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Eller se vad alla andra har taggat rock

  Earthsuit Taggad augusti 2013
  Better Than Ezra Taggad februari 2011
The Vampire Sound Inc.The Lions and the Cucumber Taggad september 2010
blink-182Down Taggad augusti 2010
Johnny CashHurt Taggad juni 2009
  Aerosmith Taggad mars 2009
ParamoreDecode Taggad december 2008
  Brandon Kirkley & the Firecrackers Taggad december 2008
  Paramore Taggad december 2008
  Sum 41 Taggad oktober 2008
  The Veronicas Taggad november 2007
  My Chemical Romance Taggad november 2007
  Butch Walker Taggad november 2007
  Yellowcard Taggad juni 2007
MxPxHeard That Sound Taggad maj 2007
  Gasoline Heart Taggad maj 2007
  Finch Taggad maj 2007
Good CharlotteThe River (feat. M. Shadows and Synyster Gates) Taggad maj 2007
  Start Something (19 låtar)
Taggad april 2007
  asfyxia Taggad april 2007
asfyxiaAll That I've Been Waiting For Älskad låt Taggad april 2007