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Future DeathRiot Trains! 2 timmar sedan
FenneszEndless 2 timmar sedan
FenneszBadminton Girl 2 timmar sedan
FenneszHappy Audio 2 timmar sedan
FenneszBefore I Leave 2 timmar sedan
FenneszShisheido 2 timmar sedan
FenneszShisheido 2 timmar sedan
FenneszGot to Move On 2 timmar sedan
FenneszCaecilia 3 timmar sedan
FenneszA Year in a Minute 3 timmar sedan
FenneszEndless Summer 3 timmar sedan
FenneszMade in Hong Kong 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsPhases Forever 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsNature Noir 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsElectrons Rising 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsDarken The Door 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsWorlds Gone Weird 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsMemory Room 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsSticks and Stones 3 timmar sedan
Crystal StiltsFuture Folklore 3 timmar sedan
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  • MissSmack

    hey Ed. I love the radio. Not only can I click on 'band of horses' radio, but i can also play 'my loved tracks' other users library,, or 'my library! Try it while you're a subscriber and before 28th April. xx

    5 apr 06:14 Svara
  • MissSmack

    Ed, hi. Have you been following the changes to Last Fm? I"m not sure how you use this site. Do you listen to your 'loved tracks' or 'my library' or band libraries, or anything via the radio platform? - Cath xx

    29 mar 03:20 Svara
  • MissSmack

    hey Ed. Sorry I have been awol. This is the first weekend I haven't had to work or do something else. So happy to be home all weekend! Maybe we could catch up? I've forgotten time differences but I'm sure we can work something out? - Cath xx

    22 mar 03:52 Svara
  • MissSmack

    hey Ed. I have been listening to some new music, and old music and found a song about Lethbridge! It's by The Rural Alberta Advantage and called The Dethbridge of Lethbridge! Is that a bridge that conjures images of death there, or is it more cryptic than my simple mind can process? Are you well? I'm am not. I'm quite unwell but working steadily on my papers for final year all the same. With copious amounts of drugs and coffee. best to you, Cath xx

    2 mar 04:54 Svara
  • MissSmack

    hiya! Today, it's 42. Last week, we had a week of above 42 temps, the highest in metro reaching 46. Gets hotter in country areas. How does it get over there? Maybe we should target something in the spring? I don't want to die in either one of your polar vortex thingys or a hot American summer! Isn't there a happy medium? I think I might try and get work over there for 12 months. Easy to enter Canada for me. Then maybe we can hang out for a bit and visit a couple of festivals? I hope you're getting some sleep. I'm inside this weekend, aside from a manicure, watching movies and staying cool. Talk soon, C x

    1 feb 04:51 Svara
  • MissSmack

    So wow, Pitchfork has a history of always being in Chicago and has a history of some amazing bands. I have been to Chicago (one of my greatest regrets in my life..not the town, the reason..) but I'd love to join you. Shall we make it a date? This time next year? I reckon I can handle one of USA summers. Should we road trip from Lethbridge?! OMG! I'm so excited!! Hey, we should go to Alina, yes yes we should. *bends arm*

    31 jan 11:42 Svara
  • MissSmack

    I have never heard of Pitchfork but I will google. Yes,I'd love to come. When is it? This year? Next year? is it yearly? Maybe I can join you next year? It would be great to have a camping buddy aka local-type person. I'd hate to go alone. Carissa has only one friend that shares her taste in music, so she's up shit creek without a paddle. That's an Aussie saying. Have you heard it before? Well done on the proposal. But why do you do that? When is the next one due?

    31 jan 11:37 Svara
  • MissSmack

    hiya. Thanks for the little 'overlooked' section on your profile. That's a good idea. My daughter has this idea in her head that she's going to visit US and visit some of the big festivals. She's heard of Coachella and now someone has put her onto Sasquatch in Washington. Do you ever go to them?

