Concert Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers (2007-06-24 - Nijmegen, Goffertpark)


25 jun 2007, 11:33

Sun 24 Jun – Peppers in the Park

Who: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Support act(s): Mickey Avalon, Dirty Pretty Things
When: 2007-06-24
Where: Goffertpark, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

I fell in love with the Red Hot Chili Peppers when their album Californication came out. I still think that’s my favourite album by them. Since then I’ve always wanted to see them live, but always failed at doing so. Until yesterday.

I only listened to the first support act, Mickey Avalon, since I was still outside waiting for the people with our tickets to arrive, but I actually thought it didn’t sound half as bad as I feared. In fact, I rather liked it even. And this comes from a person who only likes rap for two songs at the most, before wanting to hear something different. I heard that many people threw stuff at him, though, and were generally rude and I just don’t get that. Why? He’s doing his best for us you know, and it’s only half an hour for crying out loud!

I did see the next support act, one I was looking forward to VERY much: Dirty Pretty Things. And I really wasn’t disappointed: they were amazing! Much, much love for them! (And gosh, what a handsome drummer!) Now I really hope they will headline a concert here soon-ish.

But then: The Peppers!

Intro Jam
Can't Stop
Dani California
Under the Bridge
Jam / 21st Century
Parallel Universe / Jam
Snow (aborted) / Snow
John Solo (cover Songbird)
Get on Top
Emit Remmus
So Much I
Bass Jam / Don't Forget Me / Jam
Hump de Bump (+ drum solo, Anthony on bass)
Jam / Californication
By the Way

Chad Drum Solo
Flea Trumpet Solo
C'mon Girl
Give It Away
Outro Jam

- I didn’t mind the rain at all. Especially during Give It Away +outro it just added magic to it all.
- Oh God John… let me please marry your awesome guitar riffs!
- Anthony with his weird… poncho thing! I’m really curious what was written all over it, though!
- I have much love for all the jams. Really, I would enjoy the Peppers an awful lot even if they wouldn’t sing. Their jams are amazing!
- SO surprised with Under the Bridge. I actually never thought they would play that one, cause I heard they don’t do that much anymore.
- After only three songs I was already SO happy with the concert. Really amazing!
- Parallel Universe was a very, very nice surprise as well! Love that song!
- John solo was just very cute. Me and one of my best friends talked about how John would probably HATE to be labelled ‘cute’, but we thought he was! ;) (Oh girls… aren’t we horrible occasionally?)
- Get on Top is my favourite song (together with Parallel Universe from Californication. I’m one very happy fangirl.
- So Much I!
- Hump de Bump was generally made of awesome. I simply love that song, and live it was the greatest thing. The light show was great, the extended drum solo (that Anthony hoped Chad wouldn’t fuck up) with 4 guys on drums, Flea’s dancing and Anthony sitting on the ground playing bass was just AMAZING.
- The two solo’s from Chad and Flea were great.
- Give It Away with outro jam were perfect. Especially with the rain and all. Really, really perfect.
- I heard somebody complain about the late start of the light show, but I think they couldn’t start it sooner, cause it was to light outside. I think it wouldn’t have been very noticeable then.
- Yeah, my love for the Peppers is all there again. Great, great gig.

Pictures when I’ve uploaded them. Pictures (from the screens), plus bonus crap video with great sound!

Dirty Pretty Things:


Under the Bridge on YouTube (how the hell do you embed on

Also, bootleg anyone?


  • comradealtmer

    Good review, but you missed the boat on Mickey Avalon. God, that guy was a fag. (I wasn't throwing things, too far away.)

    25 jun 2007, 12:09
  • ringlunatic

    Maybe it just sounded better cause I was outside the park, sitting in the grass, playing cards ;)

    25 jun 2007, 12:20
  • Lickoo

    i would have trown things at mickey if i was closer to the stage, what a loser

    25 jun 2007, 12:40
  • BS1der

    - I didn’t mind the rain at all. Especially during PlayGive It Away +outro it just added magic to it all. Indeed:D It was a great show!

    25 jun 2007, 12:41
  • River77

    For those of you curious who the 'extra players' were on stage together with the Peppers... Josh Klinghoffer played guitar on some songs and Chris Warren did some of the additional percussion.

    25 jun 2007, 13:23
  • riazor

    lol I was in the front area, and Mickey was awful :P nice pictures ;)

    25 jun 2007, 14:17
  • Erodar

    Vergis ik me nou heel ernstig, of ben je Right On Time vergeten? o.o

    25 jun 2007, 15:09
  • riazor

    jij vergist je, want die is niet gespeeld :P

    25 jun 2007, 15:33
  • riazor

    En ik vermoed dat je je vergist met C'mon Girl (come on girl let's get it right, let's get it right, let's get it right)

    25 jun 2007, 15:35
  • blaurey

    Ik vond het concert weinig aan helaas...Ik vond het op Pinkpop al niet geweldig, dus ik hoopte nu met dit 'eigen' concert op wat meer drama en spektakel. Goed, dat drama was er, maar op het veld: het publiek!?! Wat verschrikkelijk! De Peppers mogen we dan gebrek aan interactie verwijten maar achter het eerste vak praatte men vrolijk door de liedjes heen! En hoe kan iedereen om me heen bij een prachtnummer als Parallel Universe gewoon stil blijven staan!? En bij By the Way was ik met drie anderen de enige die stond te springen! Ja her en der een enthousiasteling die zichzelf ook heerlijk stond te lanceren, maar bij zo'n geweldig nummer moet toch het hele veld op en neer gaan!? Wat een flauwekul. Dit is dus het nadeel van een band die richting het 538-publiek (niet voor niets 'presented by 538') is opgeschoven. Men staat zonder enig schaamrood net zo lief bij de Toppers en een week later bij de Peppers. Die mensen kun je gewoonweg niet gebruiken als we er een rockfeest van moeten maken! Het hielp natuurlijk ook niet mee dat RHCP zelf ook niet de beste show ooit hebben weggegeven...dat ze zelf niet ziek werden van dat gesoleer, de pauze's, de immer hetzelfde klinkende gitaar van John. Bleh. Alleen By the Way rocktte, maar dat had niet zozeer met de band te maken...dat is gewoon een onwijs gaaf nummer. Ook op je kamertje. Dus nee...voor mij voorlopig geen Peppers meer. Wát een teleurstelling :( Nooit gedacht dat Pinkpop vorig jaar onovertroffen zou blijven...

    25 jun 2007, 21:15
  • Esjmeej

    mickey avalon is cool...

    26 jun 2007, 12:17
  • primuszoon

    hmm, flea had normale kleren aan.. buiten het mutsje natuurlijk.. maar toch! het verbaast me!!

    27 jun 2007, 02:59
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