• The Bamboozle.

    8 maj 2007, 23:13

    Just to quote myself from the ridiculously long post I made on my forum...


    Just the event, ok? Because... I cannot be bothered to tell you how New York went at the moment...

    DAY ONE:
    Woke up. Headed into Times Square. Had Taco Bell while Valerie had pizza. She convinced me to try some in the end.. But, well, it doesn't count as New York pizza because the slice I took a piece from tasted like chow mein. She was like, "Ok.. This one tastes weird. It doesn't count." We got on the bus to New Jersey Meadowlands, Giants Stadium and got there around 2pm, missing Boys Like Girls but 30-40 minutes and Cute Is What We Aim For by only a couple minutes. T_T
    During Bayside...
    ..I mourned the fact that Cute Is What We Aim For had JUST finished playing. T_T
    During Paramore..
    ..I was like, "Atiqah!" haha
    ..I decided that I wanted to see them in Vegas next week. We'll see how that goes because no one else I know likes Paramore and, well, it's next week.
    During Cartel..
    ..I got hit in the mouth by a crowd surfer's shoulder.
    ..I got hit in the back by a flying shoe.
    ..I got my hair pulled by the people behind me who were falling.
    ..I got out of there during the second song because people were fucking crazy and I walked far far away.
    During The Starting Line..
    ..I was alone from having left Valerie. lol
    During Madina Lake..
    ..I decided I wanted to buy their cd. :D
    During The Audition..
    ..I was waiting.
    During The Cribs..
    ..I was waiting.
    During Hot Rod Circuit..
    ..I was waiting.
    During Meg & Dia..
    ..I was singing and screaming along! And taking pictures, of course. lol It was rad. Every time I've seen them, they perform so good. I love them, kind of. haha
    During Hellogoodbye..
    ..I was at the merchandise booth getting something for me and Yesenia.
    ..I stayed there for over a fucking hour! Meaning, that I only HEARD HGB and saw them from afar. T_T I only actually got to see "Touchdown, Turnaround" which is the song they always close with. T_T
    During My Chemical Romance..
    ..I started off in the front.
    ..The pit was fucking insane. I fell on my knees and was like, "FUCK THE WHAT DAMMIT!" I got up, and tried to keep my stance for the life of me. In the process, I dropped the bag holding Yesenia's shirt. I stood on top of the bag for as long as I could. But I couldn't stop to bend over and pick it up! In the end, I got the fuck out of there, leaving the shirt behind me. T_T That's $20 completely gone to waste. :/
    ..I walked around the place, talking to Yesenia on the phone. Bought a Pepsi and then went back to get her something else from the merch booth.
    ..Then I stood as far away as possible from the fucking stage and sang along safely. Fucking crazy fans. ;/

    Then we got out and formed a line at the New York bus sign thing... The guy behind us kept yelling into his phone. "You're stupid! I'm at the line for the buses to Port Authority! What the hell is wrong with you?! It's a giant line! There's an ambulance, and sirens and a big orange and yellow flashing sign. Get over here. Oh my God, you're so stupid..." We figured he was talking to a guy. haha But, then this girl came over and we were like o.O He had been talking to his friend, who was a girl! lmfao... We decided they were completely wasted and we chatted with them... hahaha Then we went home back to the hotel! Hooray..