    28 jan 06:13 Svara
  • MissSmack

    Hey Ed, I know... time time time. Did you know that I turn 42 this year? sheesh! Hey, wait. So do you! ha ha .. I also had a complete vege out but I discovered Shameless US version and have been glued to it. Also enjoyed American Horror Story (The Coven) with my girl. Carissa was awarded one of the highest secondary education achievements in the state as well so we have been in media shoots and fancy picture in the paper! ha ha. She can do any uni degree she wants now with a top entry score. It's genetic of course, but you knew that! ha ha. Thank you for reminding me about the National. I haven't bought my ticket yet and you are a very good procrastinator. Why do we do that to ourselves for a last minute proposal? Sadists! My final year commences early Feb, with Aged Care subject. I am a bit sensitive to old people so I will probably bawl all the way through it. Thanks for touching base with me. I always enjoy hearing from you, Cath xx

    25 jan 10:18 Svara
  • MissSmack

    Ed hey! Thanks for your message! Life in uni holidays is awesome! I can nap without guilt ha ha, and clean the house properly rather than a quick once over, meander through little boutiques and dawdle all the time! I love it ha ha. I'm also cooking up a storm and xmas is a great time to share my culinary delights with willing diners! When do you go on your trip? xx

    26 dec 2013 Svara
  • pixabixa

    Nice! Yea I am really into their new album. You can tell they have matured a lot musically and lyrically. I think Forever is their best work so far. The bleakness of it yet passionate. They play here in Sweden near where I live in like a week. I am hoping I will go see them before they head off to America. Cheers from Sweden!

    21 nov 2013 Svara
  • shandalier

    Hey! Great music taste ;) listen to north end for sure!!! Amazing math/post rock! Start with the album cognoscere ...warm winter and cognoscere on that album kill meeee

    13 nov 2013 Svara
  • MissSmack

    hi Ed. I haven't forgotten about you. Buried in guilt for neglecting many friends, online and real because of studies. About to finish for another year and with no summer school options, I'll have real time to rest, catch up, listen to music and read. Hope to catch up with you. Skype? xx

    10 nov 2013 Svara
  • amaterialboy

    Debe ser entonces que tú también. Saludos!

    2 nov 2013 Svara
  • grantlewiss

    Awesome, man. I'm stoked for you. I would have loved to see them play live. Let me know how the show went.

    29 aug 2013 Svara
  • weendril

    Where do you found love of diagrams for dowloand? I've been searching their stuff so far and don't get it yet.

    7 jul 2013 Svara
  • grantlewiss

    Thanks, man, and likewise! I could learn a thing or two from your music taste as well. Nothing I love more than finding people who love Pinback as much as I do!

    10 jun 2013 Svara
  • MissSmack

    Hey Ed. Hope you're well xx

    13 maj 2013 Svara
  • suirrel

    Latest release from Airiel is an EP on Shelflife (2012) called "Kid Games", but I would suggest any of the Winks & Kisses EPs instead :) further dreamp pop/shoegaze stuff I would recommend: Air Formation and Germany's Malory! Also, just listening to "Me You Us Them" and - yes - I like it ... but propably will take some time to really adore it ... what's your opinion on Codeine and bands like them?

    2 jan 2013 Svara
  • suirrel

    Hmm, seems like you are one of the very few St. Johnny listeners and thus I gave your "profile" a try ;) did you ever listen to Airiel?

    2 jan 2013 Svara
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- dumbass biologist...sigh
- my soul is powered by dark matter
- ...and the healing power of satire
- SoulSeek: drosophila71
- "Not all musical moments are scrobblable..."

Five overlooked bands that you might want to give a listen to:
- [The] Caseworker (gorgeous slow-core)
- The Narrator (indie punk...with a groove)
- Chin Up, Chin Up (indie pop...with a groove)
- Thrushes (dreamy shoegazey pop)
- Ume (guitars!!! guitars!!)

A new song that I am obsessed with: Odonis Odonis' "Blood Feast"
A song that I had forgotten just how much I love: Polvo's "Leaf"
Overlooked song of the moment: Happy Jawbone Family Band's "Fireflies Made Out of Dust"

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