Louder Now... I said LOUDER NOW


10 apr 2006, 01:27

So nearing the end of the month, the last tuesday of the month actaully, Taking Back Sunday will be releasing their Third major album now, I believe. Off of Louder Now they have released 6 songs out of 13. What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost, Liar (It Takes Two), Make Damn Sure, Up Against (Blackout), Spin and Error Operator are the ones released so far off of their main site, their purevolume and myspace. I can't wait, so far its a GREAT album. Right now I would definitely recomend it even though I've only heard half of it. April 25th should be a good day in the music BIZ.


  • ColorMeVain

    I'm definatly excited about it it seems like most of the albums bands have been churning out this year have sucked but from what I've heard of the new album I'm totally diggin all of it. :)

    10 apr 2006, 01:41
  • mychemicalmusic

    MakeDamnSure is my favourite already :]

    10 apr 2006, 18:34
  • cutslikedrugsx

    what ive heard so far is better than i thought it would be and i like it, but it all sounds so overproduced and insincere.

    11 apr 2006, 02:02
  • behle

    Yeah, I've heard the 6 songs too... Great stuff. I'm digging it.

    13 apr 2006, 23:06
  • DennisTheCasey

    I'm going to go and try to download those songs now. I just listened to MakeDamnSure and it's really good and it's got me excited. So I must pirate the rest of the album now.

    17 apr 2006, 16:47
  • Staatsfeind

    Got the whole album last night (and don't blame me I pre-ordered it anyway and it's definitely worth the money) and I just love it ^^ Best album this year so far, no doubt.

    20 apr 2006, 11:08
  • bettzy

    i agree i love it, spin and miami are my faves, i cant work out if it was better than where you want to be, but its no where near as good as tell all your friends! i <3 my tell all your friends mines signed :P

    26 apr 2006, 12:08
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