    DAY TWO:
    Woke up early. Went into Times Square. Stayed in Port Authority, had strombolli in Villa Pizza and then purchased our tickets for the bus. The old man that helped me hit on me. T_T We got to the Bamboozle as the doors were opening. We headed straight for the merch booth because we were gonna have a busy day with all the bands we wanted to see. So, I got my LP hoodie and a shirt for Tiffany. Then I all but ran to the Carnival stage. hahaha xD
    During Anberlin...
    ..A crowd surfer landed on my head, cracking my neck in the process. I was like, "...Ow..."
    ..I was pinned facing the guy in front of me. I felt that we should have been married afterwards... -_-'
    ..A security guard was in front of me 50% of the time. That's bad, considering I was one person behind the barracade. That's a total of 4 feet away from the stage! The dude blocked my view, like, HELLA. ;/
    ..They played "Paperthin Hymn".. During which, Stephen got off the stage and came to us holding his hand out so we could help him climb the barracade. I held his arm. *AHHH!* And then, he braced himself on the bar and jumped up more and my hand was no longer on his arm. It was somewhere else... -_-' And I couldn't move because everyone was pushing me forward and, well, my hand stayed there.. I couldn't take a picture because I was afraid, ironically enough, that my phone would break if I took it out at that moment. Perfect photo opportunity, though.. He was leaning forward right above me, the bright blue sky above him, and a single cloud... So beautiful. T_T
    ..They played "Godspeed" as their last song and a piece of my phone broke off. I found it after the show was over and put it back on. But then I flipped my phone open to text someone back and when I closed it again, the part had fallen off once more. I seriously didn't feel like going back to look for it so I left it there.
    During Relient K...
    ..I thought I was HELLA far away. And then I looked behind me. I turned out to be in front of 60% of the people. hahaha And I was about.. 30 feet away from the stage! lol..
    During From First To Last...
    ..I met Yellowcard at their 2:00 signing. Which, in fact, lasted until 3! lol..
    ..I walked away from Yellowcard with three cool pictures. Which I sent to my photobucket account. It said they had sent successfully. So I deleted them...
    During Halifax..
    ..I watched from in front of the adjoining stage. Mostly because it was packed directly in front of their stage and Valerie was staking out a spot for Scary Kids Scaring Kids which were on immediately after Halifax.
    During Scary Kids Scaring Kids..
    ..I left Valerie and went to go watch Kenotia while waiting for Monty Are I to follow them onstage. :]
    During Monty Are I...
    ..I was alone. Amazing how we split up in a sea of 3,000 people in a place far far away from our home, right? lol It wasn't scary or anything.. Come on, we're talking about a place filled with drunkies, junkies, high people, and sunburned preppy girls. 80% of which were all Linkin Park fans. Need I remind you that Linkin Park fans are the most respectable people you will ever find? If you fall in the pit, they will pick you up! They are, like, my family! hahaha The only other fans like LP fans are.. Hmm... Story Of The Year fans come pretty close... *shrugs* haha
    ..I rocked out! They opened with "Castle Bound".. That song's great. It's about The Legend of Zelda. xD And, well, it was awesome. :] And, ZOMG! They played "Dublin Waltz"... It's about Irish girls, how they said it. haha I fucking LOVE that song!
    ..Afterwards, I met the lead singer, the backup vocalist and the drummer. :D The lead singer's hella nice and his eyes are pretty... And he was hella cool!
    During The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus..
    ..I waited for 20 minutes, eating my frozen lemonade. Beer and Pepsi and water landed in it, so I ended up throwing it away and leaving because RJA was late and I'd rather not stay to watch if they're late AND the crowd's being a pain.
    During Yellowcard...
    ..I got hit in the shoulder blade by a flying battery. Yes, a BATTERY. Someone threw batteries. Most likely from their digital camera or something. :/
    ..I jumped around and sang along! Taking full advantage that I was the tallest person around me. hahaha It was rad.
    ..There were crowd surfers galore. But not as much as..
    During Jack's Mannequin...
    ..There were 3 crowd surfers coming out way at all times. ;/
    ..I discovered that my phone was having issues due to the Anberlin fiasco.
    ..I realized that the bass player was bored.
    ..I realized that I never in my life wanted to see Jack's Mannequin again because I'd seen them twice already and the performance was exactly the same. They lack the energy I expect from the bands that I see. I'd rather pay to watch grass grow in Winter than go see them again... For goodness sake, Mae and The Fray were more lively!
    ..Valerie was meeting Linkin Park behind the main stage because she won the randomly selected LPU6 meet and greet pass to go meet them and have one thing signed. haha
    During Taking Back Sunday..
    ..I watched, getting closer and closer to the stage, one step at a time, in preparation for Linkin Park. !!!
    ..I sang Happy Birthday to the drummer along with everyone else. And I remembered that the last time I'd seen TBS, it had been the bassist's birthday and I was like, "What the hell.. Are we only supposed to see TBS when it's one of their Birthdays?" o.O
    During Weird Al Yankovic..
    ..I was like :D waiting for Linkin Park to go up! !!!
    ..When Weird Al ended over at the Monster Stage, I was a good 30 feet away from the Main Stage waiting for LP.
    During Linkin Park..
    ..I was not afraid for my life like I had been during MCR.
    ..I jumped.
    ..I screamed.
    ..I had fun.
    ..I ended up less than 10 feet away from the stage.

    ...............Then we got on the bus back to Port Authority and then back to the hotel. And I made a deal with Valerie that we would pretend that showers did not exist because I was way too fucking tired to STAND how the hell was I gonna keep my balance in the shower? lol Besides, my arm was way too fucking sore. I couldn't reach behind me to raise up my hoodie. That's how sore my arm was. lol
    Oh, and I woke up in the middle of the night and it hurt to move. I had to roll over and I almost cried because my arms and head felt so heavy and I was so sore. haha

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • The final stretch.

