you a jolly yuletide then as well! ;)

    26 dec 2012 Svara
  • LadyElvina

    yes i have read it in their shoutbox some time ago... i am hoping they will continue though, either under a new name and new project, or separately... because their latest release was so different from their other ones, i'm hoping they will take this direction from now on... ^^ btw, are you going to write a journal about your top 2012 albums like i did, or something like that? i am hoping to be able to oversee your top 10 ;) oh, and i am going to reply to your IM in the next couple of days ;)

    20 dec 2012 Svara
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