Top 10 Music Survey


25 jun 2006, 18:59

1. Dave Matthews Band
First song heard: Crash into Me
Fell In Love With: Space Between
Current Favorite: Space Between, JTR, & Grey Street

2. Taylor Hicks
First song heard: I'm not sure... auditions on American Idol
Fell In Love With: Levon performance on American Idol
Current Favorite: Trouble performance on American Idol

3. Dave Matthews
First song heard: Gravedigger
Fell In Love With: Gravedigger
Current Favorite: An' Another Thing

4. Billy Joel
First song heard: I'm not sure.... I was 3.
Fell In Love With: Again... not quite sure, although the first song I remember is Running On Ice
Current Favorite: Honesty

5. Evanescence
First song heard: Bring Me to Life
Fell In Love With: Bring Me to Life
Current Favorite: Breathe No More

6. Sarah McLachlan
First song heard: Posession
Fell In Love With: Fallen
Current Favorite: Fumbling Toward Ecstasy

(tied for 6). Fall Out Boy
First song heard: My Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon
Fell In Love With: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
Current Favorite: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner & The Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes

8. Default
First song heard: Wasting My Time
Fell In Love With: Wasting My Time
Current Favorite: Let You Down & Break Down Doors

(tied for 8). Incubus
First song heard: Pardon Me
Fell In Love With: Pardon Me
Current Favorite: I Miss You

(tied for 8). Elvis Presley
First song heard: I have no idea... probably one of the more famous ones... my mom loved him, and she passed that love along.
Fell In Love With: All of them
Current Favorite: Can't Help Falling in Love

(tied for 8). Savage Garden
First song heard: I Want You
Fell In Love With: Truly Madly Deeply
Current Favorite: Crash and Burn & Gunning Down Romance


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