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  • Gmjyuir

    Each album is different from each other, to the point where each album is called ab "Era" Danger Days was the first that was actually colorful, upbeat. It didn't have a dark theme like the first three. They were growing up, and some of theme had, or were about to have children, which I guess changed their outlook, kids tend to do that. As I said before The Kids From Yesterday is my favorite from the album after they broke up. That and Vampire Money after Twilight offered them a huge sum of money to make a song for the movie and they said no. So this was Mcr mocking them. MCR 5 sounded as if it had a lot of promise, but we'll never find out. Honestly I think you're the stalking me, obviously. I swear you were parked outside in a black van... sharping your knives..

    11 aug 22:12 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Apparently he cheated on his wife with another girl who claimed she had a ring from him, or so the story goes. Not following much into that. As a side note, I have heard his single from his new band Electric Century. The same with Ray's "Isn't that something" and of course, Gerard's Action Cat. I sadly doubt I would be coming over, if ever. You with your college and me with wanting to take my life elsewhere. Who knows With Bob, I heard that lawyers might have been involved. And the fact that he doesn't talk to the others could me that they didn't end on good terms.

    11 aug 22:10 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Take your time.

    6 aug 21:32 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    4. The song The Kids From Yesterday, is to me, not only about the band growing up, but it is as if they subconsciously knew that the band might have been coming to an end. Even Gerard said that he didn't see the band passing The Black Parade. I actually pretend that I'm in the band, and I "Rock out" so much that the sweat literally starts pouring off of me. I'm currently on my 3rd pair of head phones. When I go over to my friends house, all I ever play is MCR on Guitar Hero. They're sick of it. I've listen to Desert Song ever time I'm down it's like he's literally in pain when singing it. My day was made when I saw that woman wearing a black parade t-shirt, and I heard Every Snowflake Is Different Just Like You. I'm not the biggest fan, Frank is. And he knows if anyone tries to say that they're the biggest fan, he knows that bs. You were saying about your phase? i could go on. Coffee, unicorns, how Mike uses the stage as little as possible and frank goes everywhere.

    5 aug 23:11 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    3 Which brings me to "The Kiss." When I saw that, even I said, "That's kinda hot." and I'm straight! But there was a brief moment where I questioned my sexuality. And btw Frerard never dies! Just putting that one there. It's to the point where I'm seriously considering buying a Black Parade jacket. Hell, I even want "He joined the Black Parade" on my gravestone. If I die before you, make that shit happen. I'm serious. Dare I say it, I have a sudden interest in black clothing and eyeliner - eyeliner!!!. I was into the reasons why Bob left the band, I think it had something to do with his wrists, I was all into the news of what Matthew did to kick out of the band. I heard about the issue Mikey had with his wife and another girl. When I found out the reason that they made Vampire Money I had more respect for them. I still think that Danger Days is underrated.

    5 aug 23:00 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    2 It's so strange to see them like that. They should have made one for Headfirst for Halos and Early Sunsets. I love those two. I still have a few of their wallpapers on my computer that I switch time to time. I've been to forums that talked about the meanings behind their songs, as well as looked at fan art - some of which I've saved - from deviantart. Hell I made an account because of that. And you've seen some of the pictures I've sent you. I have waay more now. It's at a point where I was starting to read fan fiction. Fan fiction! The current one now is danisnotonfire and Gerard. It's not one of "those" fanfic, but I have seen one.

    5 aug 22:59 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    1 The Sharpest Lives reminded me of at least Three Cheers. Which is why I spent some time looking at the album. I'm still deep in the phase, and it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon. I've watched their concerts on YouTube, the best one being "The Black Parade Is Dead!" I've seen almost all of their interviews, especially the one between Zacky Vengeance and Frank. I've saw their documentary video Life on the Murder Scene. Even the "Making of.." videos, like the making of Teenagers where Bob had a small fight with a bee. I consider a gift if Mikey Way speaks more than five words during an interview. Then again, who doesn't? I've seen a few of their homevideos. You should see the raw video footage they had while filming the music videos. I think if you search "unpublished Mcr" or something it would come up. The first music videos that MCR made was either Vampires Will Never Hurt you or Honey this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us, can't remember.