    24 mar 2007, 09:00

    Ok, so, Lent's got a couple weeks left to go, and, omg, I'm slowly dying. xD

    But, seriously. God has severely tempted me this year. The ending of February started it off and the beginning of March started the temptations. March 1st, Christian Chavez from RBD publicly announced that he was gay. You may not be informed, but he is my freaking favorite member of RBD! I admit, I had a minute or two of saying "WHAT?!?!" like a broken record, but then I just shrugged. I felt like hugging him, just to show him that I still love him. xD

    Ah, but I can't do that, now can I? lol So, the next best thing would have been to support him by listening to some RBD songs... And, well, I couldn't do that either so I just sat here feeling lame for a few days... lol

    Then, I get notice that RBD's live DVD from Rio was coming out and then season 2 of Rebelde... AND THEN! I find one of McFLY's singles for $9! >.< Well, I wasn't giving in that easily. *For serious, check my charts. There shouldn't be a single trace of RBD or McFLY left in there since Lent began.* :D

    Right now, 2 in the morning on Saturday the 24th, I'm extremely anxious for Easter to come and be over with. Easter marks the beginning of a week long RBD and McFLY marathon. xD

    But, yes, Easter will also mean that my night with Sugarcult *Saturday the 7th* shall be over. :(

    So, shall I be excited that April 8th allows me to go back to my two favorite bands in the entire universe, who I have missed so dearly and dreamed about for the past week and a half? *Time Out: I dreamt I was singing along to RBD songs. I've even woken up mumbling a few words from a song or two. Seriously. My obsession with them is THAT bad. lol* Or shall I be saddened by the fact that April 8th means that April 7th is long gone?

    I think I'll answer this myself. lol

    April 7th is the day I am currently and obsessively awaiting.
    April 8th will just be slightly better.

    The end. Oi, and sorry to have made you spend so much time reading something that I ultimately replied to by myself. haha...

    Happy listening. :]
  • Attention, Attention!

    24 feb 2007, 05:45

    ..may I have all your eyes and ears to the front of the room if only, if only for one second...

    Monitor my page all you want. You'll be slightly disappointed that I will not be giving in. The one thing I do semi-regret is the fact that they shall be pushed out of my top played artists. :x

    What the eff is she talking about? You ask? Lent. No listening to McFly or RBD during Lent for me this year. Yay, me. :D

    So, um, yes. Feel free to stalk my page, constantly keeping tabs on what I'm listening to. I never turn off the plug in so, yeah. Good luck to you. :]

    xxle riz.
  • P-p-p-party!

    19 feb 2007, 11:18

    Oi, I am bored out of my mind... And yet, I am effa tired, yes? But, there's a bunch of clothes on my bed atm that I do not feel like hanging up before I go off to sleep. >.< So, hooray, I've stolen a music survery from Mark off DP ( :D

    "..Basically you open up iTunes or whatever you use to list your computer-music, and you answer the following questions."

    Total number of songs - 2523
    Total Time - 6:17:53:46 **OMG, 6 days!!**
    Size - 12.87 GB

    Sort it by Title...
    Song at the top
    - "Is This My Fate?" He Asked Them - Story Of The Year - In The Wake Of Determination
    Song at the bottom - Your Star - Evanescence - The Open Door

    Sort it by Artist...
    Artist at the top
    - 'NSYNC
    Artist at the bottom - Zao

    Sort it by Album...
    Album at the top -
    'NSYNC by 'NSYNC
    Album at the bottom - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! - Hellogoodbye

    By time...
    Least time
    - Intro - Greeley Estates [0:09]
    Most time - Right Now RIght Now - George Lopez [1:10:45]

    By Play Count (Top 5)
    Paperthin Hymn - Anberlin [114]
    2. Tras De Mi - RBD [97]
    3. Friday Night - McFly [91]
    4. Rockin' Robin - McFly [91]
    5. Tal Vez Después - RBD [84]

    Date Added...
    Most recent
    Grand Theft Autumn/ Where Is Your Boy (Acoustic) - Fall Out Boy - My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue [2/12/07, 2:03pm] **I switched the file name so I had to re-import it**
    Oldest Magna Carta - Verbatym [3/31/06, 6:51pm] *Twas the first song I added into iTunes...

    Last Played...
    Most recent
    Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High [2/19/07, 3:07am]
    Oldest It's Gonna Be Me (Album Version) - *NSYNC - It's Gonna Be Me (single) [4/1/06, 4:19pm]

    Skip Count...
    Most skipped
    I don't have a skip count..

    1899. LMAO! I downloaded a symphony written by Beethoven and it came dated as 1899. xD
    Newest 2007 Album 'Infinity On High' by Fall Out Boy

    Type in "death" into the search. How many songs do you get?
    39 songs, [2:36:55], 215.2 MB lol...

    Type in "sex" into the search. How many songs do you get?
    16 songs, [1:22:341], 112.5 MB

    Type in "love" into the search. How many songs do you get?
    110 songs, [7:11:55], 577.2 MB :D

    Type in "cut" into the search. How many songs do you get?
    30 songs, [1:56:39], 160.7MB

    Type in "kill" into the search. How many songs do you get?
    44 songs, [2:28:06], 201.5 MB Mwuahahahaha!

    ...Yay. The end. >.< Now I'm gonna go to sleep. Hooray.