Carolina Liar: Coming To Terms Review


31 jul 2009, 02:01

Get ready for a band that sounds like The Killers, Keane, and U2 put into a blender. Coming To Terms is the debut record of up and coming artist Carolina Liar, a band with a Swedish, Los Angeles, and South Carolinian background.

The selling point of this Coming To Terms is the crisp vocals of Chad Wolf. Though the band’s synths and guitars create a barricade of hooks and chemistry behind many songs, such as “Beautiful World” and “Coming to Terms,” Wolf’s voice is the punch that makes Coming To Terms worth listening to. His vocals are clear, and give the album’s second-rate songs (“Last Night”) enough support to hold its own.

Carolina Liar’s upbeat songs are the selling points on this album; gospelly “Show Me What I’m Looking For” and their opener, “I’m Not Over” are two of the better songs on Coming To Terms. Unfortunately, the band needs to work on their ballads. “Done Stealin’” sounds whiney at best, and “Hit Bottom” needs more structure for its stoneresque beat.

Overall, Coming To Terms is not a disappointing debut album. There is plenty of room for improvement for Carolina Liar, but I am looking forward to their sophomore album.

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