    5 aug 22:58 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Oh, what was that? Push My Chemical Romance to 3,000? And you thought you had a mcr phase. Get to my level! Oh, almost forgot - I spent 10 minutes trying to remember if The Sharpest Lives was on Bullets or Three Cheers before I realized it was on Black Parade! Crazy right?!

    4 aug 02:02 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    No! The My Chemical Romance phase is too strong! I'll keep A7X at 999 just to be a dick.

    26 jul 14:05 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Don't know about that, I've been called a narcissistic sociopath after all.

    28 maj 04:34 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    It's indecisive and causes me deep mental stress.

    30 apr 19:06 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    The little person in your head is the bane of my existence.

    19 apr 19:48 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    It's interchangeable. Love it how mobile didn't send my last message. Eh, the time is gone anyway.

    14 apr 13:07 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Ooh, fancy. Make sure that PhD actually gets you something good. People are working their asses off and still can't get a decent career

    1 apr 13:44 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Of course you know one more than me... And where are you going to get the money for vet bills?

    30 mar 01:17 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    In that case, Princesses don't have sex, since they usually say "...And they all lived happily ever after." before anything happens. They also don't eat Chipotle. I only have two songs from Adam Lambert, I think I like Time for Miracles better than Whataya Want From Me

    28 mar 15:17 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Call me when you're in your house chest deep in cat poo. So I can come over, take a picture - holding my nose and wearing boots, of course - laugh, and watch as the ASPCA, NYPD, and animal control show up.

    24 mar 19:28 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    The irony of you and cats. I only saw Debbie from teens react, and an auto tune version. Don't end up like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons. She has dozens of them... And she throws them at people.

    16 mar 17:11 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    Ah yes, the inbox system is...Confusing. With the RE:RE:RE:RE's and the time it takes to figure out which messages is the newer one, the shoutbo- rectangle seems to be the better choice. Your fascination with cats/kittens is worrisome, but not enough for me to do something. It's more of a raise an eyebrow and go, "eh."

    14 mar 03:21 Svara
  • Gmjyuir

    If you had any credibility that you weren't crazy, you've lost it now. I guess using lastfm inbox is too mainstream for you, because now I have nothing but cats in my Shoutbox - no, Shoutrectangle.

    12 mar 15:12 Svara
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I'm really chill. I'm a pharmacy major at the University at Buffalo. I'm from new york city, but I'm a texan girl at heart. I love rock, the beatles, taylor swift, bruno mars, boy bands, and one direction. I appreciate music that's older than me, but not older than my grandparents. a lot of people say this, but I mean it - music is my life. I wish I was born in 1955... perfect year for me, if you ask me, considering a lot of my favorite music in the world is from the 70s... especially fleetwood mac, the eagles, and the bay city rollers. but I think it was just a happier time overall, a time where five men could perform together in a music group and not be called "gay", people could dress how they wanted and sing passionate songs about things other than sex. I wish it was still that way. I'm weird. I'm outgoing but extremely anxious. I like sappy love songs. I have no filter, and I'm brutally honest. if it's on my mind, I'll say it, unless I think you're cute. I keep my friends really close to me. I love my xbox(es). I'm extraordinarily apologetic. I have weird taste in everything, and I'm pretty picky. I like to randomly speak in other languages, especially spanish and italian. you can win my heart with a video game, a rose or tiger lily, guacamole, and a good chocolate milkshake... or an interesting travel story. or an italian accent and cute smile. I love to explore and go to different places. I've been to 49 states (stupid hawaii) and many countries, but never enough. I hope to travel to every continent by the time I die. I want to live somewhere pretty and moderately warm when I'm older. I love texas; san francisco, california; rome, italy; phoenix, arizona; miami, florida; and denver, colorado. I have very low self-esteem, but somehow think I'm a superior being to all others. if I love you, I'll treat you like gold. if I hate you, you have a three-second head start to run. and that's about it.

you could have the world in the palm of your hand, but it don't mean a thing until you change it. ;)
only got one life, better live while you got it; cuz only one thing's for sure - tomorrow is not promised. <3

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