I really love this website


14 jul 2008, 15:14

If it weren't for last.fm, I would have not found out about most of my favourite bands to this date. LAunchcast was okay until I forgot all the bands and got fed up with the feckin 5 skips an hour, and they kept playing stuff that I would not like at all. This website actually makes recommendations based on what I like already, and they make suggestions that I like 2 out of 3 times. I'm not afraid to listen to similar artists of a band I like because last.fm won't bring something completely random. I've come to like U.K. indie bands a lot more too, its most of what I listen to. They DO NOT all SOUND the SAME. They are inspiringly more daring and different than a lot of the American-based bands. Whoever said U.K. indie bands all sound the same on youtube really didn't listen to most of the U.K. stuff out there. You Brits really know what you're doing with healthcare, music. and life in general. I LOVE LAST.FM!


  • rocker_ego777

    yeah, I was excited

    15 apr 2011, 04:38
  • shug94

    Why not be excited, last.fm is awesome.

    15 dec 2013, 13:34
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