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  • METALLER1992

    No, I was banned on Russian Metal portal, after two days, I will listen it :) Yes, I know, I can to download it early, but I'm to lazy :D

    29 aug 20:25 Svara
  • METALLER1992

    haha, that's awesome. You're sober now? :) haha

    28 aug 19:22 Svara
  • METALLER1992 - new Obituary song.

    26 aug 19:30 Svara
  • METALLER1992

    Vacation? That's great. My holidays is over, now I'm working. Drink vodka? haha, that's awesome :-) What vodka are you drink? (who is the manufacturer?)

    26 aug 13:04 Svara
  • METALLER1992

    Hello man, how are you?

    25 aug 10:15 Svara
  • Izale

    Skeletor is fuckin metal @.@ Jag vill ha den

    21 aug 12:58 Svara
  • METALLER1992

    So, it's your toy? :-D haha, I thought you found it in internet :-)

    21 aug 12:53 Svara
  • METALLER1992

    Fucking awesome userpic, when you will change it, let me to upload picture to my profile? :-D

    21 aug 12:38 Svara
  • Tilacin

    hi! thnx for additing! very nice charts. Hail from Brest, Belarus! \\m/

    11 aug 22:17 Svara
  • GalacticKiller

    Får se, behöver lyssna mer. Annars är det ganska lugnt med tungt så att säga. Väntar på en sändning med skivor från Agonia Records men allt är några månader gammalt som t.ex Vanhelgds och Puteraeons senaste.

    15 jul 18:35 Svara
  • illninoese

    Awesome charts my friend! What do you think about the new Belphegor so far?

    15 jul 14:43 Svara
  • GalacticKiller

    Var lite tveksam i början men nu efter att ha lyssnat igenom den några gånger så börjar jag mjukna. Naturligtvis inte i närheten av Epoch men helt klart en bra skiva med potential att bli ännu bättre.

    14 jul 07:03 Svara
  • LadyMetal81

    Sounds good :) If you come to this side of the globe I advise you to choose winter instead of summer, the coldest places here would be Argentina, Uruguay and the South of Brazil :) But it depends of the purpose of the trip...The times I was abroad were coz I found a job there or to study smth, I barely went outside to see other country as tourists only :)

    12 jul 15:10 Svara
  • LadyMetal81

    Yeah most of the time just a sweater is enough here in Southeast :)Just a few days btw July and August need one, never more than a week tho... I know that STKLM side of the country is colder than the West near Copenhagen so you would never get anything beyond 27 degrees around where u live maybe :) Have you been outside of Sweden already? Is there anywhere you would like to visit some day? I presume we, metalheads aren't much into hot weather and beaches, just doesn't agree with the black clothing and such :)

    10 jul 20:20 Svara
  • LadyMetal81

    Trevligt att höra :) But it seems that the temps aren't high this year there, it seems that Europe is having a lot of rainy and cooler days, max 25 celcius degress and just sometimes, not always :) I remember last August when I spent 4 days in STKLM having temps around 17/20 degrees and rainy cooler days, must be common in that side of the planet, isn't it? Have you got back from ur vacations already or not yet? Here it's winter but we have a week cooler and 2 or more warmer, this region of the country used to have temps near 10 to 15 in winter but the lowest so far was around 17, in the North there is no winter, it's always near 25 in winter and 40 in summer :) But South is much colder, they can get below zero temps even before winter starts and some snow sometimes which doesnt happens anywhere else here.

    10 jul 19:35 Svara
  • LadyMetal81

    Nej, I didnt :-) I was very shocked by the score and the number of goals scored in such short time, I felt like in a kind of anesthesia/catatonic state but really, alcohol isnt smth I make use of often, besides for me it should be used to celebrate smth special, never in a devastating historical situation ;-) in the end it was just soccer, right? Hur är det med dig?

    10 jul 15:41 Svara
  • LadyMetal81

    Hej hej bud, tack for the add ;) Jag är bra, och du? Wonderful chants! Cheers!

    7 jun 15:46 Svara
  • GalacticKiller

    Har beställt Cultivate the Apostate nu. Blev så sugen så att jag drog igång Epoch of Methodic Carnage-CDn. Jävlar vilken bra skiva det är! Ville bara säga det. :D

    5 jun 15:36 Svara
  • Smultronsylt

    Tja! Måste bara skriva "respect" för din avatar. :) Ha det!

    29 maj 21:07 Svara
  • GalacticKiller

    Trevligt att höra. Då får det nog bli ett inköp av Cultivate the Apostate ganska så snart.

    29 maj 12:41 Svara
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Hello my name is Jon, it means ion in Swedish. I am an positive ion.

Death metal, yes sir!

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Party, Grind (2014) technical death metal

Omnipresent (2014) death metal

Symmetry In Black (2014) sludge metal

Isn't She Lovely slam

Radiophobia technical death metal

Misery Index
The Killing Gods deathgrind

Hour of Penance
Regicide brutal death metal

Abysmal Torment
Cultivate The Apostate brutal death

Immortal Technical Death

The Barren Throne brutal death > Metal Archives - Userscript

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