In Need of Album Art


16 apr 2006, 15:14

So I need some album art that I'm missing to complete my iTunes collection. If anyone has any of these random samplers and such and could scan the covers or sleeves, please let me know, because it'd make my collection look so much prettier. And I've already spent many many hours googling and not found any of these.

Aberdien Between the Wake EP

Black by Popular Demand (I know this one was given out as a free sampler at the 2005 Warped Tour)
Track listing:
1. Gangsters And Thugs
2. God Killed the Queen
3. I Don't Want to Know (If You Don't Want Me)
4. Anthem
5. This Is the Part
6. Redflag (Demo)
7. Identity Theft
8. The End of Nothing
9. Black History Month
10. The Collapse (demo)
11. Banquet
12. Cash Machine
13. All of the Above (demo)
14. Checkmarks
15. God And Mars
16. Pressure
17. Snails

Drive Thru Records 2002 Fall Sampler (I think this one came in Forty Hour Train Back to Penn but it might have come in other albums as well, if it doesn't have it's own cover art which I don't think it does, a scan of the actual CD would be great.)
Track listing:
1. Kiss Me, Diss Me
2. Somewhere Down on Fullerton
3. Every Night's Another Story
4. Free Fall Without A Parachute
5. Given The Chance
6. Angelica
7. It's Something

Drive Thru Sampler (I don't even know what year this came out so that'd be helpful too)
Track listing:
1. My Friends Over You
2. Kiss Me, Diss Me
3. Up And Go
4. Somewhere Down on Fullerton
5. Post Script
6. Hand Grenade
7. Get It Together
8. (Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern
9. A Song For Everyone

Drive Thru Records Sampler 2003
1. Sell You Beautiful
2. Free Fall Without A Parachute
3. Twenty Below
4. Every Night's Another Story
5. Jamestown
6. Somewhere Down on Fullerton
7. Tomorrow
8. Up And Go
9. Blown Away

Ex-Miss - promotion single sent out with Drive Thru orders around xmas time, this one has no case/art but the CD has snowflakes on it and I need a scan of that

Drugknuckle - Fell For It - localish ska band out of Nevada I think

Mmmm... Tasty (another Warped Tour freebie, 2002)
Tracki listing:
1. She Is Beautiful
2. Good Things
3. Bullet
4. Beautiful Disaster
5. Dim Halo
6. Remember Me
7. Flesh Into Fear
8. Wide Awake
9. Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)
10. Bitter
11. The World Outside
12. Judas

Mr. Everything I'm Not

Things That Disappear

The Starting Line - three song sampler 2002
1. Given The Chance
2. The Best Of Me
3. Thanks, You're the Best

Victory Records CD Sampler - need year too
Track listing:
1. Kamloops
2. The Witch of Glen Cedar Gate
3. Taking It All Back
4. Brand New Skin
5. Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)

Victory Records Fall 2004 Sampler
1. Ohio Is For Lovers
2. Masterpiece
3. Smashing Into Pieces
4. I Loved the Way She Said 'L.A.'
5. Drug Like

Victory Records Sampler
1. Ohio Is For Lovers
2. Smashing Into Pieces
3. Right Side Of The Bed
4. Masterpiece
5. Drug Like

Victory Records Spring Sampler 2002
1. Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)
2. Someone's Standing On My Chest
3. Are You With Missy?
4. Standing On The Edge Of Summer
5. Falling for You
6. Termites Hollow
7. Round Two

Victory Records Summer 03 Sampler
1. Taking It All Back
2. Life's a Drag
3. Steady As She Goes
4. Giving Up
5. Kamloops
6. Television
7. Xerox
8. Romantic Exorcism
9. Ain't Love Grand
10. A Synthesis Of Classic Forms


  • MichaelD51

    I have the Black By Popular Demand that I got at Warped this past summer but I dont know how to get the album art? I'm not really sure how to do it but if you can let me know then i'll do my best.

    16 apr 2006, 21:56
  • Archagon

    front back CD

    18 jul 2006, 05:07
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