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  • Breakup2Makeup

    I don't know if the venue was small but she has 3 good mixtapes out and she could've performed at least 2 more songs off one of them! lol But instead she left after only singing 2 songs according to some people. Do you like her mixtapes? Have you heard 'em?

    Igår 21:23 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    Yeah lol but I heard some bad reviews about her live on twitter recently. They said that they couldn't hear her sing, and that she only performed 2 songs and left. :( lol

    25 jul 22:54 Svara
  • Ghetto_Killah

    .. It's very slow, but still has a clubbish vibe on it, if u know what i mean!

    20 jul 14:34 Svara
  • Ghetto_Killah

    haha yea. I wanna go back to Fruity Loops as well, trying to make some beats again. So a new pc is inevitable. the app is called "Simple". ahh cool! still gotta visit the states. hopefully I'll be able to go there one day. haha I see..yea he's busy, he's currently running a website for a music group in chicago, thats a lot of work haha. Lol yeah goalkeeper is boring, buf for playing on other positions u really need good stamina lol. I currently try to get fit again on my treadmill haha, so maybe I can return to football again. haha true! its really sad that some people never hear the bonus tracks, cuz they're not available in every country unless u download them on the internet. yeah I know what u mean. well everyone has a different taste when it is about beats. I like clubbish, maybe a lil more uptempo stuff a lot more than all the same slow jam ish u hear on albums. there are exceptions like Trey's "All We Do"...

    20 jul 14:33 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    lol I didn't actually see Tinashe live yet. You must have thought I was going to see her live by that event I posted. :) But of course!! I will be sooo excited when I get to see her perform live! :D

    20 jul 00:56 Svara
  • darealadrian

    She a queen breh

    19 jul 03:39 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    Yeah, so many balloons! That's why I love it!! <3 haha Well, enjoy the 2 EP's I sent ya! They are really good! And feel free to leave me a shout saying how you liked them or not, after you listen to them too. :)

    14 jul 22:04 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    It's not a mixtape. It's a EP! :D And there's actually 2 of them out there for you to listen to. :) Canon Aphaea was the 1st one that came out. And then, late last year "Canon Ourania" came out. Here's the link where you can download them from: It's her official web site. Both are free to download. So go download them! :) And I must show you this video.. lol It's one of my favorite songs by her! I love all the balloons in the video! lmao <3

    13 jul 04:46 Svara
  • Ghetto_Killah

    Lol oh xD. well my pc's mainboard is dead, so I prolly gotta buy a new one. fuck technique XD! yeah the app is stupid, at least for me. i have a samsung s3 atm, but its really buggy. I downloaded another app, and its scrobbling 80% from my phone, thats ok lmao. which cellphone do u have? brooklyn? thats also in NY isnt it? ^^ yeah he's in chicago, when he's not travelling around the world lmao. India > NY > Chicaco and back ^^. oh okay..maybe you could meet him when he's in NY. Haha nice, u should join them. I played football for almost 10 years. I really regret not playing u said, it really kept me fit. Even if u're not that fit u can still be the goalkeeper haha ;D! nice..! yeah I guess he's the #1 king of rnb right now. the only r&b male solo artist maybe next to chris brown who's really successful. when u look at all the others like Joe, usher etc..they're all struggling.

    7 jul 16:29 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    Hey. Sorry I never answered your question.. I think Mélat is a very talented singer. Her voice is so smooth! And her music is great! Her latest song "Fanclub" she released is just so good!! That BEAT! <3 It's my favorite by her so far! My other favorite songs by her are "Wavy", "Golden", and "Third eye" from her EP Canon Ourania. I love her video to that "Third eye" song btw. She's very creative with her videos. "Wavy" was another good video by her. With the balloons and everything! lol <3

    7 jul 04:07 Svara
  • JaZzy_Akuti

    They rock!!! Don Henley, singer/drummer has an amazing voice too :)

    6 jul 12:51 Svara
  • Ghetto_Killah

    Haha yep u're right. lol for me its slower, but maybe cuz I'm using a netbook with windows xp on it lmao. the app for my android phone could be better though, it often misses scrobbling a track..thats annoying xD. yea I see ur tags are still the best from all users haha. I agree, there's so much music coming out, u could just sit down and correct tags for 1 hour every day lol. Oh u still live in NY? Aush has been there a few times, u 2 should meet up haha. Now its too late lol.. too bad the US team lost against Belgium, but I read that the fans still were proud and I'm sure in 2018 the american team will be even better. Beckham already retired, thats why he is planning to launch the team in Miami soon. Lol thank u XD! How u like the new Trey Songz album btw? Best r&b album for me in a while!

    3 jul 14:24 Svara
  • Mjuzik_zg

    There's no best part of summer. Summer is EVERYTHING! LOL

    1 jul 10:54 Svara
  • bleachgeek4973

    True, that would be dope though. I just hope we are actually getting a tape this year.

    29 jun 22:28 Svara
  • bleachgeek4973

    Word, I can't wait for his next tape.

    29 jun 21:55 Svara
  • Ghetto_Killah

    yeah man, too long lol. its really f'd up when u cant access to all the music u have lol. I is still the same lol, site didnt change for years now XD! after all the years I've been here, I just dont care about correct tags anymore lol. I remember that I didnt listen to certain tracks cuz I wasnt sure about the tags being correct lmfao...sounds good man! oh have u been to europe now? i remember u had a friend from france u wanted to visit!? haha word :D! the whole world is addicted to football except the US lol. but i read that David Beckham wants to build a new team in Miami to make it more popular and since he's famous in the US I guess that could be another big boost for footbal/soccer. oh and sry 4 my english XD. it's bit rusty since I stopped bloggin for UrbanGifted lol

    29 jun 21:13 Svara
  • Mjuzik_zg

    Everything's fine... Still obsessed with music.. what about you?

    29 jun 19:38 Svara
  • iguito15

    woow, nice charts, accepted ;)

    28 jun 19:50 Svara
  • Ghetto_Killah

    hey antwann! its been a long time lol..i havent been on last fm for almost 2 years. my pc is broken, but thank god my harddiscs with all my music is good.. it's world cup and its summer haha, so its all good ;)! i heard soccer is getting more and more popular in the states since the US are playing very good :). how are u ???

    28 jun 18:11 Svara
  • Mjuzik_zg


    28 jun 17:47 Svara
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