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Eric ChenauxAm I Lovely Älskad låt Taggad mars 2012
ChinawomanLeft You at The Farm Älskad låt Taggad oktober 2011
The CzarsDave's Dream Taggad augusti 2011
Rudi ArapahoeConversation Piece Taggad augusti 2011
Shelley ShortHard To Tell Taggad maj 2011
Rope, Inc.Only Breath Taggad december 2010
The CzarsRoger's Song Taggad december 2010
Northern Picture LibrarySkylight Taggad oktober 2010
Chris MasonWait Taggad oktober 2010
The Silver Wizard ProjectThe Lover's Plea Älskad låt Taggad oktober 2010
Grizzly BearKnife Älskad låt Taggad september 2010
Summer At Shatter CreekOptimistic Taggad september 2010
Autour de LucieChanson de l'arbre Taggad september 2010
Summer At Shatter CreekSomething to Calm Me Taggad september 2010
SnowglobeSickness Taggad augusti 2010
The SlavesTreasureheart Taggad augusti 2010
17 PygmiesCelestina IX Taggad augusti 2010
Pinkie MaclureBlue Rose Taggad juli 2010
A.C. MariasThere's a Scent of Rain in the Air Taggad juli 2010
Pinkie MaclureSweet Kind Of Suffering Taggad juli 2010
CopenhagenLucky Seven Taggad juli 2010
Elevator ArtThis is the time Taggad juli 2010
  Levi Fuller Taggad juli 2010
Levi FullerThe Crows Are Getting Smarter Taggad juni 2010
The Low AnthemCharlie Darwin Taggad juni 2010
The Innocence MissionOh Do Not Fly Away Taggad juni 2010
Kelli AliWhat to Do Taggad juni 2010
The CzarsAnger Älskad låt Taggad maj 2010
Anton RothschildStrange in my soul Taggad maj 2010
VetiverAngels' Share Taggad maj 2010
Good Golly! It's Mr. Nick!Love Is All We Need Taggad maj 2010
SasoTurn Your Back Älskad låt Taggad april 2010
LowWhen I Go Deaf Taggad april 2010
The House of LoveFade Away Taggad april 2010
MemoryhouseLately (Deuxième) Taggad april 2010
A Silver Mt. ZionThe Triumph of Our Tired Eyes. Älskad låt Taggad april 2010
SuedeThe Next Life Taggad april 2010
17 PygmiesCelestina II Taggad april 2010
Josh GarrelsLake Yarina Taggad mars 2010
Steve Kilbey & Martin KennedyLove Increased Taggad mars 2010
YukoFor Times When Ears Are Sore Taggad mars 2010
CastanetsAs You Do Taggad mars 2010
The White BirchAtlantis Älskad låt Taggad mars 2010
Young GalaxyThe Sun's Coming Up and My Plane's Going Down Taggad februari 2010
Lise WestzynthiusBreak Another Heart Taggad februari 2010
BarrSummerwind Taggad februari 2010
Mi and L'auDance on My Skin Taggad februari 2010
Hello, Blue RosesShadow Falls Taggad februari 2010
Eyvind KangI am the Dead Älskad låt Taggad januari 2010
Lhasa de SelaAbro la Ventana Taggad januari 2010
July SkiesThe Softest Kisses Taggad januari 2010
Kaki KingJessica Taggad december 2009
The GatheringBroken Glass Taggad november 2009
The Sleeping YearsSetting Fire To Sleepy Towns Taggad november 2009
Hope Sandoval & The Warm InventionsAround My Smile Taggad november 2009
Songs of Green PheasantFires P.G.R. Taggad november 2009
Desolation WildernessHorizon Star Taggad oktober 2009
Great Lake SwimmersVarious Stages Taggad oktober 2009
Essie JainGlory Taggad oktober 2009
Work ClothesWarped Records Taggad oktober 2009
The Temple Cloud Country ClubA Hole In Water Taggad oktober 2009
The Manhattan Love SuicidesHome Taggad oktober 2009
Beach HouseHoly Dances Taggad oktober 2009
Forest FireShe's Building Something Out of Me Taggad oktober 2009
Hope Sandoval & The Warm InventionsTrouble Älskad låt Taggad oktober 2009
SamamidonTribulation Taggad oktober 2009
The White BirchStand Over Me Taggad september 2009
The Frozen BorderlineBury Me Taggad september 2009
BerryDreams Bleed Taggad augusti 2009
Uzi & AriInfluenza Taggad augusti 2009
Sébastien SchullerWeeping Willow Taggad augusti 2009
Howling BellsCities Burning Down Taggad augusti 2009
Ai PhoenixSomewhere Nice And All Taggad augusti 2009
The Go FindAdrenaline Taggad augusti 2009
Ms. John SodaSolid Ground Taggad augusti 2009
matryoshkaMy Funeral Rehearsal Taggad juli 2009
matryoshkaEvening Gleam Between Clouds Taggad juli 2009
Duncan SheikI Don't Believe in Ghosts Taggad juli 2009
Nick Cave8 Gun Thing Taggad juli 2009
Nick DrakeTime Has Told Me Taggad juli 2009
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsInto My Arms Taggad juli 2009
EarlimartIt's Okay to Think About Ending Taggad juli 2009
The Velvet TeenPenning the Penultimate Taggad juli 2009
Sleeping at LastQuicksand Taggad juli 2009
Venice Is SinkingCharm City Taggad juli 2009
The Silent LeagueThe Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused Älskad låt Taggad juli 2009
The CzarsLullaby 6000 Taggad juli 2009
Clare & the ReasonsPluton Taggad juli 2009
TarnationLeaving On A Jet Plane Älskad låt Taggad juli 2009
The CreaturesKilling Time Taggad juli 2009
NedelleI Lied Taggad juli 2009
TarentelSteede Bonnet Taggad juli 2009
The Album LeafEastern Glow Taggad juli 2009
Dean & BrittaWait for Me Taggad juli 2009
Hope Sandoval & The Warm InventionsCharlotte Taggad juni 2009
The Magnetic FieldsCome Back From San Francisco Taggad juni 2009
CharalambidesHope Against Hope Taggad juni 2009
The Love LanguageStars Taggad juni 2009
Camera ObscuraI Don't Want To See You Taggad juni 2009
Crippled Black PhoenixMy Enemies I Fear Not, but Protect Me From My Friends Taggad juni 2009