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14 jul 2007, 08:11

inspired from a recent post by someone else here, i'm going to quickly put together my own top 20 They Might Be Giants songs. this of course means nothing, as tomorrow they will probably not even be on the list, with others not on the list now replacing them. how nerdy! (oh, none in order, except for the top two at the bottom. doing it in order would drive me insane.)

The Cap'm
They'll Need A Crane
Four of Two
The Mesopotamians
Metal Detector
We Want a Rock
Narrow Your Eyes
I Should Be Allowed to Think
Space Suit
Mr. Me
Ang ng
Statue Got Me High
She's An Angel
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
I Palindrome I
Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head

#2 Tiny Doctors
#1 Which Describes How You're Feeling (demo)


  • jambands

    I can't even attempt to cite my 20 favorite TMBG songs. Lincoln, Flood, and John Henry have 18, 19, and 20 tracks respectively, so I'll just say that one of those albums,a t any given time, may represent my top 20.

    21 aug 2007, 00:03
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